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Let’s Just Be Companions

While perusing the plethora of anti-Bethesda Fallout 4 criticisms to be found on YouTube--seriously there are so many--a point came up in one of these videos entitled “Fallout 4 Review: No Todd’s No Masters”: Companio...


Nanners Needs Feedback!

Hey everybody, I hope you're doing well. I've been pretty good. Life picking up with things to do and adulting or something I'm told. To cut to the chase. I've gone and did a thing, that is, me and a friend made a gaming channel awhile...


editing the latest ep. of PStoid. what random sound effects should I throw in?


this artistic hand of mine is burning red, it's awesome power tells me to create you!


happy birthday Wes eat some tacos!


PSVR core headset preorder up.. AND IT'S GONE. seriously, four minutes was not quick enough to get in wow the struggle goes on o%20


Ahem, sony: MAKE SOME MORE DAMN PSVRS. Jesus I got christmas cash to blow and I want to immerse myself in the immersion of a fully immersive 3d game world any time I want....... kthxbai


Check out the magfest recap blog which us up on tha cblogs fam


I'm back bitches and I have a new name!


The gang's all here. bon voyage!


still 24 hours left to get in on avatar adoption, check the long blog fam.


MAGfest Avatar Adoption Blog 2017

Magfest y'all, it's literally been keeping me up all night and I think now is the best time to ask for avatar adoptees. But nanners, what's Avatar Adoption?? Avatar Adoption is basically a teleportation device used to warp you, w...


TIL who my secret santa was. aww yeah the big cheese himself!


today I am on a mission to make Link to the Past (virtual console) my last finished game of 2016 to round out a really good year for gamings.


Amazing stuff from @meanderbot Love it dude. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and New Year! Will try to hold you to that Magfest 2018 deal lol


I am going to have such a man/gamer cave blog to write for you guys one day...


things I never knew I wanted: Meatwad Twerking, wtf adult swim!


Whoever you are I am going to find you and THANK YOU! I'm so stoked right now thanks and it came so soon #secretsanta #quicksanta now I can play the full game instead of just core fighters lol My recepient will be receviing theirs shortly. awesome things


Dude I have some weird dreams started about seeing a documentary about HBK I had seen already which was also a wrestling live event and then I got "visited" by aliens the audio tech guy told me with weird noises and rick and morty came on the screen. Wut


Metal Discovery with Nans: (In comments) Midnite Hellion - "1903". I love this one it sounds like if Dave Mustaine was in Defender and old school af.


08th MS team opening, best anime opening?


El Dango is best Dango. That is all <3


About nanashione of us since 4:57 AM on 06.29.2012

Hello, I play video games and watch adult swim. Pretty much it, enjoy all the hard work that goes into puns on this blog... when I do decide to blog that is.

I also run a community Podcast found here

Ex-Cblog Reccaper, FNF organizer, Forum Dweller, avatar adoptee/adopter for IRL Dtoid shit, podcast guest on: CBlog Fapcast, Error Machine, Communitoid/Radio Destructoid (hosted two live episodes remotely!) and a couple of other things too maybe I think okay


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Roberto's depiction of me, thanks bud<3

"FUCK YEAH! That's me on the top right corner BITCHEEEEES!!!!

Thanks for adopting my avatar Nanners! I maybe not have gone, but Fourth Armor X got to see everything in my stead.

Have my fap and stamp you glorious bastard!" - HLBC APPROVED <3