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The Nintendo eShop drop this week has Wargroove as the highlight, but don't sleep on Tangledeep. It's easily the finest Mystery Dungeon style dungeon crawler on the Switch. If you're a fan of Shiren the Wanderer or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, get after it.


Reminder that Atelier Sophie has one of the best RPG battle themes of all time. That is all.


Been playing Steins;Gate all weekend. My great uncle died just this morning. Makes me wonder if I had the power to Time Leap, how far I would go to keep him from dying of cancer. I'd leap as many times as it took. I'll miss him.


A reminder to everyone to play Adventures of Lolo on the NES Switch Online Classics. It's amazing. Also, the Japanese version of the game has completely different puzzles than the American release, so consider playing the Japanese version as well!


A reminder that SNK 40th Anniversary Collection gets its 11 free DLC games today to bring the collection from 13 to 24. It's also $27 on Amazon (if you use a coupon on the store page). Now you can sing along while playing Psycho Soldier. Nuff' said.


Now Battlefield V, which just came out last week, is down to $30 at Target. Between this, Hitman 2 and Fallout 76, it's been a poor month for any game not called Pokemon Let's Go or Red Dead Redemption. But what a great month for gamers and their wallets!


Finished decorating the tree. Hope everyone on Dtoid is having a great start to the holiday season!


$10 for each except Doom, which was $12. Goddamn it's been a good Thanksgiving and early Black Friday. Hope yours is just as awesome!


Looking forward to playing Civ VI on Switch tonight. Paid $40 for the Gold Edition of WWE 2K18 on Switch and now paid $60 for Civ VI. But I got 100 hours+ of fun out of WWE 2K18 anyways and I'll probably get the same or more out of Civ VI. Curse you 2K!


I want to get Civ VI on Switch, but it's hard to justify the $60 price tag. I can comfortably afford it and I love city builders/strategy games, but it would be my first Civ game. Also, I know I wouldn't touch it if I got it on PC. Is it worth getting?


A device that lets you use your Gamecube controller wirelessly with your Switch is available for preorder with a release date of December 7th from 8BitDo. At only $20 the price is right. Hopefully some tech reviews of it will come out before it releases.


Attention DToid, this here's a stickup! Put your howdy's in the comment section and no one has to get hurt. And after you do you'd best count to 100 before you even think about calling the mods in here. You wanna live to see the Smash Direct, don'tcha?


The bus I rode to work on was struck from behind by a car today. Luckily everyone, including the car driver, was unhurt. Got some whiplash, but otherwise I'm fine. Still, a wild way to start the morning.


Being bored at work means playing around with meme templates. Here's a good meme I made.


Steam allowing uncensored games has already yielded results. Search for Steam and you'll see this. I added the flower censoring myself so I could display this picture outside of the comments. Feel free to let me know if this is still too much though, mods


A reminder that the next non-Echo Fighter Smash character shown will be #69. Which means the best character in the game has yet to be revealed.


Just found out I get off work tomorrow. Three cheers to a long Labor Day weekend!


I need some honest opinions here. Is Payday 2 for Switch worth $20?


Disqus doesn't just have ads before the comments, now they have ads IN the comments. I'm trying to stay calm about this, but is nothing sacred anymore?


3 days into my internship with my local county commissioners office. Gotta wrap my head around the inner workings of county government employee health insurance so I can assist in fixing it. Anyone got a copy of SimHealth I can borrow?


If you want to play Paladins for Switch on the 12th, you'll need the Founder's Pack. It's $13 to pre-purchase on the Mexican eShop instead of the usual $30 on the NA eShop. Just a heads up.


So apparently the Nintendo Space World build of Pokemon Gold was finally rediscovered and we could have gotten a Porygon 2 that looked like the mascot of Mister Donut among other wild things. Absolutely incredible stuff.


Tfw the girl you always crushed on in college posts a picture of herself in a see-through shirt on Easter. ¡Ay, caramba!


I know what my next blog post will be on. I don't think most of Dtoid (or the gaming community at large) understands just how disgusting and inexcusable the situation with 2K and their WWE2K18 port for Nintendo Switch is. You'll all smell what I'm cookin'


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