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You know, I never understood the appeal of sim racers. I played the beta for Gran Turismo Sport over 2 days and never quite got into it. However, the soundtrack was stellar as always. The songs by Daiki Kasho were some of the standouts.


I haven't been that active on here in the last few weeks. I wrote some good C-Blogs and split for a bit. Know I'm still here and making some fun mashups in my spare time. Here's one I just made that I really like. Warning: Explicit langauge #Musictoid


Golf Story and a plethora of other games last week, Stardew Valley this week, and Super Mario Odyssey in 3 weeks? It's a good time to be a Switch owner.


I can't wait for Picross S tomorrow. I neeeeed it. Inject those blocks and numbers into my veins. Anyone else picking something up tomorrow during the first Great Switch eShop Wave?


Signed up for Amazon Prime Student and was surprised to discover Amazon is offering a $15 off coupon for purchases above $40 for new signees. Stacked it with the 20% off discount on game pre-orders and I'm getting Super Mario Odyssey for $35.88. Day made.


I saw some people trashing the Steam Machine yesterday when discussing the Ataribox, which is funny because I wrote my blog post poem (now posted) about my Steam Machine just 2 days before. A pleasant coincidence.


Steamy Girl: An Ode To My Steam Machine

  “What a steal!” I exclaimed, looking at the sale, A Steam Machine for $300 delivered via mail, That sexy i7 processor, that terabyte of space, That graphics card with power enough to play some Mount & Blade! &nbs...


Say what you will about the Ataribox's possible price range, internal specs, games, etc., but that's still one sexy lookin' piece of tech. Kudos to the design team on that.


I finally put up another blog post! With all this thesis writing going on, I had forgotten how much I enjoy just writing for fun. I guess it's the content and context that determine the enjoyment, not writing itself.


80s Japanese city pop is one of my all time favorite genres of music and I think everyone should at least try listening to some.


Currently I'm juggling Yakuza 0, Nier: Automata, Titanfall 2, and soon I'll add Metroid: Samus Returns on Tuesday. Too many great games came out this year and I'm still playing catch-up. But they are also making my study/thesis writing breaks amazing.


So my older brother bought the Samus Returns Amiibo 2-Pack and somehow roped me into paying for half the price of buying the game. But the trade-off is I get to play it first. Guess I'm heading to Planet SR388 on Tuesday.


I anyone thinks they're going to get their hands on a Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle anytime between October 27th and 2020, I've got a bridge to sell ya.


One half of me says, "Buy Titanfall 2 for PS4 for $12 tonight so you can download it to play tomorrow," and the other half says, "Wait until after the Nintendo Direct tomorrow so you know if there's something to save up for." I hate my logical side.


Neo Yokio could be complete trash and I would still watch it just out of curiosity. Even if it turns out to be a trainwreck, it'll at least be interesting. Hope it's good. (But if I made it through Charlotte I can make it through any anime)


The comments section of Pete's GameFreak article was a nice reminder that the great Nintendo-Rare debate is still alive and well even in 2017.


I was biking to the train station and low and behold, this happens. It's gonna be that kind of Monday.


Anyone on Team Cake who wants to friend up and win for best girl Pearl?


If anyone's interested in that recently announced Pikachu McFlurry, I've reviewed it on my blog. You know, there's always something extremely satisfying about finishing a blog post. Welp, back to practicing combos in Garou for me!


D-Volt Reviews: Pikachu Choco-Banana McFlurry

Just recently McDonald's Japan revealed that a new Pokemon McFlurry would to be released in celebration of the 20th Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!. At the time several potential flavors were revealed: Pikachu Choc...


D-Volt Reviews: Vaccine

Within the last decade the video game community has been witness to the rise of what can be comfortable referred to as "nostalgia gaming" (or retro gaming if you so choose). Many a gamer spent countless nights as a kid staring at CRT T...


The July My Nintendo discounts are definitely the best so far. The 30% off Art Academy Home Studio is the only price drop that excellent game has ever seen. Also, 20% off Pocket Card Jockey (bringing it to $5) makes it an instant must-buy.


I just realized GoNNER on Switch is essentially a horizontal Downwell, complete with an interesting art style, red enemies, trigger happy gameplay and an emphasis on quick pick-up-and-play game sessions. Basically, it's really, really worth the $10.


It looks like, as I predicted weeks ago in an earlier comment, Nintendo is still the member of the Big 3 to watch. Microsoft was good and Sony was mediocre imo. Nintendo has more than a chance to "win" E3 this year. I'll be waiting with anticipation.


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