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tfw a Sonic shitpost from August ages like fine wine.


EA announced today during the Reddit AMA that they will be releasing a new peripheral alongside Battlefront II. They hope to have it compatible with all EA games going forward. The new device is pictured below.


Update on my Super Mario Odyssey speedrunning. I got a sub 18 second run on Metro Kingdom Koopa ----------- (redacted due to possible spoilers) I'm now Rank 86 in the world. I'll post the proof in the comments.


I'm shooting up the speed running charts! I'll post it in the comments in case it's considered a spoiler, but I'm pretty proud of myself. It's Super Mario Odyssey related.


The reason I really resent EA is twofold. Not only are their business practices rotten, but they always control a developer or two I enjoy. How can one boycott the company while still supporting those game developers? I just don't know. Will I ever?


When I said Dunsparce is my favorite Pokemon ever and I wear a pin of one on my backpack every day, I meant it. Now that I was featured in the article, I'll prove it here and now! Always reppin' the 'Sparce!


Started a flame war in the comments section of a YouTube video for suggesting Sonic fans should stop accepting a lowering standard for the Blue Blur's 3D outings. God forbid I demand higher quality from a multi-million dollar company like Sega.


Just finished Jojo Part 4 and man, what a show. Managed to be both lighthearted and tragic at the same time. Liked it so much I even made a little mashup with its second opening song. I also added a big Jojoke to it. I'll put it in the comments.


My latest blog about excellent gaming related YouTube channels is up! Each channel appeals to a different part of the ever growing gaming cultural landscape. Here's one video that's recommended in the blog. If you like it, be sure to check out the rest!


My SoundCloud just hit 1,500 total plays! Anyone who's read my recently fronted blog knows how much I struggled to share my art. To see my work reach 1,500 plays in the 2 years since I began is incredible. A lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season


So, my first Front Page work. I still don't know what it was that prompted me to start writing here on Destructoid, during breakfast on a cold December day in Tokyo. I'm thankful to everyone who's read any of my work and anyone who will in the future.

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I finally found a use for that Line filter in Super Mario Odyssey's camera mode. Picture in the comments.


I went to a Halloween party as Bob Ross. All things considered, I think it turned out alright. Tried to make the picture look as 1980s as possible. Bob died around 22 years ago today. RIP my groovy doppelgänger. #AlmostSelfietoid #HappyHalloween


When she got dat booty that just won't quit.


Who am I to deny Mario's request?


My latest C-blog is up, and guess what? It's available in audio format! I'll leave that here as well as in the blog post itself. If you listen to it here and enjoy it, please head over to my actual blog post and let me know what you think. Thanks!


There's nothing like having a C-Blog done, but it being too late in the day to expect anyone to read it. Well, you can expect a new blog post from me tomorrow morning. Look forward to it! (Or don't. It's your prerogative.)


Shin Megami Tensei V coming exclusively for Nintendo Switch?! Can't wait to play it, hee ho!


Is anyone else going to be watching WWE's TLC tonight? Are there other wrasslin' fans on DToid out there? Just curious.


Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns and AJ Styles facing Finn Balor at TLC?! I am now officially SUPER hyped for Sunday!


Destructoid Qpost mods be like...


Why are we still gaming? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel the microtransactions...And the loot boxes...even the always online requirements...The memories I've lost...the enjoyment I've lost...won't stop hurting...It's like they're all still here!


You know, I never understood the appeal of sim racers. I played the beta for Gran Turismo Sport over 2 days and never quite got into it. However, the soundtrack was stellar as always. The songs by Daiki Kasho were some of the standouts.


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