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I've been thinking about doing a blog series on visual novels and think one on the Nekopara games would be pretty interesting. There are sooo many moral dilemmas presented with these cat girls. They're 9 months old, but 18ish in cat years? 🤨🤨🤨


So the director of Sonic the Hedgehog says they're actually going to fix the design of Sonic. Not sure what direction they'll go with the redesign but anything's better than...whatever we were exposed to a few days ago.


Had the chance to spend a week using the Hori D-Pad Left Joy-con extensively. I'm impressed by the build quality, the d-pad works great in MK11, which is what I bought it for. Also haven't experienced that power drain in sleep mode some reviews claim.


Been playing Dragon's Dogma on Switch. Holy cow, I forgot just how much I love this game. What a goddamn masterpiece. I beat it on 360 years ago, but it's drawing me in all over again. Looking forward to actually tackling Bitterblack Isle this time around


Docked with Pro Controller is great, but looking to play some MK11 online in handheld mode. Decided to spring for the Hori D-Pad Left Joy-con, since the analog stick just isn't adequate for deeper kombo characters like Kung Lao. Hope it's up to the job.


Here's a sneak peek into what I'll look like at midnight tonight:


Getting Mortal Kombat 11 for Nintendo Switch. It'll be my first Mortal Kombat game (and NetherRealm Studios fighter) so hopefully I can get into it. I'm a fighting game casual, but man do I want to get good at Kung Lao. That hat blade looks sick.


I won't lie: I've never been particularly impressed with any of Media Molecule's games before. LBP was mediocre as a platformer and Tearaway wasn't much better imo. But Dreams is the first game they've made that has me going, "Wow" the more I mess with it


Just finished playing some DJMax Portable 3 and will start digging into the second volume of The Saga of Tanya the Evil. The first volume was pretty good and thankfully had enough interesting detail to warrant reading even after watching the anime.


PSA: Furi is on sale for $9 on Nintendo Switch. It's an absolute gem of a game and well worth a Hamilton. If for some reason you've gone through life this long without playing it, now's the time to rectify that.


Absolutely loving Cities: Skylines on Nintendo Switch. Nothing like city building on the go. Really hope Paradox Interactive can convince Tantalus to performance patch it and add more DLC to this version. It's a real gem on this platform.


Haven't seen a single review for Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! anywhere. Maybe Square Enix didn't hand out any review codes? Anyways, it's a solid mystery dungeon game. Pretty easy to tell it's an upgraded Wii game though.


It's Bernie 2020 time!


Every Destructoid member after they become self-aware about their shitposting habits on Qtoid:


It's no coincidence decorated mixed martial artist GSP and Reggie announced their retirement on the same day. Having caught wind of his retirement, Reggie decided to follow suit, knowing the only man who could still challenge him was a threat no more.


One last plug for my latest C-Blog about my uncle that did hentai voice acting a few times while trying to get by as a young actor in 90s Manhattan. Got a few spare minutes for an odd read? Then why not take a look-see? Onegai~♡?


Enjoy an unusual story to wind down your day? Then read my latest C-blog post about my uncle's short, but strange voice acting career including an infamously bad dub and 2 hentai OVAs. No explicit images, but some parts of the writing are NSFW.


First episode of Doom Patrol did not disappoint. Also forgot just how much I missed Brendan Fraser. He does a remarkable job making a big hunk of metal feel human with his emotional voice work. I'm expecting good things from this series.


My grandma gave me $20 for Valentine's Day. Must resist urge to spend on $20 DJMax Respect DLC. Must wait to see if there will be an anniversary sale in March. But I want Clazziquai songs! Must....resist...!


I've been playing a lot of DJ Max Portable 3 and Respect lately. I'm solid on 4 tracks, but I just can't seem to master 6! It's so much to concentrate on at one time. I don't know why my brain can't seem to process it.


Played through the Steins;Gate games and the Muv-Luv trilogy over the past month. Reading amazing stories really makes you wanna try writing too, but I suck at it. Still, happy to have my heart torn out by these emotionally crushing games anyday.


The Nintendo eShop drop this week has Wargroove as the highlight, but don't sleep on Tangledeep. It's easily the finest Mystery Dungeon style dungeon crawler on the Switch. If you're a fan of Shiren the Wanderer or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, get after it.


Reminder that Atelier Sophie has one of the best RPG battle themes of all time. That is all.


Been playing Steins;Gate all weekend. My great uncle died just this morning. Makes me wonder if I had the power to Time Leap, how far I would go to keep him from dying of cancer. I'd leap as many times as it took. I'll miss him.


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