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I'm actually enjoying Pokémon Shield so far, but the lack many of my favorite Pokémon is gonna sting something fierce. "The Dunsparce I've lost...The Blissy I've lost...It's like they're all still here...You feel it too, don't you!?"


DJ Max: Respect is on sale on PSN for $20 for PS+ members. This is literally the first time in years the game has been on sale. Usually it's $50. If you're even remotely interested in this game, pick it up. It's my favorite rhythm game of all time.


The Hitman 2 Expansion Pass is on sale for PS4 for the first time ever (as far as I know) until Monday. It's $16 instead of the usual $40. If you're like me and have been waiting FOREVER for a sale, don't let this pass you by!


My older brother is apparently having a blast with Mario Kart Tour. He's already gotten Pauline without spending a dime and says it's not too stingy to enjoy as a free-to-player. Doesn't excuse the predatory microtrans. but it's interesting to hear.


So I made a KORG Gadget cover of my favorite song from Art Style: Light Trax for Wiiware and Hiromichi Fujiwara, the composer for the game, found my cover, commented on the Youtube video of it, and said he enjoyed it. Super cool. Worth the effort.


Risk of Rain 2 is around $9 in the Argentina eShop, which can only be accessed through its website. You can use a USA credit/debit card and the code can be redeemed in the US eShop. I'll leave instructions in the comments for anyone interested.


Been playing Smash Ultimate online lately. Can't seem to get anyone into Elite Smash. I'm not some No-Lifer but not awful either. It just seems like every time I get over 5 million GSP I lose one battle and drop to around 4.3 million. #FeelsBadMan


I am loving every second of Pathologic 2. Sucks to hear the studio is struggling and may not even get the other 2 chapters of the game out. If you have even a passing interest in this game consider buying it. There's also a demo for those interested.


Finally have a PC gaming setup I can be proud of. As someone who's used a controller 99% of his gaming life, trying to get used to keyboard+mouse is quite the struggle right now. Everyone in PC Overwatch just seems so much more accurate than me. 😭


Should I get Siege while the sale is still going on? Is it still accessible to a newcomer or is the community toxic as all hell? I don't wanna pay for any of the extra nonsense, just the base game. Will that greatly effect my enjoyment of the game?


I went to my college's yearly sale where they sell off stuff left behind in dorms and I bought a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard for $5! Talk about one of the best deals of my life! These things usually go for $140+! Can't wait to try this bad boy out!


Hensuki is an absolutely awful show. It's nothing but constant kink shaming and the only fetish that should be condemned (lolicon) is treated as though it's a normal and understandable fetish to have. God I hate this show. Save the brain cells, avoid it.


I played 30 online Smash Ultimate battles with my preferences set to 2v2, 3 stock, 7 minutes. I got exactly 0 such battles. Just 1v1s and triple threats. The preference system in Smash Ultimate is pathetic. It doesn't seem to mean anything.


Been playing through all the Way of the Samurai games on my PC. Finally going to dig into 2 for the first time. So far my favorite is 3, followed closely by 4, with 1 being excellent, but too primitive to best the others. We're never getting a 5. :(


Which came first? Ranch or Cool Ranch?


Man, the live action Aladdin film sounds different than I remember.


Finally, after 2 years, I bought the new CMOS battery to fix my Alienware Steam Machine (converted to Windows 10). It's a solid 8GB RAM, i7 with a 2014 era mid tier gaming laptop graphics card. Plays most anything on medium settings and that's all I need.


For me, Atari Flashback Classics on Switch is worth having just to be able to play an arcade perfect port of the original Tempest on a handheld. What I wouldn't do for a Tempest 4000 port for Switch. The music from that game is bangin'.


Hoo boy. Forgot I signed up for Advanced Japanese next semester and I haven't studied in over a year. Time to pull out the text books. 1 1/2 months to catch up on a year's worth of Japanese lessons? Bring it on.


You know what anime came around just a bit too early to join the recent explosion in anime memes? Shomin Sample. Holy cow is that show just a goldmine for shitposts. This is just one example of the absolute stupidity this thing reveled in:


I've noticed a number of posts concerning the disgusting conditions migrants are being kept in insid US facilities and I'll just leave this here. I fear this treatment is systematic in nature and am concerned about what could come next. Eyes open, folks.


I made my first ever Mario Maker 2 stage if anyone wants to try it out. Constructive criticism is appreciated. That's all. Peace out, yo. Stage ID: WB3-CMX-KWF


I made a cover of one of my favorite video game songs using KORG Gadget for Switch. Figured I'd start getting into music composition and video editing this summer while I have the time. Can we PLEASE get an Art Style collection for Switch, Nintendo!?


Made my own meme that I think exemplifies the Nintendo style of game making.


The Johto series of the Pokemon Fit plushies have finally been revealed and I CAN FINALLY GET A DUNSPARCE PLUSH! They'll eventually make it to North America under the "Sitting Cuties" moniker for $10.99 each, but I dunno if I can wait that long!


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