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I played 30 online Smash Ultimate battles with my preferences set to 2v2, 3 stock, 7 minutes. I got exactly 0 such battles. Just 1v1s and triple threats. The preference system in Smash Ultimate is pathetic. It doesn't seem to mean anything.


Been playing through all the Way of the Samurai games on my PC. Finally going to dig into 2 for the first time. So far my favorite is 3, followed closely by 4, with 1 being excellent, but too primitive to best the others. We're never getting a 5. :(


Which came first? Ranch or Cool Ranch?


Man, the live action Aladdin film sounds different than I remember.


Finally, after 2 years, I bought the new CMOS battery to fix my Alienware Steam Machine (converted to Windows 10). It's a solid 8GB RAM, i7 with a 2014 era mid tier gaming laptop graphics card. Plays most anything on medium settings and that's all I need.


For me, Atari Flashback Classics on Switch is worth having just to be able to play an arcade perfect port of the original Tempest on a handheld. What I wouldn't do for a Tempest 4000 port for Switch. The music from that game is bangin'.


Hoo boy. Forgot I signed up for Advanced Japanese next semester and I haven't studied in over a year. Time to pull out the text books. 1 1/2 months to catch up on a year's worth of Japanese lessons? Bring it on.


You know what anime came around just a bit too early to join the recent explosion in anime memes? Shomin Sample. Holy cow is that show just a goldmine for shitposts. This is just one example of the absolute stupidity this thing reveled in:


I've noticed a number of posts concerning the disgusting conditions migrants are being kept in insid US facilities and I'll just leave this here. I fear this treatment is systematic in nature and am concerned about what could come next. Eyes open, folks.


I made my first ever Mario Maker 2 stage if anyone wants to try it out. Constructive criticism is appreciated. That's all. Peace out, yo. Stage ID: WB3-CMX-KWF


I made a cover of one of my favorite video game songs using KORG Gadget for Switch. Figured I'd start getting into music composition and video editing this summer while I have the time. Can we PLEASE get an Art Style collection for Switch, Nintendo!?


Made my own meme that I think exemplifies the Nintendo style of game making.


The Johto series of the Pokemon Fit plushies have finally been revealed and I CAN FINALLY GET A DUNSPARCE PLUSH! They'll eventually make it to North America under the "Sitting Cuties" moniker for $10.99 each, but I dunno if I can wait that long!


I've been thinking about doing a blog series on visual novels and think one on the Nekopara games would be pretty interesting. There are sooo many moral dilemmas presented with these cat girls. They're 9 months old, but 18ish in cat years? 🤨🤨🤨


So the director of Sonic the Hedgehog says they're actually going to fix the design of Sonic. Not sure what direction they'll go with the redesign but anything's better than...whatever we were exposed to a few days ago.


Had the chance to spend a week using the Hori D-Pad Left Joy-con extensively. I'm impressed by the build quality, the d-pad works great in MK11, which is what I bought it for. Also haven't experienced that power drain in sleep mode some reviews claim.


Been playing Dragon's Dogma on Switch. Holy cow, I forgot just how much I love this game. What a goddamn masterpiece. I beat it on 360 years ago, but it's drawing me in all over again. Looking forward to actually tackling Bitterblack Isle this time around


Docked with Pro Controller is great, but looking to play some MK11 online in handheld mode. Decided to spring for the Hori D-Pad Left Joy-con, since the analog stick just isn't adequate for deeper kombo characters like Kung Lao. Hope it's up to the job.


Here's a sneak peek into what I'll look like at midnight tonight:


Getting Mortal Kombat 11 for Nintendo Switch. It'll be my first Mortal Kombat game (and NetherRealm Studios fighter) so hopefully I can get into it. I'm a fighting game casual, but man do I want to get good at Kung Lao. That hat blade looks sick.


I won't lie: I've never been particularly impressed with any of Media Molecule's games before. LBP was mediocre as a platformer and Tearaway wasn't much better imo. But Dreams is the first game they've made that has me going, "Wow" the more I mess with it


Just finished playing some DJMax Portable 3 and will start digging into the second volume of The Saga of Tanya the Evil. The first volume was pretty good and thankfully had enough interesting detail to warrant reading even after watching the anime.


PSA: Furi is on sale for $9 on Nintendo Switch. It's an absolute gem of a game and well worth a Hamilton. If for some reason you've gone through life this long without playing it, now's the time to rectify that.


Absolutely loving Cities: Skylines on Nintendo Switch. Nothing like city building on the go. Really hope Paradox Interactive can convince Tantalus to performance patch it and add more DLC to this version. It's a real gem on this platform.


Haven't seen a single review for Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! anywhere. Maybe Square Enix didn't hand out any review codes? Anyways, it's a solid mystery dungeon game. Pretty easy to tell it's an upgraded Wii game though.


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