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The SOPA Box: Funbux are betting chips.

One of the recent claims being presented and loopholes that a number of companies have been looking at to deal to gambling laws is putting an extra step between the customer and being able to buy the lootbox directly. This is often a ...


Holy crap there were apparently more devs trying to scam people with fake TF2 items....


Just a heads up / warning: Seems a developer snuck a potential virus or crypto currency miner into the game (NOTE: NOT THE DEV I BLOGGED about today who is NOT a scummy dev like the one for this title)


So here's a bit of B roll I went back and captured of quite an interesting indie game I played and finished the other day. It's all about playing a Grim Reaper and setting up Final Destination styled / Rube Goldberg esc sequences of events to kill ppl


The SOPA Box: Asshole at your service

With fairly recent events coming up in relation to developers and the idea of community feedback it seems like an idea time to talk about such things.A long time ago I looked at a game called Glitchrunners. I saw it at a show with its...


Behind the Sopa Box.

Ok I know people say when you explain a joke it loses some of the comedy value and I know this really is going to be quite an "inside baseball" esc C-blog so I don't expect many people to be that interested in this.All that said I fel...


WOOOO new Monthly Murderer


Oh hey a new Teen Titans series...... oh........ uh...... I mean did they mean it to look like a less appealing copy of Suicide Squad's Style?


The Sopa Box: No really Fuck the Oscars

So I've poured a lot of scorn over the video game industry over the past however many Sopa Box Cblogs I've done. And I plan to pour a lot more scorn over the industry too. However today is different, today I come out in defence of the...


sharing this because coverage of devs doing good deserve recognition


Well according to my scheduled C-blogs my next one will release on Wednesday. It's not going to be as controversial as the previous two, I'm only crapping on Disney after all


Lol part of the reason Colonial Marines was a mess with awful Alien AI was a spelling mistake....Oh Randy


Well a new SOPA BOX is up. It's about Lootboxes. Look I've got 2 more on lootboxes in to come because I wrote them already and I am going to be spacing them out a little bit but I didn't want them just sitting there not seeing the light of day.


I have at least 1 Cblog a week scheduled to release until August 3rd. Now if the games industry could try not to do any colossally anti consumer or completely insane things until then it would be much appreciated. Looking at you EA, Looking at you!


R.I.P. of John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

(Artwork for this header image is a very slightly modified version of artist DarrenGeers work, you can see the original on his Deviant Art) So I know a lot of people have written things about TotalBiscuit since his passing and well whi...


Probably the best coverage on a certain recent happening in gaming.



I am here today to have a yell about Battlefront II or more precisely a horrible piece of industry bullshit that either EA was trying out for the first time or more likely EA was just trying out, and not the lootboxes.For those of you...


Popular in the Dtoid Network today, Nothing apparently


Sometimes Steam's Discovery queue brings you hidden gems, sometimes it brings you games that look awful then one rare occasions it brings you games that just seem plain weird, so weird you feel like sharing them just to confirm you're not hallucinating


The Steam Sale minigame even has boss fights. They're a clusterfuck lol


The more I see of Anthem the more worried I get that it won't last 10 months let alone 10 years. It doesn't feel like it knows what it wants to be, is it EA's Destiny, is it Mech Monster Hunter it feels like it doesn't have a clear direction to it.


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I review indie games on another blog and you'll see them pop up here if I think the review is a good or interesting one (along with a shameless bit of self promotion)

I also operate another blog reviewing films and I mean t pick that back up when I can.

I've been gaming since the SNES days. I've been in the pro scene before for tribes 2 but hate the present pro scenes and have no interest in going back into it.

I tend to get into quite a few Betas and love ones without NDA as it means I can write about them. I have even beta tested an xbox 360 game in my time (and no not a normal public Beta one )

In gaming I'm normally the guy looking at the shelf below the AAA titles first to see if there are any great hidden gems.

My gaming drug of choice: Timesplitters in any flavour (Why won't you make Timesplitters 4 Crytek, why ????? I need my fix of insanity )
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