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Got in an argument on twitter about lootboxes. The argument ended with the person admitting they'd be fine with Children drinking bleach and dying if it meant companies could make a little more profit by removing safety features on products.


The Hunger Games we need for the internet age


I'm hearing people say Nintendo Labo is expensive? In the UK the Variety Kit 1 is the same price our Highstreet video game shop sells most games new. Also unlike most other games no Season pass that we know of so. I'm going to say it's not bad.


Loads of people in the USA not being able to load the latest PSN sales page. Now you know how it feels to be in the UK because we never even get to see most of those PSN flash sales because they don't do them in the UK.


Happy Catgirl Friday hopefully this isn't too lewd


In the World of .hack//GU Bass is vicious lol.


I put out a C-blog to send 2017 off with a giant fuck you. The Not Safe For Work / Not Safe For Life tag is there very much for a reason and that reason is "Plopegg"


Happy Birthday Robo Panda. I don't have an amusing image to add to this.


[NSFW / NSFL] Kicking 2017 out of the door.

So it's the end of 2017. Some people like looking back on the year fondly. I don't I want to look back on 2017 and not repeat its mistakes. So for the sake of 2018 it's time to give 2017 one last kicking before throwing it out the do...


In town the other day I ran into people I went to school with. I recognised them I doubt they recognised me. A I walked past them I heard them say "Hey I've got some money in now lets go to Game and buy more Sharks Cards for GTA". All is lost.


Nintendo exec "So we have a Scalper problem, shall we see if we can literally get scalpers to buy easily mass produced pieces of carboard?" Other Nintendo exec "Lets do it".


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a really good film. I actually would say it's one of the best films I've seen in the past 12 months.


So upcoming stuff from me: Kicking 2017 out the door (my normal blog saying good riddance to the worst bits in gaming of 2017); My Not terrible awards (my GOTY stuff) and The Grumble Awards (My bad game awards); Also something a bit of a surprise.


Happy New Year Destructoid and to all a..... *Drinks double G&T and forgets what he was going to say*


Another day. Another Lotto Gambling site trying to scam people and manipulating odds for youtubers.


Hey I've found a relative of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown. But in a pixel graphics game.


Couldn't resist "fixing" this for Sony.


The true question that should come from the Game Award. Who wore this style of dress better?


You know I had a great laugh recently. I got a notification from each of the dating sites I'm signed up to saying some-one had tried and failed to login in. Whoever tried to log-in must have been very desperate to consider pretending to be me.


So advice to indie developers: Do not try and defend Microtransactions by equating them to having to buy a console to play games on. You know who you are if you ever come across this. (Which admittedly is unlikely)


Really good video worth a watch to see how EA got to the point it has recently with the Lootbox bullshit.


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