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Holy fuck, crunching the numbers so far EA's company value has dropped by over 3/4 of a Billion Dollars


The Sopa Box: Stop enabling Whales.

(Pixel Art Hitch Hikers Guide Whale from happy_tree_12 ) So this one is going to be unpopular but then people yelling at me or being angry isn't something new. If you do take serious umbrage with what I'm saying here kindly give ...


I think this best represents a lot of peoples view towards Lootboxes with cosmetic items rather than what EA wanted to do.


So the "EA developer" who so many places reported on getting death threats (without showing they'd actually received any) may not even be an EA developer or member of staff Kotaku have found out, link in comments


EA have been so shitty I think it should, from now on, be called Battlefront poo


"Lootboxes aren't gambling because you always get something" So if Casinos give you a free cup of water after every bet does that stop it being gambling because you still are getting "something" ?


If an EA executive is reading could they kindly do the following. Print out this image; Roll it up nice and tight to a point; wrap it in barbed wire; take a lemon and squeeze some of the juice over this and then ram the whole thing up their rectum


It seems we have some Spiders taking over Qposts.


Hearing that EA has obfuscated it's refund system by removing the refund button. Not that recent apparently but it MAY have happened not long after the Battlefront II Beta


For various reasons on the Discord we ended up on the subject of wallets. I think I confused Matt a bit with mine. It's Marvel's Iron Man, and no it's not a knock off it's actually a proper Marvel Licensed one


While Kotaku is getting upset that Cuphead wasn't racist / didn't address the racism of the style it was meant to be done in I'm just here chuckling at the idea of them ever learning about the origin of part of Uncharted / Tomb Raider


Plague Inc really does have a seriously inconsistent difficulty some-times I mean Zombie Virus took me ages to pull off. However Nano virus I got 2nd try


I'm having a big debate with myself over if I can truly recommend a non free to play game with Microtransactions bearing in mind the Microtranactions are presently broken and not working or if the mere intention should be a black mark against the game


Happy day you were squeezed out of your mothers Chris and DeScruff


With David Cage chewing out an interviewer because they tried to suggest something should be in his game and with other outlets on about how it was so awful the Violence in The Last of Us Two Trailer. I wonder how many people are at this stage lol


Truly the most horrifying thing I've seen come from video games in a long while. It's those dead eyes to start with (Slightly NSFW full version in the comments that just anatomy did the maker not study it?)


So I wake to the news that .hack//GU Last Recode has sold out or is having issues at Amazon in the UK..........Let me say that again. Amazon UK has sold out of a game before its even out.


So I watched a "horror" film last night. Tank 432........... such good ideas but holy crap were they so poorly executed. The end seemed really rushed too like they wanted to do a big explain all thing but didn't know how to pull it off.


The SOPA Box: The E-sports Fallacy

Another of me yelling at the industry this week With the growth of the E-sports scene and industry from a group of clans on clan battles to a huge multi million dollar scene that's even seeing ESPN broadcast evens sometimes it's hard...


The best lootboxes in gaming

Ok lootboxes are a contentious issue for good reason and I thought shall I lend my meagre voice to the cacophony of shouting about it at present? Well I could but it would at present be just another voice in the noise and likely get l...


So WWE 2K18 has a promotion thing with KFC. At some point you have to wonder if some-one related to the game is trolling Vince because of how mad he apparently got about a certain previous finger licking that happened.


Horrifying vision of the future: Read Dead Redemption 2 comes out. In the online mode 2K lets players buy more poker chips for online poker in Red Dead 2 with real world money.


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