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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a really good film. I actually would say it's one of the best films I've seen in the past 12 months.


So upcoming stuff from me: Kicking 2017 out the door (my normal blog saying good riddance to the worst bits in gaming of 2017); My Not terrible awards (my GOTY stuff) and The Grumble Awards (My bad game awards); Also something a bit of a surprise.


Happy New Year Destructoid and to all a..... *Drinks double G&T and forgets what he was going to say*


Another day. Another Lotto Gambling site trying to scam people and manipulating odds for youtubers.


Hey I've found a relative of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown. But in a pixel graphics game.


Couldn't resist "fixing" this for Sony.


The true question that should come from the Game Award. Who wore this style of dress better?


You know I had a great laugh recently. I got a notification from each of the dating sites I'm signed up to saying some-one had tried and failed to login in. Whoever tried to log-in must have been very desperate to consider pretending to be me.


So advice to indie developers: Do not try and defend Microtransactions by equating them to having to buy a console to play games on. You know who you are if you ever come across this. (Which admittedly is unlikely)


Really good video worth a watch to see how EA got to the point it has recently with the Lootbox bullshit.


I played some more Paladins. I don't get it. How can a free to play game have a better community that's more capable of creating a working team comp than Overwatch?


So I've just learned that "Dear Esther Live" is a thing. A live show touring the UK which consists of Live narration, a live playthrough of the game and a live performance from the composer of the music. So basically a lets play + bits as a live show


The Sopa Box: Pay more or be an NPC

So last week I said about how people are supporting the predatory practices that allow AAA companies to prey on the so called Whales to exist by merely buying the games. This week with the release of Battlefront II (of Battlefront po...


So small bit of info. There may have been some-one attempting to breach Steams security / spread Malware via steam by getting putting out a patch for a dead game


Remember to vote in the Steam Awards. I've voted and I think I picked the best option for the free vote / make your own category option. It was either this or Best game with a Catgirl in it.


To put in context how bad Battlefront 2 being number 2 in the UK is it's worth pointing out for the month it was released Homefront 1 was number 1 in the UK sales charts. That still didn't save Kaos studios from going bankrupt.


Totally forgot last Friday was Monthly Murderer Club day for those who happen to own a certain video game.


#Dogtoid is seemingly awakening the ancient evil buried in the site known only as Mr Catstructoid to try and reclaim today as Caturday.


Holy fuck, crunching the numbers so far EA's company value has dropped by over 3/4 of a Billion Dollars


The Sopa Box: Stop enabling Whales.

(Pixel Art Hitch Hikers Guide Whale from happy_tree_12 ) So this one is going to be unpopular but then people yelling at me or being angry isn't something new. If you do take serious umbrage with what I'm saying here kindly give ...


I think this best represents a lot of peoples view towards Lootboxes with cosmetic items rather than what EA wanted to do.


So the "EA developer" who so many places reported on getting death threats (without showing they'd actually received any) may not even be an EA developer or member of staff Kotaku have found out, link in comments


EA have been so shitty I think it should, from now on, be called Battlefront poo


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