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Been playing a strange game called Questr a bit. It's a roguelite choice based sort of strategy game but you play it using Tinder style match mechanics to build a party........ very unusual.


33 years on and suddenly this becomes relevant again to debunk almost the same crap as before just a different country and year it's happening in


Now repeat after me. Dwarven Was Right. Dwarven Was Right. Dwarven Was Right. Because I told you people would go after this game more. I don't think it's good. I have 0 interest in playing it but I told you people would go further.


Ok having just watched Farcry 5: Inside Eden's Gate - wow I'm actually fairly hyped for Farcry 5 now just because it's going to be a beautiful pile of madness. It's like Ubisoft saw Alex Jones memes and went "What if these things had basis in reality"


You know shits bad when I'm considering doing a happy C-blog for a change............


Every time I hear the phrase "Media affects us" I cringe a little now. It's such an awful open ended phrase I see people hiding behind when they're hedging their bets about if media is harmful. It lets them claim it is harmful or they mean something else


Ok I'm going to do yet another C-blog on the video game violence argument / Censorship. But not until after we find out how insane Trump's meeting with Video Game executives goes because otherwise I can see having to do one before and one after.


Just saying, this should be a thing that happens


Damn it Google, context matters already


So the image is technically SFW it's just dirty minded people might not think so edited one here with the original in the comments.


Forgot to post this last month. This was the January Monthly Murderer that they gave people free.


Well Neo showed off his Warframe so here's mine


I don't know what's funnier. That Konami has a "No using Metal Gear Survive for dating / finding a relationship" clause in the EULA or that some-one at Konami legitimately thought some people might use it to try and start dating / find a relationship.


Oh crap I'm down to 3 days to finish my alternative Valentines day Cblog


[NSFW] The Grumble worst games of 2017 awards

It's that time again to hand out the other awards. The awards for which even if a game wins it just makes it a bigger loser. This is the awards where everyone loses even you reading this because you're likely some-one who loves gaming...


So apparently some-one put out a paper made up of internal correspondence from within the APA (American Psychological Association) basically saying at one stage the organisation wanted to expand into what seems like video game ratings....... very weird.


All these Gamers need to stop trashing the place just because they won / lost a stupid game ./s


Well my Game of the Year Awards are up. It took a while cause I actually sat there trying to do art for a trophy. This is the best I could manage.


[NSFW] My 2017 video game awards

So it's awards time again is it? Well as last year the Awards are arbitrary and probably not even the same categories entirely as last year because innovation or something? All winners and runners up will be linked to expect for two c...


Twitch tv now also with Mexican Wrestling


So I've been doing "research" to write a piece about certain games that will never be on Steam and I think I might have found a Game that so far might be ore Meta than Doki Doki. As at one point the characters realise they're in a story and skip back lol


Useless thing. A few weeks back I went digging and I discovered what appears to be the developer of Life of Black Tiger. Really not what I was expecting to find either.


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