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For those who read it my Sopa Box blog series is going to be o break until October because I kind of feel like having a break from it and want to change a few things with it.


So I played some of the Battlefield V Beta. Credit to EA, it took me a lot longer to realise just how scummy their business practices were in this one. I mean it's truly scummy this time but they've hidden it so well you don't immediately notice it.


Happy Birthday Dere. I don't have any funny cake picture so have a picture of a funny named chemical compound


The future of Destructoid?

No Sopa Box this week (or for a little while) I hope you don't mind but I feel like this is something I want to say and I think should very much be said.So a couple of weeks ago now fairly long time Dtoid community member Roager put ou...


How is DC managing to make Titans actually look even worse?


So here's some footage from the Battlefield V Alpha from a youtuber. For those planning to get into the Beta I hope for your sake they've fixed some of this stuff


Because for various (hopefully obvious) reasons I didn't share the Monthly Murderer unlock last week, here is the latest one for the like 2 people who care here.


I would put out something about "Need to Know" but I think it's had issues with its release. It's been patched 4 times since it released less than a week ago so anything I put out will quickly be out of date.


Actual words from a Riot employee: 'For things to truly be fair and equal some people must not be allowed to go certain places or take part in certain things' And people wonder why I felt the need to essentially post a disclaimer in the comments now.


Yet more youtube fuckery has been discovered


Behind the Sopa Box: Time's up for the others

So before I get started and actually talk about things can I just point out that last week's SOPA BOX was the hardest one to actually write in a long time. It's bloody hard to write a fake angry blog over 700 words and maintain the kind of...


New feature being tested on Steam, you can now ignore developers / studios so their games don't show up in recommendation queues (And no I didn't Ignore Drinkbox)


The SOPA Box: Time's up for the others

Gaming is sick. Gaming is infected. Gaming needs us to save it. You see gaming has pernicious group of individuals in it. A group that is the sickness in gaming. This group don't care about gaming, they don't want it to be better they are ...


"No lootboxes, they're totally not lootboxes guys they're Airlifts that contain a random cosmetic item" - EA on Battlefield V You watch EA sell these instead of just directly buying the item you want now lol


Well I'm just in one of those moods where


Well next Weeks C-blog from me will be my most controversial, divisive, angry and outright hostile C-blog I've ever written. I hope I stick the landing with this one because boy do I not want to have a week of upset or angry comments on it.


I really feel like sometimes events converge to make my Cblogs perfectly timed. Xbox live goes down yesterday and annoys a load of people the day before my Cblog about not trusting MS


The Sopa Box: You've not changed Microsoft.

So this week it's time to get angry at Microsoft.First there is their messy unorganised user interface on the ........... PPPffftttt what a poser just ripping off Jim Sterling who did talked about Microsoft recently What do you mean...


#ScreenshotSaturday My first ever Victory In a campaign run of Space Tyrant. The armies of the Rabbit people now rule the galaxy!


One of the games I've been anticipating for a while is going to be out in 2 weeks time I've found out. From what I've seen of footage this is an indie game to keep an eye on, it's somewhere between the Orwell games & Papers Please.


And another day another Steam game with a Cryto Miner, luckily this time the developer was so incompetent the game won't run on Nvidia graphics cards at least.


FOV: E3 2018

So no Sopa box this week I wanted to take a look at E3 2018 with a bit more nuance and look at some of the good and bad things in my opinion that I saw from E3 2018. Yes I get E3 has long past but with so much in one go and so much co...


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