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God of War prediction / possible spoiler in the comments


The more I play Questr the more I love how much it sometimes screws you over even if it's just a screwing you over a little. The party ran into a Siren, I thought it'd be fine as I had a woman halfling on the team. She was Bi and thus not immune to sirens


Been playing some Questr. Never been betrayed by a party member before. Got Betrayed a lot today. On the plus side the betrayers never got far thanks to a psychopathic mage with explosion magic on the party.


So my next Critical Floor blog looks like it'll probably be the Gravity Rush games. A lot of themes and symbolism in these games so far to unpack. Depending how it continues there may be even more to it as I'm only part way through 2's main story.


Well my 2,000+ word Cblog about Ready Player One in now up. Warning it contains spoilers because it's not a review as such.


Critical Floor: Ready Player One

So been a while since I did one of these. Welcome to my occasional series where I don my smoking jacket and sit with a pint of Pimms, sniff my own farts for a while as I pretend I'm some kind of actual art critic and talk about intere...


Behold the live action Teen Titans. And you thought Teen Titans Go was the lowest point the franchise could reach.


I actually can't wait to for the DVD / Digital release of Ready Player One now because I really want to see it again but I have a rule I'll only go to the cinema to see a film once unless I'm going with some-one else who hasn't seen it......


I'm perpetually amazed at the internet. Some-one has now apparently made Ransomware to try and boost PubG's popularity in the present fight vs Fortnite..... And I thought the console wars were bad.


Ready Player One. Not something that will go down as a classic but very good and very enjoyable movie though admittedly I think I was the target audience especially when they got to the final clue and as ready to shout out the answer there and then.


Dear Garms Jurnlalists^TM if a dev TKs you and Teabags you especially if it's by accident and you decide to go on a rant on twitter and even suggest trying to get the developer fired from the studio. You will be relentlessly mocked. Laugh it off next time


I've been playing some Gravity Rush 2 Photo mode is cool


so apparently Shaq Fu 2 got leaked by the Playstation store and a youtuber managed to snag a copy. and well Oh dear......


Hope every-one enjoyed my April Fool C-blog. Took a fair bit of effort to fake so many tweets and make an entire fake twitter account too.


Warning. due to Licences issues 2 Adventure time games will be pulled from Steam on the 4th of April so if you wanted them you have until then.


If Ace Combat decides to every try and go super realistic it will be interesting to see how realistic it goes.


People who like Black Mirror. Go watch Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams episode "Kill all Others" just wow. Safe and Sound is a good one too. They're not all dystopian Sci-Fi stuff but those two really did feel like Black Mirror episode but pushed further


Hearing Rick and Morty hasn't been renewed for a 4th Season has resulted in me googling the location of nuclear fallout shelters. You know just in case. I mean we saw what happened when the fan base wanted Szechuan sauce so....


So apparently there's a 1 in 27,000 or something chance a meteor will hit the earth in 2135. I don't like those odds. We need better odds of it hitting and sooner because the way the world seems to be going maybe imminent doom could do some good.


Been playing a strange game called Questr a bit. It's a roguelite choice based sort of strategy game but you play it using Tinder style match mechanics to build a party........ very unusual.


33 years on and suddenly this becomes relevant again to debunk almost the same crap as before just a different country and year it's happening in


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