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The best lootboxes in gaming

Ok lootboxes are a contentious issue for good reason and I thought shall I lend my meagre voice to the cacophony of shouting about it at present? Well I could but it would at present be just another voice in the noise and likely get l...


So WWE 2K18 has a promotion thing with KFC. At some point you have to wonder if some-one related to the game is trolling Vince because of how mad he apparently got about a certain previous finger licking that happened.


Horrifying vision of the future: Read Dead Redemption 2 comes out. In the online mode 2K lets players buy more poker chips for online poker in Red Dead 2 with real world money.


So after the ESRB said they won't class lootboxes as Gambling I decided to see what PEGI has to say. This could get interesting.


If the choice is more so bad it's almost good cringe like this or Lootboxes I think I'll take more cheesy cringe stuff you know.


I'm so happy to see some-one combining time-loops and horror again after the abomination that was "Triangle" basically poisoned the whole idea. I mean it's a great way to make a Slasher film work and explain "why don't the police stop this Killer?"


If any-one is having issues with updating games on Steam or Downloading games there's a known issue at present which is being worked on. If you're desperate there's a half baked barely working work around in the comments of this post


Was hunting for loot on Warframe with it spawning enemies while telling me to get to the extraction point. It was all going fine then it started spawning level 20 Elites on a level 8-11 mission and started nearly 1 shoting me.


Wise man once say : "Act like a man of thought. Think like a man of noodles."


Now I'm not going to say this was my doing but I started shouting about WB and the charity DLC issue today and Warner Brothers changes their mind hours after I do. Not to the best solution but not one where they profit from it either.


I love how things are going. Then: "Reviews are entirely subjective and people should be able to bring in whatever they want if it bothered them". Now: "Oh no evil customers are writing negative reviews based on things not related to the game"


I present to you Angie's future great^X Granddaughter


I'm watching as a few developers who have 0 paid games in Steam complain that Steam not shutting down Review bombing will cost sales...... I truly have looked into the world of the weird and stupid I think


The SOPA Box: Lets play? DMCA!

Nuanced opinion be damned this week as I'm getting on my box on the internet to have a yell about something that I think matters. So some people made horses arses of themselves recently. PewDiePie for saying a highly offensive word s...


Oh Humble Bundle do love their little jokes. The only thing very positive about that game is how positively anti consumer and scummy Warner Bros is making it


This week there will be no Field of View Cblog, for this week there will be no nuanced discussion or attempt at a bigger picture. This week it's time to send some developers to the naughty step


Wooo Monthly Murderer Club time


I've just see a piece (not here) where some-one seemingly got annoyed that Valve still sells Hatred the game....... some people really do hold a grudge when a company doesn't give them their own way it would seem


Just a weird co-incidence some people may enjoy. Diana Rigg (Queen of thorns on GoT) played Mrs Emma Peel in The Avengers. Sophie Turner (Sansa on GoT) is set to play Jean Grey going phoenix. Part of the Dark Phoenix arc is based on an Avengers episode.


Current Status: *singing* It don't matter, to me. It Don't matter , to, me. *softly to myself*


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