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Well new Cblog is up I did say I was going to elaborate about asset flips and low effort games on Steam and how there is more to it than people might think. Oh an it's not a ranty SOPA Box one


Field of View: Low Effort Russians

Ok I've decided to step off the SOPA box this week and revive something I've not done in a while. The Field of View. For those who don't remember (likely most people) this is the blog series where I try to examine something in greater...


From /r/Steam. An announcement from the private Steamworks group for developers / people who create items for games. New measures to crack down on "fake games" including a new confidence rating. Which has apparently already put EA games as low confiden


The SOPA Box: Valve is right

So Steam decided it's not their job to decide what should and shouldn't be on the storefront. Some people are upset about that.Now I'll admit the flood of asset flips onto the store is something I'd like to see dealt with and I will s...


Dear person who keeps trying to log into my Epic Games account. I have no Fortnite currency, Stop trying I'm getting fed up of being told you tried to log in and failed


Congratulations to Disney & IGN for winning worst companies of E3, taking the heat off EA, by making themselves look like giant backwards puritanical assholes. For those who don't know they chose to cut the feed during the Sony press conference during


Sony this year felt like they had pulled down their pants and were just doing a victory lap going "We won, We won, we can do whatever weird stuff we want this year" and everyone going "You can, but you probably shouldn't because you were doing well"


I seriously thought the Bethesda company intro video was a going to be a parody and wasn't genuine. I swear I was expecting it to secretly be announcing Better off Ted The video game or something. Seriously this was a parody of it done years before


Is it just me or does the protagonist of Sea of Solitude give the impression of secretly being Shadow-Spawn gf but put into a video game?


Well something made my day today. Hearing that Morality in Media are upset about Steam's new Policy. You know the Moral puritan lot who tried to get a load of anime games pulled from Steam and wanted to pull even more.


Lol was looking through and found my E3 Report card for last year


I think my entire position on Steam's new rule change can be summed up by this: "Robert Yang can now release games on Steam and that is a good thing"


Report Card so far for this year, yes I left one blank as I have no hopes or expectations for them


And the Flight Sim devs are at it again this time trying to send legal threats to reddit / reddit moderators.


Just when you thought you knew what happened with the whole "Active Shooter" game on Steam the story takes a weirder twist including Friends, potential financial fraud and sanctions on Russia by the US government


The Sopa Box: where's my bear EA?

So I watched the Battlefield V trailer and something bothered me. Now I'm playing through a game at present where you play as a Scottish women who ends up as a Cyborg and part of it does involve fighting the Nazis. So why would this i...


Bah I know why Disqus is down, it's because I've planned a C-blog to be released tomorrow it's the universe deciding to fuck with me.


C-blog is up with a dump of a load of codes for various stuff. Go get em.


For those who haven't heard the next bit of sad news Ted Dabney Co-founder of Atari has died age 81. May he rest in peace


C-blog coming out tomorrow that is the Dingbat Answers(at long last) + a load of codes that "fell off the back of a lorry" so to speak.


I'm terrible sometimes. EA = "Women did serve in World War II so you get to play as a woman in Battlefield V because it's for fun." My brain = "A grisly bear served in World War II as well, he even had a military rank, so can I play as a grisly bear?"


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