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So today in communicord. BlondeBass may have accidentally created Skynet.


People say you shouldn't hope for some games to fail. Sometimes though such as in the case of Shadow of War I think people should hope it fails because hopefully a big kicking in the sales charts will wake Warner Brothers & other publishers up.


Lets all get away from this violence and play some video games nothing can go wrong there............ oh.............oh dear......


The Magicians TV series showcased in a single gif that tells you kind of all you need to know to judge if it's for you.


I decided to try out Google's new tool to analyse perceived toxicity in writing.


On the Downside potential nuclear annihilation. On the Upside being able to use the chat up line "Hey we could all be vaporised to radioactive dust so how about we go for coffee?"


Hearing a concerning rumour that on top of single player Microtransactions Shadows of War will require an internet connection for server side verification DRM of some kind. This game's sounding worse by the day


So apparently some people on the internet are upset about the remake of Death Wish for some stupid reason. I too am upset at it for stupid reasons, but my stupid reason is very different. I'm upset because it looks like a crappy Harry Brown remake


Well it's been a while coming and it's a bit rough (in my opinion) but I've got a new C-blog up. The one people voted for me to do.


On the Record

(Header image taken from promotional images for the film Rec) NOTE: Most of this blog is speculative and I do not have confirmation from developers in most of these cases as to the motivations behind design decisions. Also of note for...


You know what the ultimate #Darksiders3 has to be this week? An indie developer has made a game about how companies dehumanise people. They then made it console exclusive for Microsoft.


So I read the first comic for the continuation of Stargate Universe........ I'm not fucking happy. There wasn't enough comic for me to be pissed at the stupid story direction. Half the comic was a Stargate Atlantis story. And not even a good one.


"OMG FIRST FEMALE DR WHO" people on the internet yell. I'm sitting here like "Pffhhh they've made Dr Who female before it just wasn't cannon"


Sod it, Bass isn't the only one who can do this. Have a poll which will decide my next C-blog


Presently got a case of "the sads" after finishing Beyond Eyes. I saw the ending coming but it still hit.


I got a notification saying I had a match on Tinder. Seconds later I got one saying I had a message. I went to check and they'd unmatched themselves it seems and deleted their message. Dunno what happened there I think I spooked em


Unlocked yet another killer in Slayaway Camp. This one I think people might recognise


Why do I feel like I should now attach a Brazzers logo to this picture just to complete it?


I would just like to apologise for introducing Communicord to the Inspirobot and causing it to spread from there to the Qposts


I saw the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle trailer.......... holy crap it looks like it could be the best film playing off the idea of video games for a long time. Also looks perfect for a Telltale tie in game lol


Very Tempted to apply for the Dtoid Internship thing. And to make my application truly stand out I shall use my email address lol


Dr Who this week in a single image pretty much. I've not seen the show go this dark for a long time


A bit late but here's my E3 report Card


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