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I placed Death's Door at number 5 on my list. But two points need some extra praise: 1) The eulogy for bosses is beautiful. Seeing them "at peace" is simple and powerful. 2) Red cracks on enemies to show how damaged they are is elegant and universal.


This is an attack on Gaj.


So, it's finally come to this, eh. I didn't get to play much this year, but here's my 2 lists. All released and played this year. Many other fun experiences, just not list worthy. Oops, missing board game in comments.


Interesting graph submitted without commentary.


This is a very big day for me.


I'm almost at the final boss of Death's Door and just realized I misunderstood a mechanism crucial to upgrading my health and magic. Apparently these are not teleporting circles. Just manhole covers you drop-attack on... time for a quick cleanup.


Didn't receive any gifts this year, but had a great day with family and got to see my kids get spoiled. Of course, just because I didn't get any presents doesn't mean I didn't get anything. Behold, my Xmas shiner. It's swollen twice the size!


I've only got one thing to say to you lot, and that thing is...




Has our absent pun master become a Chinese cartoon???


Have a great day, folks!


Happy Cinco de No Work Tommorow.


My Wife's switch.


Here we go. I was very surprised by number 1, till I realized it's almost exclusively my youngest just running around the wild area and scrolling the pokedex. Same with Pokemon Snap.


I'm experiencing in real time my daughter becoming a weeb.


Give me Dune 4x now please.


We're back!


I was fortunate enough to rewarch Sweeney Todd recently and the tone is so strange and enchanting. Like the characters, it shifts between unnatural whimsy and savagery. Highly recommend, with the caveat it is very Tim Burton in aesthetic.


Seen at Target.


Unpacking is a top-tier multi-player game in the same way Until Dawn was. Great indirect atorytelling. If you've got an SO or just a good friend to play it with, I'd recommend it. The main theme slaps, too.


Making Christmas?


#VGMusic 2021 edition. Y'all got favorites? I'd love to know what I missed this year. Somehow Chicory out synthed Narito Boy with this one track. Otherwise, just give all my love to Narito Boy's score, please.


#bandwagontoid Tell me you are pondering your orb without telling me you are pondering your orb.


Lots of music today. Unfortunately, no mention of the best music in gaming. Let's correct that. No fancy Spotify thingy, but here is a gift that keeps on giving, regardless of your opinion on the game.


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