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Replace terrifying vistas with inconvenient truths about climate and wellness and a certain vocal subsect of a certain political affiliation seem to really fit the bill, here. Opening paragraph to The Call of Cthulu.


Happy birthday,Retrofaction! I suppose you are even more retro now. Have some relationship advice that saved me on more dates than I can count.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Have an early #cursedmas gift from your biggest H.


Happy birthday, cool guy!


Just watched Color out of Space. Some great cosmic horror. My favorite kind (if that wasn't already obvious from my constant Bloodborne praise). Wish there were more films in that genre. Any recommendations?


Seen on reddit. Close to a certain someone's gigamermaid fetish.


I am in physical discomfort for lack of Elden Ring news. Last time that happened was Bloodborne and the pay off turned out to be my new GoaT. What game has caused you legitimate discomfort while waiting for news/info/release.


Sister Freide finally down. I think she is the Souls boss that gave me the most trouble. Months worth of trouble, in fact. Now to just finish up the rest of the Dark Souls 3 DLC. Her phase 2 cutscene is just *chef's kiss. Even after 20+ attempts.


Last day to pre-ordee one of the best puzzle games of the generation from Limited Run.


I feel attacked.


My Beta experience: "link your SE account to continue". Nope! Disnt even get to the title screen. Also, here is what I am drinking. I didn't know till I was down two, butnits a whopping 10%!


I don't know how the rest of the season goes, but S2E1 of Umbrella Academy is a real banger.


I love Larian Studios. This is the developer mentality that gets us games like Divinity and Witcher


View from my local bike trail. Been going 3 times a week with the wife and kids. Quite nice.


Played some Halo:CE through xcloud on my phone. Worked flawless 90% of the time, a tad choppy 7% and a total mess the remaining 3. Didn't seem related to action on screen. Pretty far from router. Overall, impressed.


I am craving Elden Ring news.


I was staying up till Midnight (EST) to play Mortal Shell but now I discover it wont be on the store till 3 AM (EST). That's some BS and I'm sad now. Still, something to play when I get home from work tomorrow. My biggest game of 2020, thus far.


Someone mentioned dialogue-less animation. I offer up the entire, multi-season slapstick comedy of Zig and Sharko. Would have been right at home on 90's Nicktoons.


Got some sea food, as is my friday tradition. My favorite local breakfast dine has branched out into some lunch options. Look at the size of this clam "strip"! Its incredibly fresh.


New podcast. Great excuse to rewatch one of my favorite shows!


Memory-wipe time. Or, as the kids would say, #AmnesiaToid. Top 3 games you would totally wipe from your memory (playing and preview knowledge) to experience again for the first time. For me: 1) Bloodborne 2) Super Metroid 3) Super Mario Galaxy.


Anyone here play Go? I used to play alot about a decade ago, but life and children happened. Board gaming has me craving getting back into Go and Chess. It's on tabletop simulator and there are lots of free browser clients. I'd love someone to play with.


Guess who just joined the laid-off club!


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