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Its thay time of year. Pickled at the butchers. Fresh cut today. Came apart in strings, absolutely decadent. Corned beef is fueling my soul.


#womantoid still going? Awesome, because THE BEST, THE PRESIDENT, THE GREATEST needs her dues.


Heck yeah! This should improve my life greatly.


100% completed my College Algebra class just before spring break. Tested out of the final and earned an A with 3 months to spare. Its going to be very nice having my free time back. Good feeling, guys, I gotta say.


Happy birthday. I'll always remember you as the star of one of my favorite SNES games


This list is in its alpha phase. Please look forward to an updated lost in the future.


Get in the ink, Shinji.


Beat soundtracks in the series, for sure.


The #indietoid train keeps rolling on. Anyone else play this? I got it on day one for PS3 in 2013. Played tons. Great character designs.


I see. This is for the underground kewllllll indies. Well here you go. 90% on steam reviews. Deep combat and u lockable characters in a Metroidvania format with religious undertones and steam punk tech. From 2013. Check it out! #indietoid


I feel like the #indietoid elephant is in the room and covered in a great banner that can't be missed


Tried to go more obscure but what are we even doing here, people. #indietoid deserves its champion


#indietoid I'm always surprised this isn't considered one of the greats.


Dude, vxxy, I'm so happy it's your birthday because I get to tell you what an awesome dude you are. Hope your day rocks. Thanks for keeping this site positive!


The new Bioshock sucks.


Submitted without comment.


Tomorrow is a D&D night. Where my party gets to deal with the fact that they've been played pretty heavily. Lots of in-character frustrations ahead. Can't wait to channel my inner sociopath.


Pokemon Company doing an anniversary justice. Amazing presentation.


Work #selfietoid The look of shock you see is the result of the bombshell Anthem news.


Next Manga series finished. Alot of cool sci-fi tropes handled in very clever ways so they feel fresh. A bit too saccharine, but enough suspense and mystery to hold interest. 7.5/10.


Movie soundtracks. Give me some favorites. Maybe not "best" in the objective sense. Just whatever gets your soul. My heart belongs to The Color out of Space.


Image from a graphic novel. If you know it you know it. Don't want to spoil for those that don't. Too good not to share. This series has been the most aesthetically beautiful thing I've seen since bloodborne.


Ignoring your feelings for the reveal, how did you enjoy the 3d Ninja Gaiden games when they first came out? I adored the hell out of black and found 2 great for replay value with all the different weapons. Pre-Souls it was my git-gud fix.


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