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I dont think I've ever bought something so fast.


I cant comment on anything but I need to scream from the heavens that Popeye's Kentucky Fried Chicken is best fast food even if they only sold Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.


Hot spicey take: Persona 5 was roughly as fun for me as actual high school. Dragon Quest's charm ends at its superficial stuff (which is just perfect). FF XIII had the based combat system in the series.


Well, my day has been made a few dozen times better thanks to this tucked away homage.


Wes is a man of such unparalleled generosity he has been known to lend his likeness to even the smallest of upstart taco auteurs. Happy birthday, buddy.


Hey folks, havent been in a few. Got a bad injury to my eyeball and looking at screens is quite painful. In fact, I'm writing this through tears because y'all are worth it. Keep being the best around you wonderful degenerates.


A few quotes from different characters in the same game. "Need a light?" "Delighted to sir!" "Someone call for an exterminator?" "Input coordinates." "Vector locked in." "Yea, I read ya... sir" GUESS IT YOU PLEBS!


Hey, just finished Donut County. Charming, fun, and pretty dang short. Recommended if you are in a funk and it's on sale.


I would also like to play. "I've already taken care of G. This is only the beginning." A hint because I'm not trying to stump anyone. I miss the hell out of light gun games.


Just finished Gorogoa. Holy hell. I know it came out in 2017, but it's already a game of the year contender for things I've played this year. $5 on mobile. About 5 hours long. Perspective is the gameplay mechanic this whole thing is built around. Play it!


When you make perfect chinese food for the first time and are flooded with ancient wisdom.


This is the best 5 dollars I've spent in a long time.


#NintendoDirectoid predictions, eh. I think we will see the Galaxy 2 esque sequel to Odyssey get teased. Zelda sequel gets meaty tid bits. Still nothing on Metroid (another kick in the Morph Balls). SSBU gets a character trailer. Something unexpected!!!


My youngest daughter watches my oldest play minecraft. Being that she is very bright, she properly conjugates it from "mine"craft to "your"craft. Parenting is the best


What's your favorite game of 2020 so far. I know it came out last year, but I'm enjoying Monster Hunter World Iceborne.


Happy Birthday Soulbow. In your honor I will play siege. Thanks for taking it all on the chin, you rock, man.


I'm feeling nostalgic for Occams' crusade against that darn Spider-Man.


If you encounter pokemon in tall grass, why do you battle them on a flat field? Also, happy birthday RiffRaff! You are an awesome internet friend and I'm glad to know ya!


*climbs on soapbox* Monster Hunter: World: Iceborne deserves to be in end of the year discussions! It expanded and improved the base game in ways simple and systemic and some of it's new monsters are instant classics.


The only mas I got is #MessMas. Tempted to burn it all down and start over as a nomad.


Started Untitled Goose Game thanks to the greatest thing in gaming, Game Pass. I now know what it is to be Chaotic Neutral. *HONK*


On the day of Star Wars release, Monster Hunter World has added an even called "A Star that will never dim." Be the movie good or bad or just shut up and enjoy it you babies, that's an awesome subtle nod from an unexpected place.


I dont know how this happened... Oh wait, Picross. That's how this happened.


If you could give me one 2019 game that is an absolute must play by years end, what would it be and why? (Besides sekiro)


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