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Giving my 3 year old and excessively over the top bubble bath. She put the bubbles over her mouth and said, "look, Dad! I'm wearing a mask just like you!" Shes seen my respirator mask on video chats while I was working the hospital. Made my damn night.


On my never ending quest to find music I enjoy I unearth some wonderfully weird stuff. The latest and greatest. Heading to the top of a very short playlist.


Happy birthday, Ackbong! Hope you are having an awesome day, buddy. Thanks for always being a great friend.


So, what are we all playing or planning to play over the weekend. I'll be chipping away a few more encounters in Doom Eternal and may start up Control. Also bought a ton of eShop games, each under $5.


My PS4 Pro's disc drive kicked the bucket. Cancelled my collectors edition FF7R because I have no idea what the timeline for fixing it would look like. Alot of my library is now moot. Anyone go through this? Current status:


What's the single greatest action you can perform in a video game and why is it the double jump. Bought Dogurai after Snaileb's qpost. It's great and has a double jump. You, too, can realize this dream.


He may be a year old, but this isnt even his final form. Happy birthday buddy.


Talking dogs are funny.


I know we have given GameStop a hard time, but it isnt all black and white, friends. Oh look, a comic!


A few months ago the thought of playing Divinity Original Sin 2 on Switch was painful at best. Now it's my preferred way to play. Went back to PC and wanted to plug in a controller. Anyone ever play a game with one style only to switch and never go back?


Ugh, fine. #selfietoid, you pervs. A rare, cleanshaven look for safety while working in the hospital. Hope everyone is having a fun night ripping and tearing and fishing and crafting flimsy axes.


Doom Eternal is quite fun so far, but I cant melee a zombie to death anymore? Just seems like a knockback with no damage attached. Have to stun first before you can get a glory kill.


Wife is playing Animal Crossing. I'm playing Doom. This is a good life. Until my kids wake in 5 hours and I dont recall who or where I am. That's future me's problem, that dumb slut.


Animal Crossing delivery date keeps changing on Amazon. If I know for sure it wont be in till next week I'll just get it digital. Seems like the kind of game youd want to live on your system anyway.


Whoever does the Spongebob thumbnails on Amazon Video knows their memes.


D&D night! Wooo! It was a lot of fun. Many laughs, some game halting. Splitting the party almost ended in total, beautiful disaster. Few lucky rolls saved the night and brought everyone together in more than one way. What did you all do?


Like many of you degenerates, I'm out of work for at least a week, though probably longer. Thankfully im still recieving pay for up to 3 weeks. 2nd job still going. Working in an ER. White knuckle nights, but I know how to keep safe. Stay safe.


Happy birthday Bass! Keep it 90s cool, brother!


I need that FF7R music in my veins.


Celebrating the Switch's birthday with some Divinity: Original Sin 2. I know it's a keyboard and mouse game first, but playing on the Switch in portable feels so good. Cant wait to go through a Seibile run!


The FF7R demo succeeded in so many small ways. Placement of item chests. Long ladders at exactly the place they should be. Ridiculous lynx monsters. Every few minutes a respectful nod to the original was played. And yet its... better?!?


Vxxy! Happy birthday! Thanks for always being a positive contributor to this little unbalanced corner of the internet.


So PAX was magical. Just wished I had more time, but that's a dad's life I suppose. The booths are so colorful and exciting. Particularly Larians BG3 with a life size Mindflayer to pose with and Animal Crossings unbelievable mini village. Also this


I'm at ground zero.


Fin. Oh boy, that stand barely made it. Looks gorgeous!


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