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If I had a meme as a phalactery, this would be it.


Happy birthday Mike and Vincent! Hope your day was full of good times and thoughtful people. I guess this Pic is good enough cause I'm drinking and standards have dipped.


Some things I can't stand down from. I think its important that, as much as we change, we stay true to ourselves, so long as it doesn't harm someone else. That's why I am recommiting to my love of pineapple on pizza.


Game Infarcer is on point this year.


My qtoid experience on 5-6-21 artistically rendered.


Started out Gensis Noir on whim. Style over substance, but its clever and beautiful enough to make up the lost ground. Great soundtrack. Love all the physics imagery. It's artsy-fartsy without bring a sob story so far.


Got Mexican take-out tonight. People were being very rude to the staff because it was busy. Tried to cheer them up, left a substantial tip. Got 3 free margaritas out of it that someone didn't want to wait for! Gave some to my neighbors. Good vibes.


Nature is beautiful.


Happy belated Gus and Absolut! Your a gift to this community. I wish you good health and a happy year!


Wooo got New Pokemon Snap! Too bad I'll never pry it away from the wife and kids. Oh well, it's great watching them play together. Mons are looking on point. My youngest is shrieking every time a new pokemon appears. Now a drive to blockbuster for prints!


Happy Snap Day!


Current status:


We deserve this.


Nice box ya got there. Be a real shame if someone opened it and shared the contents.


Timely and interesting.


Back from a day at the aquarium with the kids. Good times. Cool dinosaur and frog exhibits. Some very social Beluga chilled with us for awhile. Nice day.


#striptoid Gosh, some of these comics are just so relatable, right fellas


What dark magic created something so wonderful? This is something special.


Have a joyous day.


Happy birthday JasonDM300! Our favorite singing, time traveling robot. Hope you have a great day! And happy birthday to Occams! I'm impressed at how well a gibbering maw of teeth, tentacles and spider legs can instill humanity onto us. Bless your 9 eyes.


Reject humanity. Become squid.


Shocking, I know.


T-t-t-t TRIPLE POST! Thanks lousey hospital wifi!


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