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I got my first sinus infection of the season and it iant even officially fall yet. Whose an overachiever? This guy! In less interesting news Castle Crashers is still amazing and BLOODSTAINED ON GAME PASS!!!!!


I'm gonna go crash some castles.


Platinum Games should make up with my mom so we can be a family again.


Beat Wolfenstein: New Order. Only took 3 months. What a great game. Weapons felt and looked great, sound design was awesome. Characters were likeable. Missions were the exact kind of nonsense I love. On to Darksiders 3. Fan of the series.


I think it's time you all stopped what you are doing and Google Freya Jobbins. I'd advise Occams, but I'm sure he has some originals already.


Hi all! I'm back to being super busy, but it's nice to have more regular pay coming in. So, video games. So many amazing switch releases in the last three weeks. I'm leaning towards River City Girls. I adored Scott Pilgrim, Code of Princess, Dragons Crown


The nice thing about leftover asparagus is you get 2 days of scented urine instead of one!


Yesterday (August 31st) was my birthday! Pretty relaxed day. Usually birthday stuff. Drank some beer, grabbed some Chinese, got married surrounded by friends and family. You know, casual stuff.


Old clip, still funny. The Onion is amazing.


Almost done with Metro 2033, but boy howdy doni have little motivation left to finish it. On the other hand, at the end of Wolfenstein New Order and it just keeps getting better everytime I play it. Next up, DMC V, wolfenstein 2 or finish Gears series


A night with a sick kiddo surmised.


Some victories today. Gas is covered. Insulin is covered. Daycare payment is looming ominously and now my youngest also has strep, so I'm stuck home and helpless. Got till tomorrow. Staying hopeful. If I'm lucky the kids will be feeling better by morning.


My turn to bat at the ol' "I'm so screwed" game. Took a beating this summer, pushed through. Second job starts up next week, in less than three weeks I'll be fine. But I might not be able to return thanks to daycare.may lose utilities. Cant order insulin


It's been really fun seeing these smaller Microsoft titles on Switch. But what I really want to know is, what will be the first Nintendo owned IP on an Xbox? Any guesses?


I heard the Overlord Picross game followed the story in a loose sort of way. Got through the first 2 seasons and decided to start it while I watched the 3rs. Opening few text blocks are spoilers, then it jumps back to the beginning of the show. Odd choice


Tried out Void Bastards thanks to Game Pass. Really nail the early 90s comic vibe. Enemy chatter is genuinely funny. Gameplay has that rogue-lite system with some permanent upgrades and some for just the run. Positive and negative quirks like Rofue Legacy


It's a good time to revisit, Darkest Dungeon. I played a ton on Vita, double dipped on Switch but never really got around to it. Castlevania has me craving the setting, and 3 Houses talk wanting high stakes strategy. Git me dat fine ass+15 stress.


PictoQuest completed. It is incredibly bare bones, but still fun. Puzzles could have been harder. Even the 20x20 weren't too bad. But I enjoyed the fantasy themed images and the shoddy localization.


I really really really miss the VMU. Bring it back, cowards!


Alas, I can adventure no further.


This apparently was announced and released today on Switch. Picross with light RPG elements. On sale for $8.50. Looks adorable. Pics animate when you solve them.


Started watching the Overlord anime for the sole purpose of getting the most out of Overlord Picross. I'd binge Big Bang Theory for Picross. 3 episodes down, so many to go. The things I do for love. Pic related.


Played D&D last night for the first time since March. It was awesome. Also, it was the same one-shot I wrote for different players. Great times! A lich's skull absorbed into a corpse flower, giving it semi-sentience. Hidden cult under a hospital. Fun time


Really late with this Hot Take but Wolfenstein The New Order is so damn good. I hate the villains so much in the best possible way. BJ's inner monologue is surprisingly cathartic. Upgrades are fun to unlock. Missions are bananas. Nearly done.


Birthday season is here, oh no! I need to be diligent in wishing all of you aging people Happy Birthdays. Hope your day is full of fun and adventure, Kerrik and Gaj!


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