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Work #selfietoid The look of shock you see is the result of the bombshell Anthem news.


Next Manga series finished. Alot of cool sci-fi tropes handled in very clever ways so they feel fresh. A bit too saccharine, but enough suspense and mystery to hold interest. 7.5/10.


Movie soundtracks. Give me some favorites. Maybe not "best" in the objective sense. Just whatever gets your soul. My heart belongs to The Color out of Space.


Image from a graphic novel. If you know it you know it. Don't want to spoil for those that don't. Too good not to share. This series has been the most aesthetically beautiful thing I've seen since bloodborne.


Ignoring your feelings for the reveal, how did you enjoy the 3d Ninja Gaiden games when they first came out? I adored the hell out of black and found 2 great for replay value with all the different weapons. Pre-Souls it was my git-gud fix.


I spend alot of time thinking about the Detective Pikachu Mr.Mime.


I'm in! After 10+ years on dtoid give it to me straight, doc.


Plug for something not dtoid in the comments.


"Don't you worry. Whatever happens, you may think it all a mere bad dream." Words of encouragement while we all plunge into the waking world of another week. Be bold, fellow hunters, but fearful. Without fear there would be none to lament the dead.


Happy Valentines from your resident cultists. May your blood stone circles pulse a fluroscent magma red with inorganic vitality.


Manga update. "Finished" 7thGarde. Read all thats released but it's on a hiatus right before the finale. Pretty good. Well foreshadowed twists, decent action. Just started Agravity boys and oh boy is it really funny. Deep space Bro-comwdy.


I'm sure its been mentioned before but the Shonen Jump app is an absolute steal. $2 a month for a full back catalog and weekly updates. Quantity and quality are top notch. Can't recommend enough if you are on an entertainment budget. (Current read).


Look at this God damn stud. Panelong markers doing heavy lifting.


Another box???


I've had one of those "stumble across a nightmare out of fiction" moments with the Titanoboa. How have I never heard of this thing. Thank you extinction.


Wtf am I about to drink.


There is something so special the moment you complete a Hitmam level. No matter how poorly or expertly completed, it's a dopamine downpour.


My daughter's really like Fall Guys. I think I'm about 7 hours of that


Told y'all I was in.


Time to step this shit up. Dance off! Sch'mon-ah!


POV: You're Mike and you just started stepping.


Well damn. Now I'm in.


This is your fault.


Hol'up. Why did no one tell me Melony was thicc.


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