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Big weekend for D&D. 3 day live stream announcing the new campaign and a ton of fantastic games (with no projared and holly). They tend to get very very goofy and weird. But when the campaign is described as Mad Max meets Dante's inferno, whaddya want huh


Too many games. Help


Just played 10 minutes of Dreams. A sonic adventure clone, a game about a fart guy, a cookie clicker clone and that dexter game. Crazy.


I'm old, 2 kids & 2 jobs and yadda yadda who cares. One of the fun side effects is that, like the Hulk, my secret to not being tired all the time is that I am tired all the time. Tonightz this led to me asleep on the PC googling how to shut down my PC


This is what madness looks like.


Anyone play Ghost Recon Wildlands. I was a big fan of the original Ghost Recons. Is it fun? Can it work solo?


So I spent a good portion of my downtime today fapping people but apparently it didnt stick, so just know most of you have gotten 25 big ones from me today.


Who put the nose slider up so high on the character creator! #selfietoid


Commited to some me time last night, around 12. Booted up destiny 2 just to pick away at a story mission and enjoy my beer. Loading screen pops up for the mission, music is very mellow. Getting sleepy... and I wake up at 1:40am.


Cant believe end of school year is almost here and I go down to 1 job (plus substitute hours). Have so many plans for when I only work 40 hours a week. Also, Haunting of Hill House was quite good and the episode:Two Storms was a cinematography masterpiece


Who is getting Mortal Kombat 11 tomorrow?


I am bringing through The Simpsons with an open mind to see if it really does tank in quality or if it's just the cool kids trying to be cool again. Season 4 and so far every episode is a masterpiece and holds up way better than I could have imagined.


PSA: Costume Quest's animated adaptation on Amazon Prime is delightful.


Into the Spiderverse out today! I'm so happy to watch this movie again.


I unlocked the ability to see my completion percentage in Hollow Knight right before the final boss. It was at an abysmal sub-50 percent. So I've decided to do a little mop up since I probably wont come back to the game.


Tonight's escapism is brought to you by this little number. A whopping 11.3%. Its so delicious. Also my fingers, but just the tips bahbaeeee


On the final boss of Hollow Knight, but I'll have to wait till later to finish it. Great game. Just wish the locations were a bit more distinct color palette wise.


Joining the choir of praise of Umbrella Academy. I LOVED the comics and I loved the show even though they are very different. Someone deserves a raise for that soundtrack. Season 2 when!


Getting Hawaiian Punched


Finished my first 2 minis. I think they came out pretty good! Know where I messed up and I'm learning. I love it. More in comments.


Bayonetta 2 and Minit are done. Now to finish up Hollow Knight and I Am Setsuna. Plus working at God of War, 2-3 hours each week. How long did it take you folks to finish God of Qar?


Ya boi got something. I'm sure it's not the best. Maybe not even good. But I'm just here to experiment and build confidence. Cant wait, starting with the skeleton archer!


My Target Buy 2 Get 1 Free haul: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Mega Man X Collection (switch), Hitman 2, Dishonored 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Prey, Ni No Kuni 2. The extra game was due to mix and match with books. Not bad for under 100!


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