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Payday! Time to eat real food. Hospital cafeteria has great soup for cheap, so that will be lunch. Pic semi-related.


A question for people who beat Tetris. Is it worth it if I wasn't part of the Bolsheviks?


I've been the protagonist, antagonist, and victim.


Seymour, you fabulous bastatd, have an awesome birthday, buddy!


Another co-worker out with coronavirus. Someone I interact with directly 4 times a week. That also means at least 2 weeks of being short staff and needing to cover crazy hours. Which has been a strain on my relationship with my wife and children.


My feet look like they were built using N64 hardware. That is all.


Canceling our in game D&D session scheduled for tomorrow. Going to Zoom or something a one-shot instead sooooooo time to last minute plan a one-shot!


I got a gift from myself before life turned upside down. Cool! They waited to ship so the big update could be on the cartridge. Cool stuff!


Maybe the funniest joke ever made? (Besides my conception, of course.)


I know this is a video game site, but D&D just released their new sourcebook, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything and you can basically be a Sentai. It might be the best thing of 2020. It goes on to give rocket punches, Iron Man beams and force fields.


POV: You are a Men in Black agent


Life goals.


While I may not be the biggest fan of some of the Demon's Souls visual redesign choices, I'm certainly a fan of the combat. Can't afford a new system so I restarted Sekiro on XBoneS. That combat sure holds up. I can't wait to see my Ape again.


Hey! I think I finally figured out my medical supply cost dilemma! Not in time for Christmas, but starting next year I should go from over 800/mo. (plus an extra 300 for pump supplies) to just $20 every 3 months. Woo-hoo! Next, figure out tuition cost.


What should I play tonight? 1) Dishes 2) Laundry 3) Homework 4) SLEEP YOU WALKING NECROMORPH!!!


Virgin Extinction Island Manga has zero chill.


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