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Got some sea food, as is my friday tradition. My favorite local breakfast dine has branched out into some lunch options. Look at the size of this clam "strip"! Its incredibly fresh.


New podcast. Great excuse to rewatch one of my favorite shows!


Memory-wipe time. Or, as the kids would say, #AmnesiaToid. Top 3 games you would totally wipe from your memory (playing and preview knowledge) to experience again for the first time. For me: 1) Bloodborne 2) Super Metroid 3) Super Mario Galaxy.


Anyone here play Go? I used to play alot about a decade ago, but life and children happened. Board gaming has me craving getting back into Go and Chess. It's on tabletop simulator and there are lots of free browser clients. I'd love someone to play with.


Guess who just joined the laid-off club!


Saved up for Ghost of Tsushima. Then my daughter asked if I would get Animal Croasing instead. She wanted to send me gifts and letters. I'm not an Animal Crossing fan, but I wont pass on a chance to bond with my kiddo. See you in 2021 Jin!


#selfietoid Join my OnlyFans. You dont want to miss what's under this mask.


Series X/One games listed on Target. Interesting marketing and labeling


Ignoring xbox/ps5 preferences, what were your top 5 games shown between the two showcases. For me, in order, it's Psychonauts 2, Demon's Souls, Halo Infinite, Bugsnax, and Ratchet and Clank. (Honorable mention to Fable and Avowed)


With the announced DLC, seems like a good time to remind folks one of the greatest pieces of video game music has already been produced and is right below for your ears to enjoy.


Rewatching the Halo gameplay. Whatever concerns people may have about the buisness model and open-ness of it, that moment to moment stuff is amazing. The grappling hook has alot of utility. I missed pulling an explosive barrel to yourself then throwing it


I love GamePass. The value is enough to make me an Xbox guy. But this showcase felt like the thing we would see a year before a next-gen launch, not a couple months. The Medium is looking like the most "next-gen" thing. Psychonauts, is giving me life.


I'm legit hyped for the Xbox Showcase. PS5 had some great stuff (and, my god, that Demon's Souls). I'm ready to see some amazing games. Great time to be a gamer! I'll own both consoles, eventually, so it's all win-win here!


Alright, I need some hot takes on Origami King. Without referencing Color Splash or Sticker Star or any of the past games, how is it? Sell me on or off it.


Two D&D sessions in as many weeks! I feel spoiled. Tonight was just a one-shot, but still a fun one. End BBEG was a Mindwitness. Look at this beauty!


Getting a hitch installed on my car for biking. I'm on hour 4 of my "1 1/2" installation time. Oh well, at least I can start my Dark Souls NG+ run. Almost at Gaping Dragon.


I'm near the end of Dark Souls Remastered and im surprised by how much I've improved. I dont just mean git gud-ing. More confident where I need to be and more reluctant when I dont. Strong parallel to my personal growth, I feel. Soulsborne for the soul.


Game Idea: Dark Souls but its Toy Story. Kindle the LiteBrite. Looking forward to the Bo Peep and Ham/Ornstein and Smough knock off fight. Great Wolf Slink should be a memorable fight as well.


Ghosts should all be naked.


Too me in real life for me in real life.


Bukakegan would be a better name is the only input I have on the matter. Enjoy your weekend! Playing anything good? Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through your words.


This reminded me of Limo's gifted visual novel. Mmmm (g)rapefruit.


Game night! Pandemic:Reign of Cthulu. Good time. We won one step away from almost every lose condition possible. It's an excellent twist on Pandemic that uses the core mechanics, but is not a reskin.


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