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Finally a Gunpla for the common man.


Current status:


A big thanks to SteelSquirrel for working with me to help bring this home. Load times are wild! Absolutely loving it!


A moment of your time to appreciate Wolf Knight from the Elden Ring trailer. Their creature design continues to floor me. Ok, proceed with your weekend. Hope it's a good one.


Photo taken moments before disaster. A fun disaster that is!


For my 10ish? Playthrough of Dark Souls, I've decided to try a magic build for the first time. I've not so much as put 1 point into INT in the past. Current status:


Going for my second MRI in an hour. Future status:


I adored Claymates. Never thought I'd play it again in an official capacity. I'm pleasantly surprised!


I played on my Switch for a good 30 minutes with no disconnects last night. Enough to go from Pinwheel of Gravelord Nito. Shut it off and gave it a full charge. With any luck, it'll stay fixed! Pic unrelated.


My switch controllers keep disconnecting despite being attached to the console. This has resulted in a few very frustrating deaths and lots of lost progress. Anyone suffer this issue?


You know, I hype From Software games alot and sometimes I worry that it's misguided or maybe bias. But then I start a fresh replay and am completely absorbed. Anticipation, trepidation, fruatration, until, finally exalation. Who's your do-no-wrong dev?


Reserved my Elden Ring machine.


All right, I get it. You like steam duck, enough already.


Dark Soul and R&B


I'm really liking Monster Hunter Stories 2. Some genuine chuckles. Lots of simple mechanics involved in each turn. Cel-shaded look is clean. Character creator offers alot of options. I think I'll actually stick this one out!


Monster Hunter Stories 2 arrives today. It was $10 off on Amazon. I don't know why I bought it, considering my limited game time, but I'm hoping it hooks me. I adore the franchise enough to get me hooked.


Current Status: post-coffee.


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