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Please don't sleep on this.


Current status:


Hope everyone had a money day.


Told my wife the Brave Little Toaster is totally a fine and happy kids movie. Told her I'd prove it. I did not prove it, fam.


Tonight's board game: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King? Co-operative, race-the-clock game based off Pandemic's system. Clear ech zone, open the Citadel and confront the Lich King through action economy, hand management and character abilities


Have a great day.


Halo released an update to the messy battle pass progression that, while not perfect, great increases the amount of daily XP you have access to while also eliminating or nerfing the overly difficult and obscure challenges. Quick response! Pic unrelated.


Apologies to Occams and Adzuken. And to myself. And to all of you. I should have scrolled before I submitted. I will now resign ny gamer card. Have a consolation thing.


Adzuken, you awesome purveyor of the weird and the forgotten, I hope your day is amazing. Spoil yourself, congratulate yourself on all you've done and overcome. Pat your own back. You are a great presence in our little internet grotto.


Where my new Helldivers at?


Current status:


Friendly reminder that Monster Hunter Rise still slaps.


My kids have been jabbed!


What a weird timeline.


Live action Demon Slayer looking mint.


Played a good 2 hours of Halo last night. Alot of fun. Capture the Flag and whatever that ball keep away game was are my favorites. The progression rate is inexcusable. Tying xp to objectives instead of just playing the dang game is frustrating.


Its Monday. Good luck out there.


Happy missed birthday to Neoturbo! You are genuinely wonderful to interact with. No matter the disagreement, I know I'll walk away feeling good about a chat with you.


Tonight's board game: Nemesis! Again! It's quickly becoming my favorite. Managed to get 4 at the table. But the Alien Queen came out of her nest on the very first round! Made for a scrappy game that we ultimately lost, but still full of little victories.


Tonight's Board Game: Everdell. Great worker placement game with stunning art and lots of interesting choices. Quickly becoming a favorite.


If I didn't care for Persona, is there a chance I would like SMT V?


Tonight's Board Game: Voltage. A light weight game that my daughter loves. It's quick, with lots of luck but enough strategy to keep you engaged.


Well the Steam decks date was docked due to distribution delays for dos months dudes.


I'm glad we are finally having this talk. Too long have we allowed ourselves to be beguiled. #CancelSwine


Tonight's board game: Splendor! A classic thats held up incredibly well. Gems are satisfying to pick up and put down, and your Tableau feels unstoppable by the end. Great gateway game. I need to check out the Thanos version.


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