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Wallpaper. I keep a blank tab page open so I can see her all the time.


I see a trend starting, what am I supposed to do? Not follow it? Alright, AMA. I havent done one in over 4 years, it's time to bare it all, baby!


One of the great changes in Monster Hunter World is how stunning each armor set looks. One of the worst changes is how stunning every armor set looks. Currently wearing an American football-ish outfit made from giant hermit crab. It's so dumb, I love it.


It would seem I'm hooked on Monster hunter again. Really wish that cross-save/play was a thing.


Game Informer is posting some really great Monster Hunter: Icebourne content including video of veteran developers on a hunt. Hype level is rising. Gotta dust off my Kinsect and Glaive.


With Timespinners done its on to Gato Roboto. Seems like itll be a short game. Y'all know my feelings on cats. I'm just going to squint and pretend it's a squirrel.


I need a Warframe DeMake single player sidescroller. Like Stryder. Thatd be lovely.


That's Timespinners all but 100%'d. Really good SotN clone. Had more systems than it needed to get the job done. The story was pretty good, love me some time travel. Creator took effort to include as many a/sexual identities as possible in a small cast.


Today I celebrate my freedom by buying Bloodstained I think. Talk me out of it (but use reverse psychology so I give in.)


On the wife's repeated insistence I took my crazy, hyperactive 3 year old to fireworks (and the hour wait on a crowded field waiting for them). She had a moment of awe like watching a universe be born. Then squirmed and tried to run away for 25 minutes.


Like Fuzunga, I cant do watches even though they are gorgeous. Not a bad post yet! Y'all got fashion sense coming out of every which way!


In honor of my recent Castlevania binge, I've gone from Healing Gourd avatar to healing Wall Meat.


Call to action! Master of #comictoid, bane of canines, the most modest of mods, and generally rad human being, Mike Martin AKA PhilKenSebben is in need of some serious community support. We know him, we love him and we need more of him. See comments*bump*


Super Castlevania 4 is complete. It reminds me alot of the changes Mega Man had moving to "X". Alot more options, but some of the purity to the gameplay gets lost along the way. Great game, wild boss rush mode at the end. Now onto Bloodlines!


Game Boy Color classic?


Bless this world.


My kickstarter reward is in! It's amazing. Breakdowns for building and up keeping castles, keeps, towers, chapels, pirate ships and the people who could work them. Also rules for large scale warfare and a variety of specialized folks you can hire.


Got a D&D one shot to run Saturday. It's been a loooooooong time since I played. Halfling town's luck seems to be being siphoned away. To the point one cant step outside without a fluke lightning strike. Frog people, lizard people, shady priests. Hyped!


Just went to pop on Destiny 2 for 10 minutes and the log in que was 3502 people? Does that happen often.


The best salads have lots of protein and baby spinach.


I miss DanteKinkade and his furry shenanigans. Hope he is well.


Castlevania 3 was significantly more difficult than the previous 2. That is, until you get to Dracula, he's a breeze. Also, best recycled assets ever for this familiar approach to Vlad Tepes.


Where is my Bloodstai Switch reports. Finger's on the trigger.


I dont think I've heard this mentioned in xbox v. ps4 comparisons, but the start up sound of the xbox is so satisfying compared to the ear splitting beeps of the ps4. It's a small thing but I love hearing it.


#QueryToid: Have you improved or regressed in your gaming skills from when you were younger?


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