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Absolutfreak, you are such a great part of this community and I've never had an interaction with you that hasn't made my day better. You also share a birthday with my oldest who just turned 10! My youngest's bday tommorow. Glad you had a great day.


Streets of Rage 4 is as good as you all said. Playing it on XBox with GamePass. Cherry is a great new character. But Blaze is life.


I got this through a "pay-what-you-want" promotion. $5 shipping and I threw in another $5. It's a great, quick casual game with just enough strategy and variety that each playthrough can be different. 2-4 players. Cool art on the cards.


Blasphemous is hood.


PSA: Frosthaven is in its last 24 hours on kickstarter. The have a bundle that includes Gloomhaven and its expansion under one of the pledge tiers. Link in comments.


It's late and I cant sleep. Why did I make this?


Hey Gus! I've been scooping coins out of a fountain all day because I wanted to send you some well wishes. Happy Birthday!


So Gears Tactics is excellent. Highly recommended. It's both deeper and more accessible than X-Com (hot take). Visuals and sound have that Gears chonk. I'm quite pleased.


I need Matt Damon's first QPost. Do it you coward!


It's not #MyFirstQPost but it's as far as it will let me load? Real first qpost asked "What mode of travel from gaming would you like to have in real life? I love the "blink", short distance teleporting. In honor of my WoW mage."


Happy birthday, Occams! Hope you get some more nightmare fuel for your kick ass shelf.


This popped up in my news feed. Tough to know what to believe. Link in comments.


Harry Potter and the Dementors of Midgar. Cant wait to see Cloud's Patronus.


This is our new reality.


Well, a co-worker of mine I interact with for 6 hours a shift is now out as a suspected positive. Due to the nature of our work, we are rarely 6 feet apart. I'm feeling perfectly fine, thankfully. But not I get to worry and also mandate into working more.


I love my wife very much, but if she had one flaw I cant see past it's that she is not the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This has only been a minor problem thus far. The scope of that "no-fault-of-her-own-shortcoming" is about 80 min from being fully realized


"Arent you a little white for a playstation launch controller."


Giving my 3 year old and excessively over the top bubble bath. She put the bubbles over her mouth and said, "look, Dad! I'm wearing a mask just like you!" Shes seen my respirator mask on video chats while I was working the hospital. Made my damn night.


On my never ending quest to find music I enjoy I unearth some wonderfully weird stuff. The latest and greatest. Heading to the top of a very short playlist.


Happy birthday, Ackbong! Hope you are having an awesome day, buddy. Thanks for always being a great friend.


So, what are we all playing or planning to play over the weekend. I'll be chipping away a few more encounters in Doom Eternal and may start up Control. Also bought a ton of eShop games, each under $5.


My PS4 Pro's disc drive kicked the bucket. Cancelled my collectors edition FF7R because I have no idea what the timeline for fixing it would look like. Alot of my library is now moot. Anyone go through this? Current status:


What's the single greatest action you can perform in a video game and why is it the double jump. Bought Dogurai after Snaileb's qpost. It's great and has a double jump. You, too, can realize this dream.


He may be a year old, but this isnt even his final form. Happy birthday buddy.


Talking dogs are funny.


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