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A god damn travesty. Too real. Gutted.


So... these are just the books.


Cheers to everyone's favorite mouth-flapping, wakka-wakka spouting icon!


Manga update. Read through all 288 existing chapters of Black Clover these last 2 weeks. Its a power climb Shonen where someone powers up every issue, but its dumb fun. Great underdog protagonist. Good humor. Some really incredible artwork.


Look what came in the mail! This was a favorite of mine back when it first launched in Jump. So excited to see it getting re-released!


What's the most recent piece of media you've experienced (not necessarily new) that hit you in your core. Its been 2 months, but I still dream about and spend hours day dreaming over Chainsaw Man. Previous to that would be Midnight Gospel.


Following Voex, I submit another game documentary. Incredibly interesting and really gets the cackles raised over EA's bullshit.


Furthest I got into the council was applying for an internship. I was declined.


The true April Fool's starts here.


Eyeballs are still balls, right? Happy birthday GoofierBrute. Every post you make brightens my day. Thanks for being such a fun dude!


Arg! What be in da box?


Catching up on my Healthcare compliance tests from the last three months. Current status:




Another Manga finished. This one took awhile. 176 chapters, about 22 pages each, walls of text. But it was really informative. A deep breakdown of how the Manga industry works with great characters moving it along. A high recommendation for any Manga fan.


No doubt sold by a well seasoned marksman.


So I've been on a diet. Doing really well, down 10 pounds. Today is a cravings day. Pic related.


Close to tears having my Palamute in my party. I don't care for cats. Nothing against anyone who enjoys them, just my opinion. They have been all over MH franchise. To see such wonderful good bois given some spotlight made my day. I love these guys.


Let's gooooo. Friend code in comments.


Pitch Fallout: New Vegas to me. The challenge, I'm only in it for the gameplay. Is it worth playing if I just spam enter through dialogue? Does it hold up purely on its game mechanics?


What a great D&D night. The session ended with more energy than it started. If you've ever DM'd, you know what that means. Feeling real good.


D&D tonight. The party is poised to strike back. The Crack in their betrayer's flawless plan have been found. Now to see how they choose to tear it open.


The reboot we deserve.


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