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I hope Bluepoint Game's next remake is Picross3D.


Going to need to start selling some stuff. A bunch of boardgames, most only played once or not at all. Some games. Anyone interested. I'll put an abbreviated list in comments.


Finished Tacoma. That's the whole post.


I'm alive. Still trying to sort things out. Hades is best game. That is all.


Going dark. Love y'all.


Nothing like changing insurance plans and your life-dependent insulin goes from $25 a month to $876 a month. Spending the day off trying to figure this mess out. Wish me luck, I'm pretty shook today.


Hades down. My 28th run. I don't have a way to get screenahots off my system, so here is the weapon I used. Time to turn up the Heat.


Halloween avatar. Scary stuff.


Happy birthday to the realist mf'er on dtoid or just about anywhere. The walking embodiment of humility and fortitude. I hope you find peace today Mike, and comfort in the community you helped encourage here. And if you stumble across a nubile dog, bonus!


Hot take alert. As many of you know, I worked in elementary schools. This announcement has me so happy for those kids. Honestly, they are inheriting a shit world and deserve to have one of their favorite franchises represented more than ours.


Big milestone in Among Us. Got my first near flawless Impostor run spoiled by a dude texting his friend. He even admitted after. Fantastic.


Low effort Among Us meme i made that sums up my feelings on the game. I Discussion is modern theater. You don't leave till the curtain falls.


I have a college composition paper due tonight. Comparing and contrasting. Decided this was my opportunity to talk about what really matters. Thats right. Its New York vs. Chicago style pizza. Let's go.


Well I'm playing Among Us from my phone at work. Don't know how to set up a group game. I got discord but I don't know if I can run both at once? Feel free to enlighten me!


I'm ready for some dtoid shenanigans tomorrow.


My wife and mother to my children looks like a stereotypical Shonen protagonist mom. Checks out.


Among Us is as good as you've heard and we should do a Friday Night Fights. Its free on mobile with only a brief ad at the end of a round.


I hope I can bang a flumph


Rumor spreading that Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be on GamePass on release day. Thats the only title I wanted/needed for next-gen this year. I will be a very happy H if that's the case.


Thats not a no.


I know we have alot of Devil May Cry V fans on here. How do you feel about having to buy the upgraded version for next-gen? Does the new character justify purchasing the game over again? I feel pretty good about waiting to buy it.


Pre-ordered a Series X. May cancel it. May not. Who can can say where the road goes, where the day glows. Only time.


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