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Fun fact: Hocus Pocus 2 is being filmed about 5 minutes from my house. Its been fun watching the sets get built everyday when I drive to and from work. I'll try and grab some pictures.


I'll be upgrading my family plan wuth the expansion pack once the option is available. Don't @ me.


Metroid Dredd


I know the Dread hype is probably getting a bit much for some folks, but I need to shout out the design choice for the EMMI doors. I get serious OG Resident Evil vibes every time I approach a new door. It's genuinely nerve wracking!


Nintendo just released an Accolades trailer for Dread and our boys are featured. I wonder if that would change once we get done doing our dillingence with the EMMI ammibo.


Hello, old friend.


Happy Birthday to a great friend. An inspiration for treading shit and coming out clean. Take care of yourself, my brother. Thank you for all your encouragement and support over the years. Hope you find time for a good book.


Damn, Nickelodeon All-Stars developer really did call out Nintendo like that. Link in comments.


Played Nemesis. The totally no Aliens The Board Game game. It was a blast. Incredibly suspenseful. Surprisingly we all survived AND completed outer objectives. A rare feat. Perfect Spooctober game.


Critical Role Campaign 3 starts October 21st 7PM PST. I am very hyped for this. Although somewhat leary. Either way, I miss it dearly and I'll be there from minute 1.


Is anyone else getting a Switch OLED? My switch is officially unplayable in portable mode. Seeing as that's the only way I play its basically bricked. Timing works out, anyways. I'm excited to play Dread on the bigger, clearer screen.


GameManiac? More like GameBrainiac because he's so smart, amirite! Happy birthday!! Hope you get to share gametes with a pretty person of your choice.


Squid Game is a good anime.


Bros. Saw a smash final character leak on the main Google page. Completely unavoidable. Tread carefully.


Eastern ads are best ads. Link in comments.


Happy Monday fellow cave prisoners.


I'm so glad I can finally bury my Overwatch 2 excitement.


Its not too late for Nintendo to pull all bodice actors and just have Paper Mario-esque speech bubbles.


Played a cool board game yesterday. Realms of Sand. Nothing ground breaking, but it was a fun 45 minutes.


Current Status:


Final Smash character will be Echo Fighter Chris Pratt Mario


I feel like I keep forgetting about this one.


Start of fall! It's officially spoopy time! And a happy birthday to Racenclaw! Hope you get break from the aches, my man. Enjoy the direct. Love having you here, buddy.


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