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The 3D on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS is amazing and worth the purchase alone. *This opinion is entirely subjective. Your own or others opinion may vary.


Good God do I hate wrapping presents. Nevermind 50 of them.


Might grab Monster Hunter Generations while waiting for World. Anybody know how it plays on the original 3DS XL?


Talking fight sticks? Who uses one. I have a HORI RAP4 kai


Wow, this is bold AF 3d pen folk! Not related to Nintendo or GameFreak as far as I can tell. But these are the Amazon pics. One more in comments


In a lot of ways, Monster Hunter is reminding me of Souls games. Encountering something new is almost always exciting and dangerous. But with time and patience, you gain an almost intimate familiarity. Very satisfying.


Just think, the FCC is going to make it way harder to get spoiled from a movie or anything!


I can't be the only one who saw this meme like this every time.


It just occurred to me that pillars of eternity could come to switch, and subsequently solve all my life problems.


I decided to pass on the financially viable job and return to what i love. It was all worth it when we took our kids to a field trip and fangled their wheelchairs onto a carousel. A bit of total chaos Target shopping tossed in for good measure.


That's all 3 3 quests done. One thing the trailers didn't make clear was how good the game looked. Maybe it's just the ps4 pro, but the vibrant colors, dense foliage, and amount of life in any given scene was remarkable.


Ok, it's finally time to dive into MH:W before it's too late. Just gotta switch over some laundry and I'm ready to rock!


Never got to play Monster Hunter last night because, you guessed it, fell asleep. Managed to fight the Jargas, though. Very easy, felt like I ignored most of the mechanics and strolled through the fight. Looking forward to a more demanding battle next!


Agent9, I hope your birth day is as beautiful as natural birth.


I know the actual awards took a back seat, but was The Game Awards the best game "conference" this year? I really think it was. Nintendo E3 in second place?


Snow has forced a cancellation of D&D tonight. I'm bummed, but excited to put some time into the MHW Beta. The reaction from long time fans is convincing me it'll be my favorite entry yet!


Wife got me some D&D miniatures today. Good haul!


Can't express enough my fascination with Death Stranding. I don't ever need to play it. If once a year I get more fucked up nonsense, I'll be happy.


Wow, are the game awards actually killing it tonight? I can't listen but it really seems like they are


Happy day you (dwaven)hobbled out of your mama, Dwavenhobble!


Mario Odyssey completed with 314 moons. Not sure what ending people are up i n arms about. Is there a second one?


You got: Xmas Buster In reference to man avatar


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