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Finally finished all 115 episodes of Critical Role! What a journey! Almost 500 hours of content and it was exciting and memorable from beginning to end. Now on to the second season!


Stephen Hawking has passed at 76. I'm totally speechless. I've read all his works. And now I know I've read his last. A poet, visionary, thinker and dreamer. And whatever this hurricane called humanity is, it is better for his being part.


Admittedly not a music guy. In total,probably listened to 3 songs this year,so I can't say much for your tunes, AlphaDeus. What I can vouch for is caliber of your character. Love your qposts because you're such a genuine and giving guy. HAPPY birthday!


I've got about 5 sessions left of my year long goblin campaign. It has been epic as he'll and I've doubled th3 amount of people from when we started. Feeling equal parts gleeful and guilty as I plan the last brutal, betraying segments of their journey.


Ya boi, pushing the mods to the limit.


If beauty is subjective, and beholders can turn thought into reality, then does that beauty become objective?


Things are better. Miss you all. Still rolling bones. Ya boi DMing, dressed as Gandalf but the beard got itchy. Another pic inside.


Does For Honor have an active community on ps4 or pc?


Thanks for the laptop advice. I've decided to pass on it. Looking for one that can readily handle VR, that's my main interest in buying one.


God damn do I love Dungeons and Dragons


I don't know what any of this means. Is this really really good? Like top dollar good? It's a laptop.


#selfietoid part deux. Ya seen the fro, now get to know those silky lips ladies.


Mike's romantic side reminded me of this unrelated poster I found all around his neighborhood.


2 truths, 1 lie? 1) I've discovered a dead body. 2) A small group of people I was with jumped and killed someone. 3) I have personally died and was resuscitated. Assume the bodies would be different. It's not supposed to be sneaky. Answer within.


I don't think I'll beat 4 games this year, let alone 4 in February...


Highlight if my night, beating a Rathalos and a Rathian with 30 seconds of each other with less than 3 minutes remaining on my dual monster hunt. Low light? Spending 32 minutes looking for 14 Vespoid bugs to kill. Either way, amazing night.


Anyone ever get told they look like a celebrity. I get told at least 3 times a week I look like Ed Sheeran.


Fact 1: I'm exhausted. Fact 2: Drinking alcohol gives me mild insomnia. Fact 3: I want to stay awake and play Monster Hunter. Inevitable conclusion: Gettind dranked up and hunting mons, bois. Sorry for spamming qposts. Waiting to put bae in crib.


If I could live forever, but I'd have to drink Nyquil everyday...


Who else was an OG pimp rocking one of these bad boys?


Since I last played a video game


My glucose was over 500 this morning and I feel like death. I can not figure out how this was possible, I'm pretty tightly controlled. Then remembered I ordered a large diet soda through a drive through. And that it tasted a bit different...


Finally joined High Rank. Aside from Diablos I haven't died against a monster yet. I'm hoping to get my ass kicked in HR. Insect Glaive feels OP but it's so fun I can't stop


Back to Diablos. Gonna git'er dun


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