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Witcher 3 writer debacle is so obvious. It's not that more people are discovering the series through games first. It's that us gamers know Merrigold is best girl and want to bone her over Yennefer all day long.


Wife got a tattoo for her birthday from my brother. It was free, which is nice, because he charges 175 an hour and it took 10 hours. Then again, hes amazing.


My little baby boy got bigger today. Hashtag blessed. Enjoy your day, Mike. Grab a bag of Beggin Strips and hit up the local kennel. You deserve it.


I spent my entire 30 minute lunch break taking a Dere. The whole thing. It was a triple flusher. Oh well, back to the grind.


Ya boi is busy this week. Lots of training and overtime on top of my normal 50 hours. So happy to have the chance to work and provide for a change. I'm lurking though!


Dragalia might be the fastest I've check out of any game before. Its tropey, generic, controls like a hot mess and doesnt value my time. Voice acting is pretty phone in as well. On a positive note, played more spiderman last night. It's still great fun.


In our final session last night, the players found a former ally who had been turned into a blanket of living skin. They also had an eye that could do 100 random things, some good some bad. They threw all three charges into the ally. This is the result


First episode of the new season of South Park tackles some heavy issues. You wont believe they went there. That's right, the overhype of Black Panther. Some other subplot, too, I guess.


Lay out those sick Faps for the number 1 of them boys be girls in the mushroom sovereign nations.


I won The Inner Friend on steam! Yay! My inner friends now outnumber my outer friends. 1-0. Your move world!


Deprived of my ability to wish Ravenclaw and Nathan D happy birthday due to site outage, I've discovered a form of hell previously beyond my imaginings. I've returned, hollowed and broken, to complete my purpose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL WEEBS!


I was determined to finish a side quest in spiderman despite being sick and full of nyquil. I kep falling asleep mid swing or combat. Anyone here ever fall asleep while playing a game, despite doing your best to stay awake?


#ScreenshotSaturday This one is from the most dangerous game of all. A cut throat social communication game that forces you to confront your inner bowser fetish.


Kids are asleep. Wife is out with friends. Time for beer, ice cream sandwiches, dark souls on switch and some spiderman!


Velocity 2X is available on switch and is discounted at the moment. Studio has said they are in a bit of financial trouble. If you are looking for something fast with super tight control I highly recommend it.


DARK SOULS NETWORK TEST LIVE ON SWITCH. Excuse me while I change pants.


Just ordered my next hot sauce. 856,000 scoville. Excited to try it.


Pumpkin beer has restored my vitality. And hightened my virility.


My 8 year old daughter has become infatuated with Spiderman PS4. Shes waking up early to play before school, and is trying to sneak game time in while we sleep. I'm so proud.


Beat the messenger! Great game. Ended kind of abruptly, but it was fun. Now to finish up Hollow Knight at last.


You know who got robbed? Blur. That game was amazing.


What difficulty did you all play Spiderman on?


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