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Dancing is all fun and games till someone gets hurt


#Viziertoid just doing my sexy, totally not awkward white boy dance over here.


Everyone rolled fire last night.


Update. We lost Vue! Its over!


Playstation Network is down and out, friends. Going on 3 hours now. Yikes.


No Pink Floyd tonight. Instead I've got an amazing, short instrumental piece from a movie I'll die on any hill defending, even though it gets criticized. It's one of my favorite mood setters when doing Dungeon Master prep and I hope you give it a listen.


Alright, folks. I need to do my DM prep work. Have a huge game tomorrow. Been leading to this since October, and I need to deliver. If you see me procrastinating on here give me a slap. Game face, time.


Anyone on here playing Mega Man X collection? What platform? If Switch, how does it handle?


For a Thursday that feels like Friday I have one of my top 5 Floyd songs. Lyrics are in the video and need little precursor. Fun fact: the song changes chords dozens of times throughout, but all transition are gradual. Side note, ahhh it's so good!!


I dont know if anyone plays Magic on here, but I have gone through several undergarments getting ready for this. A new, official D&D setting set in the world of Magic: The Gathering. Seriously. Holy shit.


I've said before I like spicy, but I've never eaten a whole pepper before. Just had a whole habanero and it was wonderful. Such a fierce but smooth heat, and a crisp, clean pepper taste. Would do again.


Missed my Pink Floyd post yesterday on account of a sick 2 year old. So today I've got The Gunner's Dream for you. Great music video accompanying that would satisfy our friend JC Dent. Dieing thoughts of an airmen falling to his demise.


May your birthday be filled with all your fondest and lewd memories.


Drug test, physical and PPD plant form my new second job done and done! Follow up on Wednesday and fitting for my precaution mask. I'll be at orientation in 2 weeks!


So, I had a nice deep cut from Pink Floyd tonight. Going back to 1966. But I'm passing because its Sunday and the week starts anew tomorrow and we all deserve to have our brains fizzle a bit while there is still time. 2 songs that need no introduction.


Lots of posts tonight, but I want to get in my daily Floyd. This is "One of the Few" from The Final Cut. At 1:14 it's short, and just an introduction to "The Hero's Return" which revisits the main "theme". It also reappears in "Not Now John" heavily.


While we are all posting irl stuff, here is my main dice set. 100% pewter. These seven polyhedrals have changed so many thing in so many small ways. There are few "things" that hold so much sentimental value to me. And now you've seen them.


Bonus picture. DMing a few weeks ago. I was sick as hell but the show must go on.


Ladies (or guys or all that's in between because its 2018)... roll a charisma saving throw. Cause y'all about to be charmed by my #selfietoid


A Floyd track before bed, but well suited to soothing you into the wildlands of dream. A Pillow of Winds is a love song overloaded with arpeggios that mostly drift through the higher octaves. Partly inspired by eiderdown sheets and mahjong. Listen listful


Current status as the full weight of this community, whom I've been with for a decade plus, steps in to help keep my family afloat for just one more month till a dawn can break through this long night. Never meant to find myself here, but I'm so thankful.


Sorry to double post. They opened that Black Sarcophagus and I'll put the contents in comments for the squeamish.


This Floyd track is the classically inspired Atom Heart Mother Suite. Melodic organ provides rhythm. Longest uncut track for any PF record. Bass and Drums were recorded in one 23 minute straight session. Gilmore's guitar was inspired by spaghetti westerns


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