DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC
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I'm on a music kick. Which means I'm on a Pink Floyd kick. It's just so hard for me to get past how good they are to really enjoy other music beyond just casual listening. Enjoy some crazy instrumental madness.


Rally cry for any Dragon's Crown fans and owners out there. I was generously gifted Dragon's Crown Pro for PS4 by someone who ended up with an extra copy. It's one of my favorite Vita games, and its cross play between ps3, vita and ps4. Anyone wanna play?


I know it comes from IGN, but hot damn does this look like a fantastic time.


I'm seeing alot of beautiful Octopath boxes. Anyone a few hours in yet. What are the early impressions.


Should we let Soulbow know the risk of having three QPosts in a row with Angie22 in them? Hes a good egg, I think we should tell him. THIS IS NOT A DRILL SOULBOW. Quick, post a catgirl or something before it's too late.


Day 2 of antibiotics! Hooray! Need an xray for possible walking pneumonia, though. Itll have to wait till next pay day. These dang co-pays, I tell ya what. But, hey. Its Friday, I played D&D this week, and family is healthy (sans me), so I feel lucky.


I played D&D as a player for the first time. I've been DMing for 3 years now. I had a blast. Magden Ragnar, an Oath of Redemption Paladin Dwarf who takes damage so others dont have to, as well as penance for past mistakes.


Happy Birthday. I hope your husband fulfills your namesake with great gusto on this birthday evening!


Interview for a second job tomorrow. I know I'll get it, but its sure gonna be tough. 60 hour work weeks 7 days a week. Not alot of time for the family. But gotta do what I gotta do.


Ok, back to my 8-bit Estus Flask made by the talented Dangus!


Happy birthday JC Dent. I searched missiles and this seemed to do the job. Image in comments I guess


Y'all remember the article that brought you to this site? For me it was Jim Sterling's early impressions of the Wii Remote.


Someone is talking shit about the Dark Souls 3 Collectors Edition Estus Flask. Y'all know my feelings on Dark Souls. So in solidarity I have changed my avatar.


Tried to wake my 2 year old up. She wasn't having it.


Overwatch on switch? Would be awesome, KnickKnack! But will Sony hold my blizzard account hostage as they did my epic account?


Another fun D&D night!


Follow. Amazon already charged even though it didnt ship yet and I'm overdrafted. That is really not good...


At work sick. Blarg. Thankfully my usual 1:1 student is also taking it easy today by playing hookie. Means I'll go from 12,000 steps to a manageable 6,000. Also, just caught a package before it shipped from Amazon and made me overdraft, feeling lucky!


Mother fucker, I'm getting sick again. God damnit... I am not pleased. Supposed to DM a game tomorrow night for 9 people and my throat is tore up.


For my dearly beloved Mike Martin


Well. The next humble bundle features chuck tingle. It's all chuck tingle. I don't have anything to add to this statement.


I cant afford Hollow Knight, but there are bugs outside. Maybe I'll capture them and enact a live action interpretation.


My clean up in Dark Souls 3 goes well. Think I've got one stretch to run before the big final boss fight. Creature design continues to leave me speechless. I suspect next session I'll have beaten it. Unless I didnt git gud.


Playing Black Ops. 3 while it's free. Man. That campaign is just not great. After the amazing Infinite Warfare it's a massive slog.


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