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I was determined to finish a side quest in spiderman despite being sick and full of nyquil. I kep falling asleep mid swing or combat. Anyone here ever fall asleep while playing a game, despite doing your best to stay awake?


#ScreenshotSaturday This one is from the most dangerous game of all. A cut throat social communication game that forces you to confront your inner bowser fetish.


Kids are asleep. Wife is out with friends. Time for beer, ice cream sandwiches, dark souls on switch and some spiderman!


Velocity 2X is available on switch and is discounted at the moment. Studio has said they are in a bit of financial trouble. If you are looking for something fast with super tight control I highly recommend it.


DARK SOULS NETWORK TEST LIVE ON SWITCH. Excuse me while I change pants.


Just ordered my next hot sauce. 856,000 scoville. Excited to try it.


Pumpkin beer has restored my vitality. And hightened my virility.


My 8 year old daughter has become infatuated with Spiderman PS4. Shes waking up early to play before school, and is trying to sneak game time in while we sleep. I'm so proud.


Beat the messenger! Great game. Ended kind of abruptly, but it was fun. Now to finish up Hollow Knight at last.


You know who got robbed? Blur. That game was amazing.


What difficulty did you all play Spiderman on?


Playtime, 1 hour. Status,so hawt.


My total faps went down by 1. I hope everyone is safe. I cant imagine what horrible circumstance one must have suffered for this to have transpired. Thoughts and prayers to the lost soul adrift out there.


Let's all take a moment out of our busy lives to gush over that Mega Man 11 demo. Hes back, baby! So good. Though a few weird hitbox things.


Oh crap! I missed Dere's birthday! Happy belated, buddy. May your stools never need be softened.


I'm glad everyone is having so much fun with Spiderman. I, however, am geeking out over this bad boy that released at FNCS early. Amazing guideline for running an urban adventure! It's basically ocean's eleven with magic.


The true skill of a writer isnt how much they say, but how much they say with as few words as possible. In particular, the famous 6 word memoir from Hemmingway. What would your 6 word memoir be.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMANA! I didnt take the day off, though. I'm sorry! Its double pay on holidays and I want that chedda


Question: What game have you beaten the most. Not just replayed. And ignoring our early years where we had like 6 games and that's all we played. For me it's probably Mega Man 4 or Warcraft 3.


Happy birthday Retrofraction! Hope you get some classic game time in.


Release the birthday kraken!


It's my Birthday! I am feeling so good about this year. Both my new jobs are wonderful. I am so excited to be stress free and happy. Thanks again to everyone here for getting me through to the last leg of this journey. Do the noble birthday dance with me.


This seems like it belongs here.


Happy Birthday HotBs! We are birthday neighbors! How did I not know that! Hope you are having an awesome night, man!


It's been awhile since my last D&D session. Supposed to play Friday (my bday!) to finally FINALLY finish our year long campaign. Then someone forgot and we had to push back a week. I'm bummed but I understand. I have about 40 pages of notes for campaign 2


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