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Peak erection reached


Hit my first major World of Light roadblock with Geno. Crickey that's a hard fight. Bump: beat it! High defense spirit rather than offense gave me the extra 20 seconds I needed to pull off the win.


Phew! Just played some Thumper in VR and that is a wild ride, my friends. Played some of it when it first came out, but it's like a whole different game with the headset. Highly reccomend!


I just had the absolute worst Chinese food from my favorite Chinese place. I've been going for 15 years, it's pretty upscale and they know be my name. But some of the food was sour and the chicken was elasticy. Should I say something? It was kind of pricy


Are we done with dream smash posts? Because I want to highlight Amaterasu. MvC3 already proves she works as a fighter. Anyway, that's my post.


I used to think the extended editions of LotR were long. Now that I play d&d regularly I'm like, "That's some bullshit, no one can fit that much content into just 4 hours."


Nothing like your car breaking before the holiday. Nope. Nothing like it. One more dang week and I'd have been on school break. On a more positive note I have new socks. That may seem a bit unbalanced, but you gotta understand, I love me some new socks.


Almost checked to death, friends. Apparently I was purple. My body was on fire but I felt super calm. Just put my training to use and used a table edge to self inflict heimlich. Odd how serene I felt. Anyone experience this?


I think World of Light will be my most played game this year. That or Dark Souls on Switch, followed by Monster Hunter World and Spiderman. I havent done anything else in Smash yet and it's already in my top 3. Absolutely love all these fights


Current status:


This big $10 bowl of New England Chowder must be filled to the brim! Oh... [edit: it has been brought to my attention that this qualifies as #cursedmas]


Well due to a last minute cancellation I am now going to see Ghost in concert. I'm not a happy camper, but I couldn't let my wife go alone. Its gonna be a long night, folks.


Playing World of Light on hard at disadvantage might be my favorite gaming moment this year. It's so intense and the deck is stacked so heavy against you. Such a thrill to learn the fights. Great Fairy Zelda is a huge highlight for me.


With Xbox owning Obsidian and Obsidian making The Outer Worlds and The Outer Worlds launching on Playstation, will I be buy my my first Xbox game this generation when I purchase The Outer Worlds on PS4?


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 on switch. Does that mean we could see a Marvel character in smash?


Smash came in and... I'm saving it for Christmas for my daughter. I dont know that I'm going to make it though


If I had to pick a favorite reveal from last night, itd be the Psychonauts 2 trailer. That world looks so whimsical and I adore those characters. Cant wait.


God damnit that show was amazing.


Happy Birthday Vesalius! Its national dice day, apparently. So here is some dice.


My daughter had her Irish Dance performance today. It was awesome, she looked beautiful and made me so stupid proud. What a great thing being a dad is.


My top 5 characters going back to 1999.


Moss is so charming. While not a system seller, it's just one more reason the PSVR is worth owning.


My bluray copy of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation has arrived. The holiday season can officially commence. Time to get my Griswald on.


Who here is old enough to remember when the first thing you did when walking into a restaurant was select "smoking" or "non-smoking"?


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