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With Xbox owning Obsidian and Obsidian making The Outer Worlds and The Outer Worlds launching on Playstation, will I be buy my my first Xbox game this generation when I purchase The Outer Worlds on PS4?


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 on switch. Does that mean we could see a Marvel character in smash?


Smash came in and... I'm saving it for Christmas for my daughter. I dont know that I'm going to make it though


If I had to pick a favorite reveal from last night, itd be the Psychonauts 2 trailer. That world looks so whimsical and I adore those characters. Cant wait.


Happy Birthday Vesalius! Its national dice day, apparently. So here is some dice.


My daughter had her Irish Dance performance today. It was awesome, she looked beautiful and made me so stupid proud. What a great thing being a dad is.


Moss is so charming. While not a system seller, it's just one more reason the PSVR is worth owning.


My bluray copy of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation has arrived. The holiday season can officially commence. Time to get my Griswald on.


Who here is old enough to remember when the first thing you did when walking into a restaurant was select "smoking" or "non-smoking"?


Egads! I have 30 minutes to play a game! I'm so happy. Now what to play...


Finally beat Spiderman. The ending was way better than I expected. The main villian has always been my favorite, I'd take Spiderman 2(toby movie) over any other Spiderman film. Left totally satisfied.


2/3 maps drawn for next one shot. The noble Liftwel family's twins are kept alive by a weekly blood transfusion at a nearby village famous for its medical expertise. The twins are 2 days late returning. They promis a hefty reward for their return.


Black friday haul is a new router I desperately needed and replaced my wife's broken phone with a Note9. Saved twice what we spent. Was hoping to do more for the kids, but happy took care of some necessities


PSVR, thus far, is completely blowing me away. I can't wait to get back in and play again! Havent even played a game with the Move controllers yet. Thumper was incredible. BeatSaber will likely be next. And Skyrim VR of course.


Happy Thanksgiving all! Sorry I didnt post earlier, work is crazy! Lots of critical patients in the ER means I gotta hustle. Hope today has been awesome, and for those outside the states I'm thankfully for the chance to interact with you!


Home with the PSVR! Man, I so want to play it, but I have to be up in 7 hours for a big Fall Festival Field Day with my school kiddos. It's going to be one wild day. Today we did a Thanksgiving lunch for them. Most of our kids dont get that at "home".


It's almost time to nab my vr and I'm getting cold feet. I already know I'll love it, I just have so little time. It seems like a great machine for short experiences, though. Plus, I've been waiting to play RE7 on it.


Despite rumors to the contrary, the perfect game to play with friends already exists. At least, for those with taste.


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