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Tomorrow I am skyping a d&d game with family in California. A fun oneshot inspired by the dance hall in The Shinning. Murder mystery, ghost patrons who think they are alive, stolen artifacts never meant to touch and even a Genie of sorts. Cant wait!


Played a few rounds of Heroes of the Storm last night. Was fathers day drunk and it's my go to drunk game. What do you all play when you know you're too in the basket to play something with progression.


Happy Fathers Day to all my fellow gaming dads out there. Hope you get a moments break from the noble art of parenting to play some games! I wrote a fathers day one-shot for D&D involving a minotaur, his hard to please father and a labyrinth of dad joke!


I really hope to see some ARMS love in Smash. Particularly a playable character. Big fan. More so for that IP than Splatoon.


Is bayo still in smash?


Now seems to be the time when I start looking forward more to what I haven't played yet than what I might play someday.


Contrary to houseoftheblues, banjo solo was the only high point for me


So Square Enix. What are we expecting.today? Anything new? Probably new Tomb Raider and hitman? More ff7 remake? I just want more Sleeping Dogs, as others have said


There is something very Dark Souls 2 about Shadows Die Twice. Have they confirmed it's the same team?


I'm anxious for Bloodborne 2 because, firstly, the original ursuped 30 years of gaming to become my favorite game of all time and second because I will finally know the fullest erection I can obtain.


It really seems like we've got new console announcements incoming. Not much left for releases from MS and Sony. I haven't been as current with the old vidja news. Are we expecting some news?


In a really sour mood. 3 of my D&D folks had to cancel. Because they had gotten too drunk, or were nursing a hangover. And forgot till 20 minutes before start time. My other players was about to order $50 worth of food, and had already bought $60 in beer.


I want a Telltale I Love Lucy like right the fuck now.


Ya boi still aching to put his hands on that Dark Souls Remastered. Thinking about it every day all day. But I found something to fill that hole.


Spiderman pics. Keep it noble, people.


Starting a new D&D campaign on Saturday. I've always run my own homebrew adventure, but looking forward to doing a published one. Pendalton Ward was story consultant. Tomb of Annihilation. The main city has dinosaur races players can bet on or join.


Omg omg yes yes yes! I know most won't care, but this is amazing! Worth the 1 minute!


It's time to play that age old favorite game... HOW MUCH COCAINE! Good golly was 60s and 70s rock the beginning and end of good music. Really, though. How much cocaine. Must have been buckets.


I got an opportunity to be a Dungeon Master for a brewery. Fairly well known, looking to expand into the emerging tabletop scene. Pretty hyped. Apparently I came on recommendation from several players of mine. Hope it works out!


Yesterday and today were the final two meet ups for the afterschool Lego and Board Game (respectively) programs I run at my school. It's been a pretty intense run with 20 kids 5-8 years old, but I loved getting to know them especially the "trouble" kids.


Though I own half these books, still bought the $15 bundle. Fantastic collection everyone should aspire to dip into.


Pokemon: Let's Go, Fuck You people who want to play a real game. At least the trailers music was as developed and thoughtful as the gameplay.


Not sure I mentioned it. I got to play field.medic this weekend at a friends bachelor party. The bachelor cut of 3/4 inch of his thumb and it was spraying like Nathan D on 2B Tuesday. Cleaned and cauterized the wound to.avoid the hospital.


I know we have a few Warhammer fans here. The game itself didnt hook me, but I'm just about finished the first book in the Horus Heresy, and my goodness, that is so incredible writing. Exciting, philosophical, gritty. Read alot, yet I'm awed and inspired.


Everyone who knows me knows what I'm going through not being able to afford Dark Souls Remastered. Not being able to play Dark Souls is the Dark Souls of not being able to Dark Souls.


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