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I keep jumping between Gungeon, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Mega Man Legacy Collection and Celeste. What a wonderful world.


It's hard to argue with a barista. They know how to hold their ground.


Saturday night I'll miss D&D for the first time in 3 years. I'll be on the summit of Mount Washington for my best friends wedding. A good trade off, but man will I miss DMing.


Expiration date for the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 download code included in the physical purchase.


Where the fuck is dark souls on switch?


I got the other job! I am freaking out a bit right now, folks.


I feel like I owe this community big time for helping me at my lowest low. I still have a few weeks left of struggling, but i can already feel the valve loosening. I want to do something as thanks. Maybe run a community D&D one shot? Thoughts?


Had my first day of orientation today. It was very validating. Even though the position is only 16 hours, my old boss was so happy to have me back he just said work as much as I want. And all the doctors I aided were equally excited. Left feeling good.


Sold some stuff. Pre-ordered Dead Cells. No regrets.


Birthday wishes to 2 of our alumni members. You guys are synonymous with destructoid to me, which means you are basically family. Weird, creepy, "kids dont go near that house" kinda family. but none the less, hope your days were wonderful!


What's the least favorite console you've ever owned. For me it was the Nintendo 64. It game me Zelda and Smash Bros., which were amazing, of course. But most else I play on there was a miss.


I've been checking since release and I haven't found a day since NEXT dropped that No Man's Sky hasn't been the Top Seller on Steam. I dont think it's quite the redemption story of Final Fantasy XIV, but it makes me so happy to see something succeed.


Playing Megaman X again on SNES. Man, it is just so good. But easier than I remember. Anyway, having a blast. I'm really crossing my everything that Mega Man 11 will wow me in the way 9 and 10 did. Who can see this and not be excited!


Great news! The job I am quitting to work my second job may be replaced by another, similar job! That pays more! I'll find out next week. That's only 7 days of anxious anticipation! Wish me luck


Well my job wont give me the 2 days off for orientation for my second job... but my second job will pay more money. So here I am, almost at a clearing, then dragged back into the thicket.


Did you hear about the Mime who hung himself? Dont believe it. It's fake noose.


Seems likely that new consoles will hit around 2020. With that we will very likely see the end of modern ports to the Switch. Or at least, an even greater disparity. How do you think itll fair? Indie machine? Will 3rd party make original games for it?


Have a good night folks. Intended on being in bed 3 hours ago, but I had a very sick baby and, ergo, a mound of vomit soaked laundry to be done. Oh well. You guys rock. Thanks for being great company.


Dancing is all fun and games till someone gets hurt


#Viziertoid just doing my sexy, totally not awkward white boy dance over here.


Everyone rolled fire last night.


Update. We lost Vue! Its over!


Playstation Network is down and out, friends. Going on 3 hours now. Yikes.


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