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Home with the PSVR! Man, I so want to play it, but I have to be up in 7 hours for a big Fall Festival Field Day with my school kiddos. It's going to be one wild day. Today we did a Thanksgiving lunch for them. Most of our kids dont get that at "home".


It's almost time to nab my vr and I'm getting cold feet. I already know I'll love it, I just have so little time. It seems like a great machine for short experiences, though. Plus, I've been waiting to play RE7 on it.


Despite rumors to the contrary, the perfect game to play with friends already exists. At least, for those with taste.


We about to get home schooled bitches.


Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand against Siege.


What should I play after spiderman? I'm looking for something I can play just 1-3 hours a week and not feel like I'm going to lose track of what's going on or not make any progress. I was thinking far cry 5. But I'm open to suggestions


Politics can be complicated, right folks. So I've decided, from now on my vote belongs to whichever candidate believes Dragonair should have evolved into Lapras instead of Dragonite. I mean look at this! Some bullshit, I tell ya huwhut.


Oh boy, is that some sexy altruism.


I've been all about VR since I demoed it and got a samsung gear vr. With the $200 black friday PS VR bundle that comes with Moss and AstroBot Rescue, I think the time is finally right. Picked up 2 extra shifts this week to fund it. Now to wait till xmas


Heartbroken. I'm glad he lived to see his creations and co-creations achieve the heights they did, though. His cameos were always a highlight for me. I wonder if spiderman will be his last :(


Oh man, I am so stoked for this to drop! I'm ready to dive back in!


Double yoked hard boiled egg! Ya boi gonna be swole! Or have high chloresteral. Anyway, morning dtoiders.


Full Metal Furies is my kind of crack. But it's nearly unplayable without a friend. I'm going to squeeze as much as I can out of it by myself. Also, I'm going to see how far I can get playing solo in Full Metal Furies.


Nothing like stumbling across a band that almost instantly hops into your top 5 gnarliest of all times. I have no idea how I've never heard of them.


Happy birthday, Flanx. Rejoice, you've got the swole world in your hands.


Happy Birthday Deadmoon and cloudman! History is getting made on your birthday, and that's rad. You guys are also rad. The rad levels are crazy out there!


I had a blast playing my LN/TrueN Aasimar Paladin. Recorded all the audio, but I think our table arrangement made picking everyone up a bit tricky. Have everything for the next session to be better. Still, should have it edited in a few weeks.


Oh man, descruff, dude. Happy birthday to you as well buddy. You are an awesome part of this community. Hope you e been well.


Just checking in on my people over here. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend, be it at home or at work. Peeked in on a few extra life streams yesterday, but kids were wick so I couldn't participate as I intended. You folks were wonderful.


Happy Birthday SrChurros! It's been awesome watching you grow this year and embracing dad life (best life). Hope you have an awesome day, take some time for yourself


I am so psyched for pirhana plant. I want it now.


Almost died today when I fell asleep while driving. Need to find something to get me going on the mornings after a double.


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