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Gravity Rush 2 is $6 on PSN, right at this very moment. Go, go, go!


Happy Birthday, Chris! I hope it was full of snarls and used toothpicks.


Black Cat/Felicia Hardy is way hotter than Mary Jane.


Oh damn, it's the producer and director of DMC5!


Everyone is so sad about FFVIII getting no love that they forgot the real victim.


Happy Birthday, Dere! I got you a special card for the occasion.


Hey, guys! I accepted a position over at Destructoid's sister site, Nintendo Enthusiast. Look for some of my writing over there. Thank you all for your support and commentary on my blogs over the years; I wouldn't be where I am now without you guys. :')


I am not a fan of Heavy Rain so far. It has bad writing, bad voice acting, and bad controls. But damn it all, I am going to fix the broken relationship with my son if it kills me.


YOINK. Sidenote: I was extremely lucky with that extra controller.


I never thought I'd see a commercial like this in my lifetime, but here we are! Sure looks like someone is missing out, though...


My doggo, Pebbles, passed away today. It was so painful seeing her go, but she was surrounded by friends and family that loved her very much. I hope you are at peace now, girl. I love you so much.


Watching the RE2 gameplay trailer, I noticed that when you get bit and use an herb, there are still teeth marks on the side of your neck during gameplay and cutscenes. 10/10, GOTY 2019.


My two cents: Microsoft had the best presentation, Sony had the best exclusives, and Nintendo had the best Smash. Overall, everyone, EVEN EA, had something I ended up interested in. It's a great time to be a gamer.


The original PlayStation controller popping up in the REmake 2 trailer was a nice touch.


You just KNOW someone is gonna throw that Pokeball controller hard at their television and crack the screen.


Saw Deadpool 2 the other day. My God, what a laugh riot from start to finish.


Does anyone else start games all over again if you come back to it after being distracted by something new and not playing it for awhile?


Happy Birthday, Occams! This video kinda freaked me out, so I'm sending it to you as a present!


I woke up today to see my third Front Paged blog. Just, wow. Thank you so much, Wes, and everyone else who took the time to read it and leave feedback! The level of love I have for all of you guys can only truly be shown with the image below:

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My playthrough of Far Cry 5 has devolved into throwing every bat and shovel I have at people's heads and watching them fall into a dead heap on the ground.


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