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Happy Birthday, Occams! This video kinda freaked me out, so I'm sending it to you as a present!


I woke up today to see my third Front Paged blog. Just, wow. Thank you so much, Wes, and everyone else who took the time to read it and leave feedback! The level of love I have for all of you guys can only truly be shown with the image below:

 from  our Community Blogs

My playthrough of Far Cry 5 has devolved into throwing every bat and shovel I have at people's heads and watching them fall into a dead heap on the ground.


I think we've come close to hitting the pinnacle of gaming because I was playing Bayonetta while simultaneously taking a dump earlier today.


Why Bayonetta is so great, explained in one GIF:


I was supposed to work late tonight, but now my school is closing at 4 p.m. Yay! Now I can play more Switch Bayonetta! Gotta chase those platinum trophies.


Looks like Bloodborne and Ratchet and Clank are among the free PS4 games for March! https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/02/28/ps-plus-games-for-march-additional-service-changes/


Got an email saying media and industry peeps will get three hours to themselves on the first two days of E3 2018 (so a total of six), before the public enters. I'm glad to hear this because everyone went in at the same time last year and it was ROUGH.


Happy Birthday, Panda! Here is a picture of some flowers AND a doggo!


Happy Birthday, Wes! Here are some tacos from one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn:


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! The love I felt can best be expressed by the following GIF:


Christmas swag! Merry Christmas, everyone!


It just has to be said: Punching Molded with Joe Baker is extremely satisfying.


I found out my doggie has cancer. Does anyone have any tips for how to stop crying myself to sleep? :(


My good friend brought over his Switch so I could try out Super Mario Odyssey. It brought joy to my heart and made me smile, which is not something I say often about games today. It's pretty special, is what I'm saying.


Happy Birthday, Churros! I hope you are hard at work on your backlog and never turn into this guy:


Another conference, another Resident Evil 2 REmake no show.


Man, it sucked that Dtoid was down because of all the high profile games coming out today that were getting reviewed yesterday. I really feel for the team.


Best cosplay at the show, bar none.


Guess who won his match in DB Fighterz at NYC Comic Con and got swag?


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