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I might have met MatPat at E3 2019, BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY.


Just meeting the voice of some of my fave video game characters, no bigs.


When you're in line at the food truck and Tim Schafer is right next to you.


Limited Run had the best conference so far.


What are your thoughts on the new family dog?


Oh shit, is that Matt McMuscles with yours truly?!


Fellow Dtoiders! Are any of you fine folk going to PAX East this week? I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday if any of y'all want to hang for a bit and take a selfie. :D


I adore how, no matter what seemingly impenetrable area I am in, Nico finds a way to get to me in her van.


Happy International Women's Day! Here's a pic of the best lady from Resident Evil: Claire Redfield. Pretty, badass, and super chill about the zombie apocalypse.


YAY! Now I need to figure out my Hardcore run. Trying to think of ways to trim that 2:50 into a 2:30.


#Shelfietoid. A lot of NES games on the bottom right, and the NES Mini + SNES Mini above the Dragon Ball Z Dragonboxes. Also, it's funny watching YouTubers like Dashie die in REmake 2.


2nd Run in REmake 2 is no joke. It's harder than 1st Run, and I didn't even use the Hardcore difficulty! It's really well done, too. I love what Capcom did with this remake. Might be my new fave RE title!


Pictured: Best girl, Claire. Love me some alternate covers!


So I forgot to save in RE2 and was at critical health. I made it to a save room and a Licker tore into me BETWEEN THE DOOR.


Happy Birthday to you, Wes! I was gonna send you a taco pic but then decided to change it up. Behold: The Hot Cheeto Burrito!


Man, why couldn't REmake 2 come out this weekend instead of next? I have an extra day off because of the holiday!


A little birdy told me that there is going to be a limited demo for REmake 2 showing up on January 11.


After 13 years, I have found out that RE4's Ashley is voiced by the same lady that does Sandy's voice on SpongeBob. Delayed. Mind. Blown.


Gravity Rush 2 is $6 on PSN, right at this very moment. Go, go, go!


Happy Birthday, Chris! I hope it was full of snarls and used toothpicks.


Black Cat/Felicia Hardy is way hotter than Mary Jane.


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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite"Quite Dursley-ish"


The Council: Episode 5: Checkmate"This one is dedicated to you, Soulbow"


Super Mario Maker 2"I miss the stylus"


Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


Blazing Chrome"I ran to this Contra affair"


Dr. Mario World"Dr. Feelgood microtransactions"


Umihara Kawase Fresh!"Swingers club"


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Cloudman Sam

imsorryjon has spawned some real gems of Cosmic


Hey Mike is currently in the ICU having more work done on his heart He wants everyone to know that hes okay and that we should hear from him late tonight or


But hey, at least BoJack Horseman is finally gonna win an Emmy (seriously it better win an Free Churro is one of the best pieces of television Ive ever


My next video is up! This time Im talking about Bastion!

Riff Raff

We dont ask each other this simple question enough and we got a few new faces round here Whats your top 3 games, films, books, butts, and music albums? Feel free to add a top 3 of whatever else too!


The CSM DLC for Gladius: Relics of War didnt have unit Barks for Heretics, so I added some from Dawn of War



Jetter Mars

Looks like Im going to California Extreme on Saturday! Cant Wait!


Im having trouble with an event so Im thinking about just starting it over from The plan is to interact with a thing a few times then, if you have the right item on-hand, use item on thing to get a different item that will allow for progression


If I suddenly check out on yall, just know we gave it I wont be leaving by Im honored and grateful to everyone Except Joking aside, from the bottom of my heart: I love you folks, and Im sorry for my Be good to each other



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