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What do you guys think about these gulls? Why do they live out on the sea? Personally, seagulls are a menace to life. They killed my parents when I was 5. I can remember it like it was yesterday. There we were, sitting on the beach, enjo...


i beat mega man

penisland<--- how do you interpet that do you think of penis land or pen island? is a mans stature not related to his nature? i beat galaxy man! in mega man 9


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I really like gaming mostly becuase it's the only thing I do, and that's why I like Destructoid. Some would call me a "hardcore" gamer, others not. I like RTS, retro, action/adventure, JRPGs and FPS games that are good, otherwise I don't pick them up or say that their horrible. I'm just another of the countless people on Destructoid, so yeah. Lots to see and nothing to do.
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