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I'm taking a break today from RE2 to write my new dnd short story. My players gets invited to the grand opening of a dimensional gate that allows airships to travel to the Plane of Air and they also won a 2 week paid vacation to the floating city of Aaqa!


Im back on my "buying more rpg books just cause" bullshit. I ordered the players handbook 1+2 of 4th edition and the 2nd handbook got delivered first. I gotta say Im really digging the art for 4th edition.


Ok so... uh. Loen's 2nd run is a little bit harder.


Heh. I like that its now "That lady's a maniac. Why'd she bite me?!"


Just finished Claire A with Rank B! It was so good y'all. The music, atmosphere, the TERROR(F U MR. X). I cant wait to tackle Leon B and then Leon A/Claire B. LET'S GO!


Did new game with the original re2 soundtrack just for funsies and holy shit. It makes everything so much more intense! I'll definitely use the original track when I do Leon A/Claire B.


Oh yeah, I'm with y'all bout the Lickers. Wasnt as terrifying for me but they did give me a few good jump scares round corners. Now my run with Mr. X. Nuh-uh. I noped outta there so hard into the nearest safe room. I still hear his footsteps there...


Had to restart steam cause of this nonsense!


Re2 unlocks tonight! Ima get my A-game on!


Jesus christ my face is hurting from this 1-2 punch. Other relevant pic below:


So steam says re2 will unlock tomorrow. Thats 1 day before the release date! Y'all, i can't hold on to this anticipation much longer!


I am currently pre-loading RE2 on steam! I can't wait til the release!


haven't seen this movie in a minute and gdi, this is deffo my type of humor.


I watched 3 eps of carmen sandiego and good lord does it look great. I love how its a little serialized but also educates the viewers of the locales that theyre visiting with tons of neat facts! Glad they kept that part of carmen in there. Give it a look!


Just finished the latest SU episodes and I fanboied so hard there. Felt so damn happy seeing everyone get their screentime, having their moments. Darn you-


Did anyone receive a free copy of AC:Odyssey for playtesting Project Stream yet? I haven't.


Happy birthday Panda and Larx! Have an excellent day Panda! And Larx, i hope youre still skulking around here sometimes. Miss ya buddy.


Yo wes! Happy birthday my guy! Have a great day and dont party too hardy!


Ooh. Carmen Sandiegos opening is pretty slick!:


Ugh, I can't wait to see KH3's Orchestra opening. Sanctuary/Passion's title screen op still shakes me everytime I listen to it. Starting off calm and then goes hella off towards the end:


If someone told me years ago that kh3 would be leaked onto pornhub 2 weeks before its release id say theyre crazy.


Oh no. But I'm glad he got all his boss rage videos back up and has a positive outlook at the end.


Lol commenters are pointing out that she's doing the "Im going to count to three" gesture anyone whos ever had a mom knows too well.


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