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I love this. Tom Nook is basically Justin McElroy. Art by https://bechnokid.tumblr.com/post/613539874897870848


Other than Peta being weird as usual. Tom Nook is bringing an actual residential building in a couple of days and I made a mistake customizing my mailbox before paying off my loan. Now I have to wait two days to buy another room 😭


I'm sorry PETA, WHAT!?


The new shadowdropped steven universe future episode be like:


Wash your fucking hands.


Phone: Tricked out


I just had three ppl in a row entering my island and then the session suddenly shut down. Radcat was one of them!


Finished assembling my first fossil!


My islands open y'all!


Waaait a second. Where's the art gallery in the museum?


Museum's open Binch!


Couldn't sleep so I made eyebrows!


Guys, I think this bug works at Nintendo


Lawman, Lewness, and Ineptmelon came over!


Giving Lawman the D.


If any of y'all are new to Animal Crossing, I totally recommend this video about who Tom Nook is.


The gangs all here!


Hey y'all I'ma open my island for a while. Come swing by if you wanna! Ima be fishing to pay off my loan.


I'm all set for tomorrow! Prepared homes for 3 new residents and the museum will be opening! I can't believe they're making you work for your residents now lol. I wonder if it's permanent or if I'll have to keep making new homes every time.


Btw my switch code is 3151-5123-0455


If y'all have me on as a friend on switch. Come over to my island! My gates are wide open.


Did a lotta stuff tonight. Paid off my first loan, my house and the museum is coming in the morning! I can't wait for the multiplayer to arrive.


I downloaded my pro design from new Leaf into my game! With my new hairdo. I'm almost back to my New leaf self! I just gotta get those colors though.


ACNH is unlocked for me now! I'll see you all next year!


Took one last tour around my ACNL town. I'm ready for New Horizons.


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