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5 a.m. talks. Might as well since I'm up. Breath of the Wild is my number 1 Zelda game, following Wind Waker at 2nd, and Ocarina of Time at 3rd. All very wonderful games with so much heart. What's yours?


Scratch my last post!


Finally! Joker is almo- god dammit!


Smash Players claiming that the Green Witch is confirmation of Banjo:


Y'all, my internal screaming for joker has intensified now that i learned it comes out tomorrow.


I rebought breath of the wild yesterday and just noticed that my dlc items and quests arent in my save. What gives? I didnt delete my save when I sold it so im a little upset at this.


Been having a blast playing ocarina of time 3d today. Just made it to adult link and am ready to go to the forest temple.


*Sees Dennis' post* Alright this moe dance party has gone on long enough. Get em bois:


Powerstone psp pros: can be played on pstv and looks great on my tv. Cons: Can only play mutliplayer w/ other psp's :(


I swear, if I hear "Who the hell you think you is" from youtube one more time, Ima lose it.


Holy crap. i think Occams would like these lisa frank tarot cards. I want like, 50 sets of em.


Hey y'all i wanna get sega ages phantasy star on switch but then theres the sega genesis classics. Whats the difference between Ages and the classics? Why should i get ages over the classics? Edit: seems PS1 isnt in the genesis classics. Ill nab ages!


Just got back from the my brother my brother and me live show and i was a few rows away from the stage that I actually see the mcelroys' faces although my cam skills are garbo. I also got a sweet poster out of it!


Went to The Adventure Zone live show in san jose with my bro and I am so happy that I got to see the mcelroys in person! It was so good and I got 2 signed books by Justin and Travis my bro and I! So many good cosplays around there too.


Lol dang. Good choice of movie to use:


Looks like someone's favorite mecha games are getting validated:


Look what i got in the mail! And it comes with a sick poster too!


Happy birthday ooktar! Hopefully your eye gets all sorted out. <3


Wow just checked that borderlands 3 trailer and it was pretty sick! Although i cant separate it from pitchford talking about magic tricks.


Just watched US and I really liked it a lot. Very unsettling.


Also I kinda laugh at games say to use headphones because it has bi-audio-whatchamacallit as I'm deaf in my left ear so these kinds of features are kinda useless for me. I'll always lose a part of the conversation or an instrument regardless.


I've been playing Hellblade the past couple of days and I'm on the verge of tears at what Senua has and is currently going through. Haven't felt this emotionally distraught towards a character in a long time. Guess it hits too close to home.


I think I wanna get back into ffxiv but then I remembered the price for the subs. Mmm nah im ok. Ima just play phantasy star on a private server til the price goes down(lol it wont for years). Ephinea anyone?


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