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Yo wes! Happy birthday my guy! Have a great day and dont party too hardy!


Ooh. Carmen Sandiegos opening is pretty slick!:


Ugh, I can't wait to see KH3's Orchestra opening. Sanctuary/Passion's title screen op still shakes me everytime I listen to it. Starting off calm and then goes hella off towards the end:


If someone told me years ago that kh3 would be leaked onto pornhub 2 weeks before its release id say theyre crazy.


Oh no. But I'm glad he got all his boss rage videos back up and has a positive outlook at the end.


Lol commenters are pointing out that she's doing the "Im going to count to three" gesture anyone whos ever had a mom knows too well.


I knew that the re2 demo would look great on my pc since the re7 demo looked great. But damn! I didnt think its look that good! Im glad that my gmg pc purchase wasnt a waste!


Man that sound design in the re2 demo blew me away. Like re7, having headphones on really increases your anxiety... and I love it. I noticed the ps4 demo has some of the character models a little blurry in motion though. Anyone else get this?


Lights off. Headphones connected to controller. Bass up. Ok re2, Lets go.


About to go home and play the ps4 re2 demo!


Oh wtf capcom with making all the right moves lately!?


The meme that keeps on giving.


Can I say that Jocats' Monster Hunter videos are amazing, but he just keeps the ball of quality rolling with DnD.


3:22 am RN and i just got finished hanging with my dnd group and goddamn that game ran for 9hrs from 1pm-10! I thought id written an 1-2hr adventure, i didnt expect it to be this long! Our power went out and we played in the dark. Used this for bosstheme:


My DnD DM session is in two hours. Gettin the table ready, about to go pick up costco pizza. Yeesh, im excited!


My DnD oneshot is tomorrow. Hope everything goes well!


I hope they change up Daisy's movelist in a future smash title to make her a legit character. Like I want her design to be one of her sports uniforms cause I always see her in that. Her moves are sports based like tennis,soccer, baseball, etc. cmon ninty.


Im going to DM my first DnD session this Sunday! Its going to be a short one shot with 2 experienced players and 2 complete newcomers. I already helped one of the newbies theyre character. Ugh, im so excited and nervous!


Happy Birthday Soulbow! May your love of siege burn bright as much it burns the haters.


Omg this is so great.


2:14 am. Just woke up at the thought of a possible Smash character. Jade from Beyond Good and Evil! Ok good night,er, morning.


Happy holidays everyone! Hope yall have a great day!


Spiderman is so good. It seems like something is always happening and right when im about to take a break, dispatch calls in and im all:


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