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When the Monster Hunter Rise demo tells you that you used up your tries:


Well just finished playing a few hours of MH4U and man I forgot how colorful it is. I hope Rise's other locations have more color to them because I have noticed that games w/ the RE Engine always seem to have darker colors to them.


I've been briefly revisiting old monster hunter games lately and it's been great. MH Freedom still loads slowly as usual. I was surprised that you still connect to the dlc store in game of Freedom Unite. And 3 is still as good as I remember. Now to MH4U!


In monster hunter gen, I only ever made it to high rank in the multiplayer hub. I finally made it in the single player. Feels good.


I hope the DLC in MH Rise will be free like in previous games. I also want event quests to be permanent and not seasonal like in World. The gaas aspect of world is something I don't want back.


Im going to miss the denseness of Monster Hunter Worlds maps. It had a lot of winding paths, shortcuts, and plentiful of flora and fauna you can capture.


Dreams do come true.


Snaps. I got my order of The Adventure Zone board game delivered! It looks very nice


Here, have a shark


Trump pathetically says ppl to go home but the election is still fraudulent and was stolen from him. This motherfucker.


White people at it again. And once again, white people are just letting it happen. This is disgusting.


Thats Yakuza 4 finished! That was much better than 3 and I loved the multiple protagonists angle. My biggest gripe was the final boss. I haven't been that annoyed with a boss fight since Yakuza one. Great game though.


Yakuza 3 was an alright game. I didn't like the combat because it feels loose, everyone blocks too much and experience is hard to come by. I did like the story despite it's slow start. I'm already into part 3 of Yakuza 4 and it's so much better.


Ayy happy new years y'all. Lets work towards a better year.


Geez. Over the past few days, breathing through my left nostril causes small sharp pain and gives me a headache almost everytime. I think my sense of smell is also jacked?


I got cyberpunk for christmas and it runs alright with the pro. After putting a few hours into it, I gotta say, Yakuza Kiwami 2's kamurocho looks more cyberpunk than CP2077 does. Things look kind of ugly here and the combat doesn't feel as fun. Hmm.


I watched the new wonder woman and I thought it was ok. I felt it had some good ideas but could've been executed a little better. The pacing didn't feel quite as good as the last one. There were some scenes that dragged a good while.


I finally finished Yakuza Kiwami 2! Man what a great entry so far. The combat can get kinda rough with its physics but I had a blast. I believe the next games will go back to the old engine until Y6 so I'm prepared for that. To Y3!


Phew. I did it. I completed Hades to the ending. That's one game on my list to cross off before the year ends. Feels good man.


*Nearly chokes on food due to laughing*


Jeez Kiwami 2 is pretty crazy. I just got to Osaka Castle which had a really badass boss fight. And then I got real sad with the Majima story. Which made me feel the feels of pain and sadness. So sweet, so good... Ok but I gotta say, THEM PHYSICS THO. Lol


Not judging the game, I just think this is hilarious since I'm on a big Yakuza trip right now.


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