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God I nearly spat out coffee multiple times listening to this


I finally got the ff7 7th heaven mods to work! Most of the problems were scaling issues. I had to scale my display to 100% for it to launch the mods. Everything looks so good with new character models and HD textures. Ugh, I love it.


I tried to use the 7th heaven ff7 mod manager, followed the guide and everything until it was all correct, finally hit launch only for Norton to fuck it up and quarantine and important file. I restored it but now it wont launch. Thanks Norton.


I've died a lot in FF11 so far. A lot less since I unlocked trusts but damn, I be over extending my self and getting wrecked by other enemies that like to join in giving me pain. On the plus side, I got the spells cure 2, paralyze and Fire!


Whats surprised me most about Final Fantasy XI is that I can use a different weapon. I've gotten used to switching a class in ff14 just to go from a bow to a daggers that this is pretty nice.


I bought what I thought was a ps2 battlefront 1 at my library for $3 but opened it home to Battlefront 2! Lucky!


Oh. Oh my. I've been missing out on MH mods.


Man I really miss miiverse. Think of all the memes that woulda gone down for Sans smash announcement.


Instead of Wow classic, I actually just started playing FF11, like actually playing it this time. I'm a lvl 15 Mithra Red Mage now! I'm having fun with trusts and exploring the world. This one mission im doing has a horrible drop rate for Fetich arms tho.


Oh yeah, that's the content i wanna watch


I got astral chain at Target! I already beat mission one and I didn't know we could customize our character!


Y'know with Diablo 3 being on the switch and WoW classic released, they should really consider bringing wow classic to the switch with controller support. Considering it's pretty much a reboot anyways, they should do it.


Ok so Control is really good...


There were no physical copies of astral chain anywhere so I got Control instead. I'm so hyped!


Quick question: Should I get Astral Chain or Control?


Although the situation with night in the woods composer Alec dying, Scott Benson gave an update about the allegations: https://www.reddit.com/r/NightInTheWoods/comments/cxqjp8/end%20/


This episode of girlfriend reviews made me especially happy and I wish these two would get married already!


*Sees Terminator taking out border patrol officers in new trailer*-


This has been my experience in a nutshell and I'm liking it


just finished cannon busters ep. 1 and I felt it left a good impression. Although, I noticed it has some weird pacing that many anime have at times. When someone speaks but the camera lingers on at them too long before someone else speaks.


so whats the best server for West coast NA for classic wow?


Finally watched that death stranding presentation. Boy that translator sure is a trooper trying to convey Kojimas words. Though, I'm still like:


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