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Goin through episode prompto and its okish so far but I did just get to see Morphos waifu and she looks so good!


MFW I get to the part where Simba tries to lay under his dads arm:


Ive been playing house of the dead 2+3 and you know what? They should bring light gun games to the switch. Why not. The joy cons can handle the aiming, i think. Although making the gun peripherals might be hard considering the size, we'd just get this:




Since my commment will be buried in that kh3 article ima say it here. Give me Treasure Planet and Atlantis! I want my Waifus Captain Amelia, Kida and my husbando Jim Hawkins!


Just bought Cyberbots. Im finally gonna play the game where Jin is from after all these years playing him in MVC2:


Careful about being a hotdog near batman dephoenix. It might not end well:


Kiki's Delivery Service WHAAAAAT?! *shows it's a cup o noodle ad* whaaaaat...


I think I just met my favorite character in jet set radio this far. Shes adorable!


"I'll fight it in court but I don't think they'll accept "Gotta go fast" as a medical condition." Please if you haven't seen this show do yourself a favor and watch it.


I could be getting numerous stuff from the Steam Summer Sale for $40 but nope, getting more dreamcast games.


Yo guys. Dont forget We have robo pandas gaming list. Find and send friend requests there!


Alright Y'all. Times are A' changing. Most of us now has to drink Maple Syrup, learn to love moose, and forsake Starbucks for Tim Hortons. In honor of our new Canadian overlords I'm changing my icon to the final Lumberjane. Everyone meet April!


Couldnt sleep and decided to mess around in phantasy star Ver.2 on the DC for a bit. I was very surprised to learn that Androids dont have traps in this version. Huh.


Bandai: "DragonBall Fighterz is actually for the fighting game audience and all the other dbz games we made are just for the casual babbies." Dang Bandai, gutting the budokai loyalists like that.


Been playing my new Dreamcast. Jet Grind(Ugh) Radio was a pain to control but I learned that neutral jumping after grinding easily allows me to jump straight ahead and the game got so much better from there. Space Channel 5 is also amazing and so fun!


Petition Enthusiast Gaming to quickpost their Waifus. Only then will I accept them!


Mmm. Going through Cave Story on my Switch and I was reminded of the greatest ship:


Did y'all think I was done? Nuh-uh! Heres the finale. Part 3.5!


Like Inquisitive Raven I checked the comments on the megaman article and omg, I haven't seen Benny Disco in a long time. Is he ok? How is he?


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