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Max's love for Rock Howard knows no bounds:


Them: Dragon Age's Tactics sytem is just Final Fantasy XII's Gambits? Me: Always have been.


I keep thinking how FF12 was the next step forward from FFTactics and how awesome it would be if the next Ivalice game went with the Divinity Original Sin route. It can have both overworld travel and Tactical combat.


Whew, I finally made it the final nation, Windhurst. I also met FF11's most well known character, Shantotto. You can just tell she is the epitome of a mad scientist. I also beat the final Rank 2 mission and it seems the story's kicking up.


I too just finished Arcane tonight. I haven't binged a show in a single sitting like that in forever. It hit me in all the feels and when I thought I'd get back up, it knocked me on the floor again. That was fantastic and I want more.


Continuing my adventures into FF11 today and nabbed a piece of beetle Gear in the Valkrum Dunes and decided to farm until I got the set. Looking good! After that I made it to Selbina whose mayor asked me to backtrack to one of the Crags... Ty home points.


This Iron Giant Mount is sweet


Ooh I did a lot with FF11. i got my first mount in Jueno, the Raptor, then bought the Iron Giant and Gobbue mounts. Went to San d'Oria, joined a Linkshell and was gifted 500k. Ppl can be so nice.


I got back into FF11 a bit this week. I finally made the journey that everyone does. I made it to Jueno! I stopped there and will figure out how to get a chocobo license later.


Damn. Just learned that an uncle of mine passed away today. I don't know the details but I did call my aunt(his sister) and checked up on her.


Star wars kotor is out on switch and am currently waiting for it to download!... after the animal crossing update that I put off.


I just beat Guardians of the Galaxy. Now that was a great marvel game. Not insomniac levels of great but damn, it sure was up there. Not sure I'd want a sequel because the game depended on the Guardians'character development and that's already done.


I am having a great time with Guardians of the Galaxy on PS5. The combat with Peter is Ok but the team attacks rock. The writing is its strongest suit. It's so good. Everyone's interaction to each other is very fun to listen to.


Ah, endwalker is delayed to Dec. 7th.


Just had a good laugh at this


Aww snaps. Happy birthday to Chris Moyse and Descruff! Hope both of yall had a good day!


*Insert "I GUESS!" meme


Ah Christmas time is finally here


Aww that's wholesome


I skimmed the state of plays. It was alright. Not a lot I was interested in. The comments were funny though: "This could've been an email!"


I bought the ps4 version of The Outer Worlds and played it today. Its still as cool as I remember it the first time. I think I'll play it a bit more down the line.


Alright I set up the trio! I really like these figures.


What's in the boxes? Theres another that isn't shown here.


Whoa. You can turn off downvotes completely? Well snaps!


It started out ordering a Namine Figure, and then the Terra, Ventus, and Riku figure. And finally a Tifa figure. It's a good thing Xion wasn't available cause I would've kept going. Come payday I wanna pre-order the tifa and aerith dress statues.


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