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I just finished ep 4 of the adventure zone nd i havent laughed that hard in a while. Im so glad there was an animatic for the part that really got me. Its jusr amazing:


Managed to get a room for $450. 6 month lease


Larx wrote voracious. Im lowkey chuckling right now.


I just got an email from amazon about a job position i applied for! I scheduled it for next thurs. Itd be full time $13.25/hr if i get this.


Oh theres two different audio versions for sonic manias opening! I was just letting it sit after the first op when i noticed the second one had a different track.


I had to stop playin sonic mania at 2 for work but i definitely had a good time so far.


Lovin sonic mania atm but the sphere minigames(the old ones) doesnt have tight turns. It has this delay that makes you turn a second later than youd like and i have failed nearly every one of em so far. It needs sharper turns.


Ducktales Woo-hoo!


Goodness i wish i can have a good time playing dnd like the mcelroys do. I keep spoiling myself by watching animatics of future episodes and i cant seem to stop.


Knowing nothing about Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, it was this trailer with its music that convinced me to get it. From 0:34 onwards, my brain immediately went "Yes". What trailers made such an impression on you that made you want a game?


Gotta say that splatbrella was pretty cool. Does the top detach automatically or can I do that manually?


Good god, fuck all of you republicans. Honestly go fuck yourselves for enabling that nazi march to happen. Fuck you.


Been lookin for a new place to live by the end of the month. Im being forced out. Well, at least i dont have to put up with BS now. Few rooms to rent for around $500.


My second fav Persona opening featuring our very own Blondebass! #OPtoid:


Downloading the monster hunter xx jpn switch demo. I cant wait!


Yo. Guam is in potential danger of being nearly bombed by NK. I used to live there and my grandmother lives there. Dammit.


Y'all got some wack pudding choices. Dere with plain chocolate? Basic. On Air Fish with Tapioca? What are ya, 80? Every knows its all about the strawberry!


Angie just pointed out to me that my last qp was my 1200th post... And that it was over spilled pudding. GG.


So much drama over pudding. What even?


Guilty hear rev 2 just released an update with After Story C. More plot!


Unpopular opinion: dnd is terrible and boring and it's not because i can't find people to play with :(


I still can't believe I haven't consumed these guys stuff earlier. Ugh, so good!


So i just finished watching episode 2 of My Brother, My Brother, and Me and omfg why didn't I watch this show earlier! This bit just sucked the soul out of my body and spat it out just to spite me. Its fucking hilarious!:


I just started getting into My brother, My brother, and Me and its fantastic! I feel like this clip embodies our very own Linkslayer:


Its Gaj's birthday? Well happy birthday to ya my dude! May you keep on sucking that infinite popsicle!


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