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Well I managed to install both win10 and steam versions of PSO2 just link the accounts. That was quite the hassle just to be able to do that. Although, goodbye win10 pso2


Let's be real, meg tops zagreus.


Just tried ogre battle psp and wow is the framerate much better than fftactics of the same system. It looks really good too.


Im torn about watching the debate. On one hand I would like to be informed but on the other, I'd like to keep my will to live.


I don't like this limited release trend Nintendo is doing. It doesn't sit right with me.


I escaped from Hades with the adamant rail! I cheesed the hell out of that whole thing. I am stand by what I said that the shield is still the worse weapon of the bunch. Even with the other aspects. Very satisfying first end.


Television wish they had as much emotional impact as this one bit:


Wow, I can't imagine playing a 40+ people playing the same game of DnD. This story was really neat.


Im enjoying watching people play the Baldurs Gate 3 Early Access. Especially when they encounter the current jank mechanics.


I've clocked in around 15 hrs for Baldurs Gate 3 EA and I have been having a good time with it. Bugs and glitches in all. Many of those hrs was making new characters with different classes. My latest is Uniel, who is a complete Himbo who loves the sea.


So after researching some solutions for Baldurs Gate 3, I got myself my first ever ssd for the texture loading and fps issues and oh yeah, everything's much stabler now! Now that that's settled, anyone wanna try out multiplayer?


What class do I want in Baldurs Gate 3? Oh, I know what I want:


Almost beat Hades again today but I died during the last level to a tiny rodent... Gotta say that was hilarious. I also put a little time into Divinity original sin 2 on switch. Still fun. I'm currently trying out the cross-save on steam.


Just when I thought I was finally gonna beat Hades, bam phase 2, and dies.


Hey all. I have a Radeon RX 580 series GPU and a CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor 4 Cores. If I were to attempt to upgrade, what would be suggested as pretty good for most modern games? Doesnt need to be pricey.


I voted and dropped off the ballot!


Youtube. Please. These multiple ads before the vid plays is killing me. Especially Genshin Impacts' 4 minute trailer.


Happy birthday Mike! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Not gonna lie. I wheezed.


I wanted to treat myself so I got the collectors edition for shantae 1 and riskys revenge for switch! I never got far in them and I feel that's overdue.


You know what this game was missing? KNOWLEDGE.


Finally got my Red Mage to 80! That's the last Role Quest and the RDM epilogue finished. I will not be lvling side jobs for a good while now.


Mmm not too confident in this movie.


He works fast. I'm glad there's a sequel! Previous one below.


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