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Wow. It finally came through! Cant wait to give it a try!


Ugh. I just love these three(3) good boys.


The power of this orchestra cover shines within you!


The new pictures of the live adaptation of Monster Hunter be like:


RIP Stan Lee. Cant believe you're gone. We're gonna miss you.


Wish blops 4 blackout had autopickup like fortnite. Itd save me a lot of time.


Oh jeez, Im dying. This made my day.


Oh snaps. Just checked Fangamer and they're gonna announce some Deltarune merchandise later on today! I hope I can nab something cool!


Im glad she made a cover of this:


Happy birthday flanx! Have a great day!


I actually got to play a dnd session at my local gaming cafe for at least 4 hours. God its been a long time. It was a table of a family who were very welcoming bunch.Their youngest(like 8 or 10) loves to cast thunderwave n hit evry1. Every1 tied him up.


Comic con san Diego registration will open this Saturday i believe. I think ill try to nab it even though I'm not sure I'll go.


Happy birthday to you too cloudman sam! Hope todays forecast is a bright and sunny day!


Its good that many of you are voting. I did mine a few weeks back with drop off ballot.


Happy birthday Kevin! May your moon always be dead!


So im on ep 12 of critical role now and loving it. And i just discovered this channel that hilariously summarizes each ep and its wonderful. Cutrently watching each after i finish a CR episode.


Happy Bday Chris Moysr! May the Leonas be with you!


Happy Birthday Churros! Youre one of the coolest dtoiders ou there! Have a great day!


Damn Im not one to watch blizzcons stuff but after reading through Diablo Immortals articles and the QP's. Wow. That backlash is harsh.


Oh kudos to that person


Are we gonna see a resurgence of DeltaRune memes now?


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