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Finished watching Hinamatsuri ep. 6. Dang that ending hit the feels. I like this show, its funny and heartwarming at times. Although I really dislike Nitta as a character because of what he did to Hina earlier. That's messed up man.


Some game: We have the best 3D audio to date! Me with my one deaf ear: Yeah that's cool I guess(changes headphone audio setting to mono).


Started rewatching Toradora since yesterday. Haven't watched this in years and it's still pretty good.


I've been seeing a tiktok of one of the lockpick lawyers video rolling around the net and it was great. Looked up the original for context


"Where do you see yourself in five years?" is hitting really different now.


I wanna move out of this country so bad when I'm able. I'm really considering it before shit gets even worse. Hey Canadians, hows the political climate looking up there?


Mmm sure wish sega would remaster phantasy star online 1 with 4player splitscreen co-op on switch.


Can yall believe that july is almost over? I feel like half a year has gone by.


Huh. We really did.


My new late night addiction cause I can't sleep until 4am: Watching people react to Rage Against The Machine for the first time and discover that their content is still largely relevant to todays political climate.


Oh hey they made a follow up in depth video to New Genesis


Max Dood getting hyped over pso2 new genesis gives me life


Ooh. The box arrived!


Woo! FF14 trailer for patch 5.3!


Atlus hear me out. Remaster the Devil Summoner games as well. I think the Raidou games are the far more interesting spin off titles of the bunch.


SMTV! Yes! 2021 baby!


Whaaaaat were getting SMT: Nocturne for the switch!? Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry!?


I asked for help in the hat in time discussion threads about my graphical problems. Gave up trying to resolve it myself so Ima just continue to play the switch version instead.


hey does anyone know how to fix A hat in time's graphical problems? Environment and character models look damaged and i've tried reinstalling and verifying the files but no luck. Its been like this for the past few days. Support hasnt helped much


Found out my aunt was taken to the hospital for covid this morning. She's been on IV and oxygen since then.


Aay, disqus is allowing websites to hide downvotes. Good move. Shouldn't have returned in the first place.


Whoa. I really want one.


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