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Ha! Well that hit home pretty hard.*Subscribed*


Went to best buy for a movie day. Finished Shaun of The Dead and am currently on Spirited Away. Goodness, it looks so much better in bluray.


Took a break from life is strange today(ep. 3 just got sadder) and I finally beat Doom for my switch! Wow that game is still so good. Now im reminded that I want more story dlc. Cmon wheres that sequel bethesda?!


Finally finished ep. 2 of Life is Strange and holy hell do I have feels. I got a good ending on my first try so hell yeah to that.


Happy birthday dangus! Hope ya had a good day my dude!


Ugh I cant wait to correct my mistakes for LiS ep. 1 amd move on to ep. 2.


Fuck. Restarting ep 1 tomorrow cause i made kate have a sad ending.


I started playing Life is Strange today cause i bought Before the Storm. Ima finish both games and make angie proud!


Heh I like where this guy is going:




Crash bandicoot on the switch as well?! Wtf!


Oh fuck, undertale for switch!


I can now delete my ps4 notifications. Yeah boi!!!


So I have a huge crush on Donald Glover for a long time and Ive been going back to his songs recently. This one right here is one of my favorites. "Sorry, I'm just scared of the future Till 3005, I got your back, we can do this, hold up."


If I have to read this then so do y'all. I did laugh like really hard though.


Aw yeah. I made it to the credits of monster hunter world. Its far from over though. The hunt never ends!


Finally stopped dilly-dallying around in MH and did a story quest. Teostra is down!


Blizzard just announced Bridgette!


Got the Aloy armor!


Just finished watching The Ritual. It was pretty good. I felt pretty tense and a little scared throughout most of the movie. Thats saying a lot compared to other horror movies recently. 8/10 for me. Would watch with others again.


Somewhere, Woolie is crying tears of pain. Ugh, my heart hurts looking at this.


Ive been seeing posts on web showing michael b jordan loving anime and is a total weeb. Now that made me want that man as my husbando. This one takes the cake


Please tell me this is real cause I can feel my blood boiling the longer i look at this.


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