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After a long day of moving in and going to and from work, I can finally say ive moved in. So tired now. Ima play destiny though.


I know i bought the digital version yesterday but i didnt know the collectors would be available! Now i dont have to open it!


Ah also, Samus has Returned son! Lets go!


Man my brother and I have been talking about this for a while now. Rick is an unstable, selfish, and suicidal person who keeps getting his family into needless danger and should definitely not be looked up to, and a lot of people keep missing that point.


I hope mario... actually does some plumbing.


Liam is back! Liam is back! This is not a drill!


There were a lot of ports i wasnt expecting to hit the switch. Doom and wolfie will probably have scaled back graphics but hot damn isnt this exciting.


Well i just beat destiny 2. That ending, like the last game wasnt very exciting.


The intro to hiveswap was uploaded!


I just got my voidwalker sublcass back! Oh yeah im back baby!


Your character seems to be completely mute in destiny now. and there's still no matchmaking for parties?


Happy birthday my Dere! Hope you live a long and punful day. I know tour father Isay Isay would be proud.


Okay destiny, show me what you got. You killed my hype at the end of the first game so lets see if you can redeem yourself. Cant believe i got this day 1... Again.


So destiny 2 is downloading atm and ive been rolling in trails in the sky for a while and boy do I really love that soundtrack! Ugh i just wanna listen to joshua play that harmonica again. Very good stuff.


So how hype should i be for trails in the sky 1? Never played the series before and i am interested in SC and Cold Steel afterwards.


Im a little surprised not many ppl are mentioning it but matt from sbfp has his own channel and its been pretry great so far! Plus, the maniac finally did it. He made his own Bible Black club. Will you join him?


Im so tired. So very tired. Guuuh


Spoiler reaction to Game of Thrones season finale in the comments.


Aaaaaaaaah! A launch trailer! @Sr.Churros


Oh man, im finally gonna be playing FFXII again!


what i really hte about Iron Fist in Defenders is that he still doesnt explain who he is. "Im the immortal iron fist"... ok and??? He still doesnt elaborate what that is and you thought he wouldve explain it by now but nooo. God i hate whoever writes him.


Heh, it seems We bare bears teamed up with nintendo for some promotional videos.


Yo Bubs. You should never trust a Woolie. I hear they steal pies and Killed that one guy:


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