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Ugh, I just love using my pro controller for steam. I really love using it for Resident Evil 4. I think the default config for it made the aiming go faster. Not sure if it did but i love using it here than before. Good stuff.


Sold my ps4 and a lot of my games today. Ah ima miss em. But they can be replaced overtime.


I went to a best buy to get octopath traveler wayfarer edition and there was only 2 left. I nabbed one on the spot! Lucky!


I cant wait for TWEWY to come to the switch. But im a little disappointed that its nearly identical to the mobile version. It has dpad controls tho right? Certainly the screen is wide enough to have both dpad and touchscreen gameplay?


Happy birthday Wilf! Hope you have a great day!


Ysviii switch seems to freeze sometimes. Recently, I got to the first raid and it froze midway into it. Hope that gets fixed.


I heard pillars of eternity is coming to switch but I didn't know Wasteland 2 is as well!


Warframe coming to-Oh someone beat me to it. Gotta say this is a big surprise! Warframe doesn't have crossplay correct? Cause that'd be interesting.


Awww snaps. Look at whats coming to the switch!


I finished Critical Role ep. 2 and hey, I'm really getting into this! Also I finished the first arc of The Adventure Zone: Amnesty and wow, I really want more of that as I see the latest eps are amnesty. Also I want David Harbor as Duck Newton!


My gurl Talim is back! Yussss


Well at least this day was good for something!


The only true holiday ill be celebrating today


I caught up with My Hero Acadameia on Hulu and good god, what a ride. Deku is best protagonist, only because he doesn't fall into the strong/stupid or pure/stupid trope. He earned his powers! I think I'll read the manga as well from this point.


Finally finished episode 1 of Critical Role after numerous tries and falling asleep and it was great! Now on... to *Sees ep2 is 4hrs and 22 min long*


Holy crap Hammond


I got the VA-11 HALL-A + 2065 Read Only Memories collectors edition Dual Pack! And wow, that sold out extremely fast! Hope a switch version is announced for others to have another chance.


Ok be honest. If I really wanna start Critical Role, should I go for the first season or just jump into the second. Because my time is limited and nearly 3-4 hours per game is realllly steep.


I wonder if the other Enthusiast Gaming sites staff check how Dtoid links to their sites. They come checking to see if their site is properly linked, also to find that right above it is a peen emoji.


Pfft. Why not? Ppl have been making them pro-bono for Todd Howard for years!


Hey capcom, how about porting Resident Evil 4 to the switch with motion controls? Also hey bamco, please release Soul Calibur 2 HD for the Switch as well! Thank you for your time.


This looks so good. But its a pachinko machine!


I knew it. They always be doing this shit. Like with Pence and Hamilton when they distracted the public from the fact that Trump paid his $25 million fraud settlement. They used the same opportunity for this fuckness.


This is so sad, Alexa play despacito


Yo @Hlarge4 a lil CR Fanarty thing I found for ya, theres more below:


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