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Im huuuuungry. I needs to eat but im too lazy to get up. Hnnnnng.


K ive been playing ultra sf2 on switch and I gotta say thr mode Way of the Hado is a little frustrating. Executing the moves especially tatsus are hard. Had to tinker with the settings til i could at least execute em properly.


Yeah i missed the 5 am testpunch. No way in hell am i waking up that early. That said, bring on 11 am!


Gotta day thay testpunch was really fun. I plan to get this game asap!


I totally did a double-take in confusion when I passed by this gif:


D5 hasnt shipped yet. Hmmmm.I feel like ima just cancel it and get it from gamestop.


Dammit internet. Well, guess I ain't sleeping tonight. Buuuut if I have to see this, so should everyone else! Enjoy!


Yo I'm really considering getting back into Indie Box for Hollow Knight.


Had a good day. Decided to treat myself to a pizza day and ordered volumes 3-5 of Lumberjanes(About time I got caught up) and pre-ordered Disgaea 5 complete for the Switch on amazon.


Now that im off work and ate some lunch, happy birthday ein and rad party dog! You two canines are a hoot!


Ha. Looks like Etika's throwing min min in the bin bin. This boi aint loyal.


I finally got my hands on this! Guess who just got a new set of avatars to switch to in the future!?


Prepare your OC's people. Deviant Art hell hath cometh!


So about 80 hrs into P5 and I just learned last night that one your party members can get taken hostage if downed. I flipped my shit when that happened!


Fuck that one guy! You know which one!Yeah, that guy! Dont forget the flowers!


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