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Wait gi Joe's snake eyes is getting an origin movie? Was this hype? Cause I never heard about this.


You haven't lived until u ate instant noodles out of the bag


You can't escape your past octopimp!


I finished watching Strives story in one sitting. It was hilarious. These character models were not designed well for cutscenes. Everyone looked like they were sliding on the floor. Axls eng voice is terrible but inos... oomph. Hot. It was a fun time.


Currently watching strives' story mode. So far, 'MURICA FUCK YEAH!


I bought Guilty Gear strive! Ima play the ps4 version though because I only have ps4 fightpads and only one ps5 controller. Unless of course the ps5 version has legacy controller options.


I thought the new episode of Loki was a bit slow but I believe it ended on an interesting note.


Happy birthday Gundy! May Ace Combat 8 be a reality!


Asking the big question rn: "Am I hungry or do I just wanna eat due to boredom?


Ok I finished the ff origins trial earlier and alright. I'm in! That was a really fun experience and I just know they're gonna throw a wrench in our expectations. The combat and music is great but the magic switching needs a slowdown to be efficient.


Playing the ff origins demo and I got pretty far until a network error booted me midway through. It's pretty good so far and the group does get new clothes so don't worry about the Nathan Drake look you have on at first.


Theories for botw2 are already going wild.


Ate a couple of hotdogs. I feel pretty good right now.


Thanks Sir Ian. You're awesome. Also this further intensifies my dislike for that Clerks 2 scene.


Is the final fantasy origin trial fixed yet?


Hmm I think it's safe to say that it's too late to expect a Kotor remake announcement. Unless that happens at Nintendos thing which I believe there's a low chance of that happening.


Oh Strangers of Paradise has a ps5 demo up. Interesting.


I believe what we saw in the trailer to Strangers of Paradise was the prologue and that these aren't the WoL, who will either die or be corrupted and then we'll see new protagonists after. It's fun to speculate.


I clicked on this super fast


This virtual tabletop looks pretty cool!


I just finished watching Bo Burnhams new special and woof. I really liked it but just like his previous shows, left me worrying about the dude. I recommend it while also keeping in mind that it can get dark at times.


Now that's a take I can get behind


I just saw the elden ring trailer. Looks sweet!


I think I'm gonna interchangeably switch between star wars kotor and The Old Republic. I finally made it past dantooine in Kotor. I've never gone past that ever and it's pretty good.


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