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Lag. Lag everywhere! Goddammit disqus!


Open invite to join me and On Air fish for splatoon 2. Just try to join mine or his room and we'll bang.


Yesterday I played some of splatoon in tabletop mode cause I got this sweet hybrid cover. Its so cool!


Happy birthday hypno! Hope you have a good day young man.


Oh my god i did not see this coming.


Salmon run is back up!


Oi! Playing splatoon right now. Join me if ya want! Or guerillas. Hanging out at discord as well.


Yoooo. Rouge one is on netflix?! Scuse me.


A little jealous due to logging in my Switch and seeting that nekro is currently playing splatoon 2. Hnnnnnnnng >.<


Splatoon 2 has shipped from Best Buy. Tomorrows gonna be awesome!


Ima follow Rad Party God on that and share one of my favorites from them:


Chester Bennington is gone. Dammit. Him and linkin park were one of the first bands I really loved when I started developing taste for music. I hate this news.


Had a wonderful time playing Arms with GetNekkid and GuerillaOcelot. Hopefully we can play splatoon sometime this week.


For future Arms dlc I want them to make a Bullet Bill Arm. I see how those Homies look like them. Cmon Nintendo, do it! Edit: Lol what, why does the picture of Bullet Bill has this image over it now?


Qtoid is moving really slow on mobile. I can barely do this with so much lag.


Yo Helix players in ranked mode are something else. I had to really adjust where i throw my arms just hit that person. I lost in the end. Gotta say hes awesome as a character.


I concur with @onairfish letterkenny is hilarios. This one amazing ep has made them really popular:


No. Noooo. Noooooooooo-


Seems like Kenny has gone through the 5th stage of grief: Acceptance


Aaay, Splatoon 2 is getting an anime. Source:


And another one!


Yo this is the only reaction whose I want to see


Son of a bitch Virtua Kazama tells the truth!


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