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After a lot of tries, I got into the Dragon ball fighterz beta! Now to try to get a match.


I playef Ys VIII for the first time today and holy crap is this game fun. I love the style, the music, and those hair colors. Though the only thing thats really bothering me is that green haired kids design with the overalls.Ew. Why ruin this with loli bs


Well damn. Both monster hunter world and Dragon ball fighterz release on the 26th? My-my wallet! Also I finally finished series 10 of Doctor Who. Goodbye 12th doctor. You became one of my favorite Docotors ever. Also that crossover was so awesome! I cried


Alright so SNK. Can I please request that you put in Fio from Metal Slug into your fighting game? Pretty please!?


Just saw the Direct and wow. A lot of that just made me really happy. Twewy getting ported is just the highlight of my day atm. Never did I think Dark Souls would ever appear on a Nintendo Platform. Thats insane! Forget 60fps i want the switch version!


Ooh series 10 of doctor who is on amazon prime. I finally get to watch it since ive been rather neglecting it. Im excited!


Who here saw the new steven universe? It was so good!


Woo! Thanks to pixie, i learned i can just go ahead and get the samurai and red mage class immediately. Got samurai!


Finally got to lvl 50 in FFXIV and decided to get all my Bard clothes before I hit the final dungeons before I go to Heavensward. Lets go!


A wall of my tooth broke off from the side early this morning so i threw that in the trash. Well I guess thats how im starting off 2018.


Happy new year all. I wish you all the best to take down whatever 2018 throws at us!


Shape of water is a good movie. I could sense my dad feeling uncomfortable of the fishman getting seduced tho. Screw you dad its almost 2018 and women should be able to fuck all the fishmen w/o shame!


About watch the shape of water with my dad. Holy crap ive been waiting for this!


Well ff14 troubles aside, please watch this amazing piece of comedy that lokhe reminded me of when I read the word fam.


Im upset right now. FF14 uninstalled itself on my ps4. Guess it had something to do with me exiting the application during the launcher check. I just got this keyboard and mouse today too.


*Eyes tearing up* Could it be???


Alright y'all my 5 day weekend officially starts now!


Look upon my child! Look at her! Kid's gonna go far.


Oh i am so glad to going back to 8 hours. Peak season is the


So the blogs and profiles are fixed now. You know what that means... We can check who upvoted our QPs for validation again!


So in FFXIV, I used a character re-edit item for my main. As per Dtoid standards, I went from hot catboy to best onigirl.


Oh was there a new race added into ffxiv? I dont remember that last one. I havent played in a long time?


Oh boy I think im about to take the plunge back into ffxiv. I bought stormblood a while back but I never got a sub for it. I did the free trial and it made me wanna jump back in. Lets go!


Hey is it me or did one of the ffxiv themes for ps4 get delisted? I have heavensward but i couldve sworn there was a realm reborn theme before that.


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