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I want a mass effect movie with matt leblanc as shepard now.


Aw yeah. 26 and still kicking!


Holy crap. To the Moon is getting a movie!


I made my first pathfinder character. I was super overwhelmed looking at the sheet at first as it has so much more stuff than DnD(the skill section) but it was ok as I just went through the book step by step.


Holy crap, I cant believe I missed this in my sub box. That main theme remix is so good!


Ah screw big bang theory! Renew B99 you dicks!


Whelp I saw the new Steven Universe episodes and that second episode was great! Ima just say one spoiler thing in the comments.


Im so happy that i got the sakura and dante skins in monster hunter right now. Yussss!


I nabbed my self some goodies for comic book day! I was thinking about going to another one near me bu the closest one is 11 miles away so nope. Its a one stop shop for me!


i dont have a computer desk and have connected my pc to the TV. I put my KB+M on a pillow on my lap and it works as a mini desk but anyone recommend a better way of putting them on my lap? this aint exactly healthy.


How can a theme be so simple yet sooo good?


Oh, this is by far my favorite use of the drake and josh meme Ive yet to see.


Everytime kratos calls for his son, i keep thinking of this:


God of war is done! What a great game. I have some thoughts but ill post that later. Ima think on it for just a little longer. Also i gotta beat that last side mission. Its... Its hard. Just one more.


Ok im far enough into God Of War to give some critiques i have against it. For one I noticed there are a lot of reskinned enemies floating around, especially when it comes to "bosses". More below and itll be a lil spoiler regarding encounters


Yo happy birthday occams! You awesomely humble great person you!


Just turned on my ps4 at 2:17am and gow has another patch! Yeesh, thats what i call customer support.


I played God of War for nearly 7hrs straight yesterday. Ugh, its so good! And for real, I'm glad this game is a lot more classier so far than previous entries cause since i'm older and mature, I grew to despise that bro-vibe they gave off.


Wow. God of war already has another patch to 1.11


Wow im really loving god of war right now. Its so different from being a combo heavy title to a slightly slower combo heavy one. Also that first 30 minutes was awesome! A great intro to this mew kratos.


After more than 5 character re-rolls I finally stuck with one and actually escaped Fort Joy, hell yeah!


Ever since i got my pc ive been re-downloading all the games that I will have no time to play because divinity and God of War is going to take up all my time.


I got a steam controller today and I have some feelings for it. It feels really weird but I am intrigued by it. Its not very ergonomic and it feels like im straining my right hand with using the trackpad and pulling RT at the same time. more below.


Bought divinity original sin 2 last night and its so good. Of course most of the time I spent in the character creater, deleting my character after an hour, create another character, and deleting it again. rinse and repeat. Ugh I love it.


ah I forgot that disqus doesn't show up in the qp's on desktop sometimes. how do I fix that?


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