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Just got these just now. One of these days ima DM a game. Until then, I'll just read these up for fun!


Wow. My first 12 hour shift at amazon. It wasnt that bad considering they only told me last night that im doing it. Ill have to do it again tomorrow and then its 10 hours for the next 3 days.


Ill be working 12 hours tomorrow and i think the snes classics will be coming to my walmarts tomorrow since none arrived the past 2 days. Im not sure if ill be able to have the energy to nab it if so. Uuuugh, its gonna be a long week.


Well none of my local walmarts had a snes classic deliveres in stock today. Maybe tomorrow.


Also y'all probably realize that theres now a near 0% chance of linkslayer coming back now right?


Happy brithday spiders for sale!


Aight, now I really want Xenoblade 2:


So i just got to my new favorite part in The Adventure Zone and i am so friggin happy someone animated it! Lovin the Crystal Kingdom Arc so far.


Im surprised they didn't save noctis for soul calibur.


With the re-release of the 8bit amiibo, i can finally play as normal-ass Zelda!


Yes! I did it! The longest journey yet is completed! I can die happy now. Unless theres another level i have to go through.


Update on odyssey: i finally passed it and i think im at the boss now. I hope this is the last stop before i get out of here.


I hate the longest journey end level with birds. Screw you birds who cant peck right when the panels line up! And screw you lava who wont let me throw my hat to the nearest fork and just letting me burn!


Well, i now regret my choice to sell injustice 2. Im really hyped for the turtles to be in it! This is the best crossover since the power rangers(No sarcasm)!


I just finished watching the new steven universe episides on the cn app. Man steven and some of the others are really emotional about what happened ib the earlier episodes. Also kevin(not deadmoon) is still a dick. I want more!


Welp my brothers pretty sick so ima stay home and help him out. Lol dude seriously needs some nyquil. To target i go!


Dang. I was at the last level(i think) of odyssey and i was at the part with the forks but i aimed into lava and i couldnt throw my hat into the nearest fork. I wisb we could be able to do some dive jumps or hat throwing when jumping from lava.


Well this trailer for wandersong just dropped and its so feel-good and hilarious to me with all the singing amd facial expressions. I think ill keep an eye out for this one.


Im trying to to do that timer challenge at the dark side of the moon that needs rolling and long jumping during rolls is really dumb. I hit a lot of low walls when i just wanted to regular jump over em. You should only long jump when u hold zl.


Happy late birthday deadmoon! I know its late but i still wish you the best man!


Tomorrows my friday.


Yo happy birthday to you chris my dude!


Ima say it. Moira looks like a Battleborn character.


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