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Happy birthday Panda, wherever you may be. Have a good one!


Cartoon networks site had the first season of infinity train up for free atm and I finally got to watch it! I loved S1 and I bought S2 digitally just to watch it. I didn't know where the show could go after s1s ending but I love where it is now.


Phew. After a 6 hour nap since the direct Im not as salty about Byleth as a fighter anymore. If anything, it just reminds me that not every fighter had to be a non Nintendo guest character. So for me, I get to hope for Geno, Isaac or chibi robo!


Jesus fuck there's even more stuff up top now.


I have never played a mystery dungeon game and I really enjoyed the PMD demo so much that I bought etrian mystery dungeon on the eShop. Etrian mystery dungeon and other atlus titles are on sale as well!


So the other day I started Celeste back up and it's been months. Getting back into the groove I despised the level I was on. It was so much harder than I remembered I must've died around 80 times. When I finally finished it turned out that it was on sideB


Nintendo Direct predictions? Les see: Metroid Prime 4 announcement, More animal crossing footage, breath of the wild 2 date announcement, Mario Galaxy remaster and Galaxy 3 announcement, persona 5 port announcemtn, and finally a star fox game.


well hot damn, this looks super fun! I haven't wanted to watch an anime this bad in a while!


I had the pleasure of playing Sayonara Wild Hearts. I loved it. I felt a lot of pure joy throughout the whole thing and I got real emotional at the end. Ugh, so good. I'ma try to get gold on all the levels now. 9/10 for me.


Wow. I finally started and finished the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC in one go. Heh, I didn't expect to finish it that quick. I now feel complete.


Oh jeez. I've been bitten by Ring fit adventure bug. It's day 2 and I'm sore in places that I forgot could get sore. I also started Death Stranding and it's as pretentious as I thought it'd be lol. I'm enjoying it though. The world building is nuts.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a splendid day!


I ordered the collection of Mana from Amazon as a Christmas present to me. I really wanna play through these games. Especially Trials of Mana. It arrives on Tuesday!


Here's mine!


Look everybody, 00:13 it's Frisk Undertale!


Oh my god, CN made their own Connie Lo-fi Hip Hop beats to study to:


I bought Disco Elysium and resubbed to FFXIV. Oh boy, Ima have to plan accordingly.


The name of the new xbox is just your typical Gamertag. XxboxseriesxX


Look what I picked ! Ugh, it looks so good!


I was hoping someone would make this and I wasn't disappointed.


Mmm. I don't like shovel knight showdowns' final boss. It's not fun to fight against and the time it takes to respawn allows them to get the gems too quickly. In addition to losing continues, you have to start over from the beginning :/


Ok that is some strong RikuxSora shit in the new kh3 dlc trailer. It's hella gay and I love it.


I have 5 days left subscribed to ffxiv so I decided to finish the Stormblood Main scenario today. It feels so good to get that done. I'm excited to get into the raid since that MF'er Nero is back. Ima take a break though. I'll subscribe again later.




God damn, this version of that meme is great:


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