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Needed to call off from work today. Energy felt too drained and I wanted to sleep. It's zzz's for me today.


Oh you no longer need a reservation for steam decks for now. Neat.


Ive been rewatching The Dragon Prince since i bought the ttrpg, Tales of Xadia recently. Its still such a fun show and i can't wait for the next season.


So I tried Demeo VR out and its cool. It has the feel of a ttrpg at a table. I can use hand motions to rotate and zoom in/out the table and move figures with my hands. Custom rooms has you in a game shop i can walk around in. Its pretty rad.


Wow, I learned that we have Toby Fox of Undertale fame for contributing to the creation of Sakurai's channel. Gotta love it.


Happy birthday Gamemaniac! You're the best petri dish anyone could ask for!


Didn't think this was possible.


Could it be?


Watched Cyberpunk Edgerunners today. Artistically, it was pretty cool, loved the energy and style. It could do without background characters wanking it in public. Don't like how rebecca's design is attracting the weirdos either as she's a kid.


Yeah never mind, I cancelled my reservation for a steam deck. I think I should just save up a little more. Its not going anywhere anytime soon. On the flip side though, I got an email saying Trails From Zero LE got shipped! itll be here monday!


Even lil buddy's got bread on the brain


Splatest is here! Let's go!


So I learned that the Steam Deck can play the Trails in the sky trilogy. So ok, I think thats a sign to reserve one... for Trails.


i should be sleeping but I learned of a mod for Trails in the Sky that installs the japanese voice over from the vita remaster. It works and sounds cool too! the battle va is still in english though which I don't mind as I do want the dub to that.


I have returned to Trails in the Sky today and have arrived in Zeiss. Oh yeah, its time I continued this game! Edit: Ok I forgot how much Motion sickness 60fps and free form camera gives. I think I should change that.


I wonder how Dealzon's doing? How have they been? Miss ya buddy, or if you're still here, miss your articles.


I was expecting Divinity in my mailbox today but not klonoa! I think they ran out of copies on playasia after I ordered it so I had to wait for more and it arriving was a surprise.


Heh, it's true.


Well slimey, I see you've made your choice. Have Fun while it lasts...


Playing splatoon. Come join me!


Watching Primal properly instead of youtube clips this time around. Only finished episode 1 a while ago so im excited to give it some attention.


Ha! I like how chill they make these two.


I finished the last splatoon 3 level today. Man that was an ordeal. It was tough at first, but then it got easier with practice. Feels good to beat it.


The Squidkids are fighting


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