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Watching amphibia to finish out the night.


That's a lot of hours


I got my second shot. Woo!


Ooh this is pretty good. I like a lot of this channels content so far.


I tried a mini sized 100 Grand candybar. I don't like it. It feels like im chewing on too many layers at once. The Carmel getting stuck in your teeth didn't do it any favors either.


The return of the king!


Ok so this is a fun ad.


I finally finished Nier and wow, I cried a bunch. That was fantastic and feel major regret not finishing it earlier on ps3.


The feels train continues with Nier. I finished that new episode and it was alright. But the msq after that was woof.


Ooh, this. I like this https://www.topherpayne.com/giving-tree


I'm in act 2 of nier replicant and wow, they're really having me crying in the club right now.


After spending time with Nier Replicant I checked out a LP of DrakenGard and geez. The composer really went out of their way to make the ost sound disturbing like how the trend of modern horror movies use those violins. It's unnerving.


Listen if I have to see an ad about jinko on twitch one more time, Ima complain very loudly about it.


Snaps. Happy Birthday Jasondm300 and Occams. I hope the day is good and you're both happy and well.


I played 10 hrs of og nier. Should I stop here and play Replicant?


Careful around those little fists of fury


There's a Monster Hunter Board Game?


Heh, I've never beaten the original(I think I will now) but wouldn't it be funny if the new Nier Replicant is actually a sequel. Considering yoko taros record of twists and turns, I wouldn't be surprised.


Idk I'd it's due to the resident evil news or I haven't been paying attention at all but I don't think I saw ppl talk about Shermies reveal on here. What did y'all think if you did? I think she looks fantastic.


After playing ffxiv on the PS5, I decided that I dont like the controller. It's bulky, weighty and it can cramp your hand a bit. It felt such a relief holding the ps4 controller to compare. They gotta slim it down.


Alright not only did I decide to order Root's expansions, but also Leder Games' other game, Vast: The Mysterious Mansion and its expansion Haunted Hallways.


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