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Ok that is some strong RikuxSora shit in the new kh3 dlc trailer. It's hella gay and I love it.


I have 5 days left subscribed to ffxiv so I decided to finish the Stormblood Main scenario today. It feels so good to get that done. I'm excited to get into the raid since that MF'er Nero is back. Ima take a break though. I'll subscribe again later.




God damn, this version of that meme is great:


I got my Christmas presents for my family on lock thanks to black Friday. Also I got a sweet monitor.


About to board the plane Nevada and then back to Cali. Won't get home until around 7pm today. Woof.


Alright. I'm about to leave with my family to see my brother's graduation into the Navy. I can't wait to see this dude!


Just landed in Chicago! Now for a 12 hr nap as soon a so hit the bed.


Im at the airport rn waiting for my flight to Chicago. Gonna go see my lil bro graduate into the Navy on Friday! So proud of him. During my visit, I really wanna visit that galloping ghost arcade max dood was talking about.


heh-heh ya damn right it is


Damn, Keef being accurate as usual.


I got a Brooks Ps3/Ps4 to ps2 super converter today cause I also bought cvs2 and I'm disappointed that my Mayflash arcade fighting stick F300 doesn't work with it despite looking online for solutions. My Hori Fighting Commander works wonders though!


Jesus burning knuckle is such a knockout hit.


Alright y'all. Who's ready to watch that direct at 5am tomorrow? I'm so ready to see terry in action.


Happy birthday Chris! I know you're going through a lot buddy, and I hope today just makes you feels tons better. Have a great day my dude!


When Terry does come to smash, I really do want special interactions with Ken. I'm imagining if it's one on one fights, they'd do their CvS intro, or if they're in a team battle, they'd do it as a win pose. Gah, I hope something good happens.


Like y'all, I'm having so much more fun with Luigi's Mansion 3 than I am with the outer world's. Not saying the latter is bad mind you. Luigi just has so much damn charm.


Aww shit, its "Weegee Time!"


I snorted so loud after finding this


Well holy shit, Homestuck 2 is a thing now. Guess I really gotta finish it now.


I had a really good session with the Outer Worlds that past few hours. My pc can't really run it at 60fps, so I had to lower the settings to medium. But it still looks great regardless. I'll pick it back up tomorrow. Also, I can comment again!


I'm playing the outer world's y'all! I'm so excited!


Cool so I learned that the newest windows 10 update is preventing people from downloading the outer worlds. Options are, revert to previous update, restart the Ms store and gaming services app and then restart the pc. Let's see if #2 works.


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