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So i keep holding off Link's Awakening cause I keep getting distracted by new games now. My current distraction is Fantasy Life and good god I love it. I'm gonna do Archery and fishing to my heart's content. It's a shame it's dead online :(


Happy birthday Mike! Thanks for being the best around here man. have a good day.


Limmy reacting to a micro-aggression from a npc is the best thing I've seen in a while.


For those that haven't seen the resident evil 2 real-time fandub, please do. It has everything, Club Penguin, floppyfeets, force femming, and dedicated librarians.


Oh yeah this is good. That time I said that kid looked like Griffin McElroy and look what I found. Art by Kaible on tumblr


well crap, I just found out that Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon has an animated Ad! Shame its not getting animated. I'd be so hyped for a series! If anyone hasn't read the manga, please do. Its such a fun read!


So one of the Pokemon composers loved undertale so much, started spreading the good word to his friends, contacted Toby via Twitter for little town hero, and thinks the soundtrack might outsell the game. Legends only


If Overwatch Switch doesn't give pharah or symmetra a Samus suit, I'ma riot.


I finished dungeon 5 in Link's Awakening. Playing this game just makes me so happy. I know that after I'm done I'll wish for a Oracle's/Ages Remake next.


I don't have untitled goose game but I imagine it's along the lines of this:


I haven't kept up with how it'll release, but I wonder if ff7R will have the first part as the base game and the later parts as DLC expansions on both physical and digital.


Awww shit. Happy birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw and Nathan D! I hope y'all had a good day!


There's something very healing about playing the Links Awakening remake handheld while listening to John Mulaney. I feel very happy atm, especially seeing this bit remade.


I finally got the ff7 7th heaven mods to work! Most of the problems were scaling issues. I had to scale my display to 100% for it to launch the mods. Everything looks so good with new character models and HD textures. Ugh, I love it.


I tried to use the 7th heaven ff7 mod manager, followed the guide and everything until it was all correct, finally hit launch only for Norton to fuck it up and quarantine and important file. I restored it but now it wont launch. Thanks Norton.


I've died a lot in FF11 so far. A lot less since I unlocked trusts but damn, I be over extending my self and getting wrecked by other enemies that like to join in giving me pain. On the plus side, I got the spells cure 2, paralyze and Fire!


Whats surprised me most about Final Fantasy XI is that I can use a different weapon. I've gotten used to switching a class in ff14 just to go from a bow to a daggers that this is pretty nice.


I bought what I thought was a ps2 battlefront 1 at my library for $3 but opened it home to Battlefront 2! Lucky!


Man I really miss miiverse. Think of all the memes that woulda gone down for Sans smash announcement.


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