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how does rocket launchers in blops 4 blackout not have splash damage kill? Its a rocket launcher, i shot it at their feet!


Also I got invited to project stream and am able to play AC: Odyssey today! Will have to play it later though to see how it actually is.


Theyre here! And they are connected to each other by magnets!


Been playing blops 4 on pc and its been pretty fun! I can hit 60fps when I lower some of the settings. But there seems to be times when the game skips and then lags. I end up dying to players and zombies during these. Anyone have a similar situation?


Hey thanks for all you've done Robo! We're grateful for your presence here, even if its behind the curtain. I hope you have a great day. #pandatoid


Yknow I've been looking around in preview articles for Blops4 and no one really mentions if there's local splitscreen for multiplayer. What gives?


I'm checking out the preview pages for the next The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel: Murder on the Rockport Limited and omg, am I ever so Horny for these Tres Boys


ooh snaps I can't believe I'm watching the new Ep of Doctor Who on bbc's website. I'm so excited!


Alright y'all help me out before the sales for these two games are gone. Black ops IV or AC: Odyssey. One's a recommended Single Player and the other is supposedly surprisingly fun Multiplayer game. Both made by companies with terrible reputations. Go.


did anyone get their limited run valhalla/2064 combo pack copies yet? Edited to be specific.


I havent seen Venom yet but I assume this is what happens:


Yo happy birthday Mike! Hope you have a good day man!


I bought this DM Dice Tower from Etsy and I love it! The color green wasnt what I expected so i think ill nab another one in black. Its a bit loud when i roll em but i dont mind. Link!: https://www.etsy.com/listing/551975010/the-dungeon-master-dice-tower


Ooh. Starfinder is getting a beginner box. I definitely want to get that down the line.


I signed up for Paizos pathfinder and starfinders subscriptions a while ago and I got two of their latest adventure paths in the mail. As well as a neat poster leaflet advertising starfinder! I deffo wanna keep this around. The other side will be below.


I bought and finished ep. 1 of Life is Strange 2 last night. Making you proud Angie! And oof, I got a little emotional at times thinking about my own little brother. How Id do anything to protect him like that. Ep. 2 when?!


So this is a tower for rolling dice. It's so dumb. I want 50 of them. Edit for a very appropriate reference I remembered: THE DM WARNED YOU ABOUT STAIRS BRO!!! THEY TOLD YOU DOG!


The hits just keeps coming and they don't stop coming:


Looking at this, makes me wish Rosalina gets a girlfriend and lives her best life.


And 3.5 is here! I really like the case! Will add a photo of the books below


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