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Y'all i love incineroar so much. I didnt main him in pokemon but hes like the best! Ppl call him the heel pkmn which is(i think) what they call the wrestlers who acts the villains/antiheros and jesus, he taunts after every move i make. Its so good!


Wow. Someone at Ninty is a fan.


I won Pixie's Waifu after this:


Hmm i dony like that ryu and ken lock on during multi play. I have to double tap to turn around whem i wanna focusn on someone else. This should stay on only at 1v1.


Alright. Ima put down smash for a bit(heresy i know). I gots to go out and eat!


Hear me out. Phantasy Star Online characters for smash.


Hello Mr. Masters


Rosters getting bigger.


Theres no wrong answer!


Oooooooooomg! It's here!


Im still shook that Joker is in Smash. I'm soo happy. I wasnt sure if i was going to get the season pass yet, but this definitely helped make that decision.


After getting back into monster hunter on ps4, i got the winter events orion armor sets and the megaman content! Trying to slay the behemoth now. Was close but died. Ill try again tomorrow.


Did I tell ya that i actually witnessed a teenager walk down the street with an actual ahegao sweatshirt last saturday? Cause I did and im still shook.


One thing that bothers me about red dead redemp 2 is when i try to mount my horse many times if someones next to me, i would accidentally grab them. I immediately let go only for them to pick a fight and i try not to but then they just shoot me.


Wow. The casting for Artemis Fowl is going to be amazing /s. Yaaay:


just when I thought i was getting the hang of siege, I die. Horribly. Its good fun, even though I get a lil anxiety from the intense pressure of not dying. Kinda why I dont play elimination modes often.


Yknow I still haven't even beaten Darksiders 1+2. I should do that before I get 3.


I had to get a replacement for my Mouse Guard Rpg last Friday cause the box was damaged and I just got the new one now and it looks soo good!


Ugh I played at least 6 hrs of AC Odyssey just now. Its so good. I think I'll give siege a go now.


if i buy the standard version of Siege, will I get all the characters or will I have to buy them?


Bought the red dead 2 ps4 pro with $50 gift card! So i got ac odyssey and horizon zero dawn complete back! Baby i missed you. I have $20 left on the giftcard and I was gonna nab siege but decided naaah. Ill save that for smash.


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