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Also I kinda laugh at games say to use headphones because it has bi-audio-whatchamacallit as I'm deaf in my left ear so these kinds of features are kinda useless for me. I'll always lose a part of the conversation or an instrument regardless.


I've been playing Hellblade the past couple of days and I'm on the verge of tears at what Senua has and is currently going through. Haven't felt this emotionally distraught towards a character in a long time. Guess it hits too close to home.


I think I wanna get back into ffxiv but then I remembered the price for the subs. Mmm nah im ok. Ima just play phantasy star on a private server til the price goes down(lol it wont for years). Ephinea anyone?


Yo Bong. It aint a dora the explorer movie without explosions! And a weirdly hot Diego.


Happy Birthday Zer0t0nin! Hope yoy have a good one today!


*Checks YT recommendations* "NPC, SJW, Lef-" *Clicks Not interested Not interested Not interested Not intere-*


I definitely wont be using stadia since my service has a datacap.


Yknow what was cool. You could download play DS demos from the wii shop. That was one of the neatest things ive seen from the wii.


It really warms my heart that people are enjoying DMCV so much. Also its hilarious that ppl be thirsting for everyone on this GD game.


dragon quest xi still crashing on launch on steam. I'm trying every solution I have so far. Anyone have any ideas?


I wish the Master Chief Collection was crossbuy. I already have it on my Xbox account. I'd really would just like to nab it on the MS Store.


Just tried to boot up Dragon Quest XI just to pop in and I keep getting crashes upon start-up. Wow. Looking for solutions, I guess my saves are corrupted so now I made a backup, deleted my saves and we'll see how it goes. Edit: Switch version it is then.


well hotdamn, this aint no sitcom anymore:


I was just laying in bed in the dark just now when I started feeling something crawling on my left ear. I felt around it and there was nothing so i thought it was just my imagination. A few minutes later i felt it again, got a qtip and this was in there!


Gotta say its been a real journey with the 3ds. Its going 8 years strong and I still havent played all that I got from it. Im gonna beat Dragon Quest VIII this year. Just you wait!


Going back into dragon quest viii 3ds after a long hiatus. I forgot how lovely it all looks! Still wish it had the orchestra but it sounds great nonetheless.


Yknow what pisses me off? Anna Diop from Titans didnt deserve any of the backlash she received. I said she looked great here, but everyone else either called her a ho or a prostitute because she wore a shiny dress. She wore MUCH less in the comics.


Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah hell ye-


And thats DMCV done! Man what a ride! Although the whole motivation revealed at the end as to why this whole plot happened is petty, selfish and really stupid. Cool ending though! I give it a 4/5.


Man do I love playing as V so much. He is such a breath of fresh air compared to Nero and Dante. So far, so gooood.


3 hrs for a 2gb download sony? Are you high!??? Thats it. Breaking out the proxy server again.


Just bought dmcv from bestbuy for $35 son! Lets go!


My appendix is about to burst from this!


Just started up deltarune on switch. I really like the borders! I can't remember if they were there on the PC version but they look great!


Heu quick question for those that played em. What should I pick up first, Fantasy Life or Runefactory 4 for 3ds? Im getting ever oasis and im wondering what to nab next for my town/farming/fighting simulator.


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