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I hugged Ace Of Knaves and the "Hugged" meme...

...because no one else wants to observe a meme holiday on its proper day. The day after, though, is as good a day as any. Yeah. There isn't the insanity of meme-biotics welled up inside people, I reckon. Nor is there the seething animo...


A Special Kind of Sexy: Hello, Zafina

Now with picture descriptions!! (So this is where a pic of Zafina will go. She's doing this pose where she's got one leg extended and the other bent, kinda like a warm up strech. She' got this realy short skirt, but JUST long enough to st...


Tubatic's Top 5 Game Trailers of 2009

To honor the art of the trailer, I've made a list of my favorite trailers from this past year. Activate your popcorn kids, its video time! Honorable Mention. Left 4 Dead 2, Pray Harder, Valve - This little trailer mosseyed in, told a ...


My Cat Found A Game He Likes On The Wii

Meet Andy. Andy, being a wisened old cat of 3 years, isn't moved by much. Having spent a significant chunk of his life in entertainment (He's done shows, ya know!), he derives no greater pleasure than to enjoy his early retirement in pe...

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Tubatic Reviews: Way of the Samurai 3

Picture, if you will, the timeless Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day, wherein Murray portrays weatherman Phil Connors, re-living the same day with no reasonable end insight. He soon learns the rules of his plight, wherein, regardless of...


Lolwut of the Samurai: "Are We There Yet?"

See... Alright, so I was thinking about writing up an honest to goodness impressions blog (Spoiler: I'M WAY SATISFIED OVER HERE!), and I may very well still, but some times the ridiculousness of a situation fully necessitates a breach of...


Off The Grid Tactics: Hunting Way of the Samurai 3

When last we left "Off The Grid", it was brought to the general attention that Way of the Samurai 3 (scheduled for release on October 13th for 360 and PS3) was in Jeopardy of being scarce-to-difficult to find in stores. While its still l...

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About Tubaticone of us since 2:45 PM on 11.13.2006

-Super Meat Boy regarding Super Meat Boy

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Way of The Samurai, Shadow of the Colossus, Castle Crashers, Jet Grind Radio, ICO, Super DodgeBall, Canabalt, FTL, Final Fantasy VI and X-Com are some of the finest games ever made in ever

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Players can elect to summon "cartoony" versions of bats, bombs, guns, and flamethrowers. These types of items can be used to destroy objects or even other summoned items (e.g., a club can be used to hit an animal; steak can be attached to a baby to attract lions; rockets can be lobbed at a man).

-From the ESRB description of Scribblenauts

"Right after getting back to Japan, [Miyamoto] suddenly said: "You know we're including golf now." Apparently he'd stated in an interview that this time round golf shots would be determined by the backswing, even though at that time a golf game didn't exist in any shape or form!"

-A Nintendo Staffer explaining why Golf was added to Wii Sports Resort

"I have seen the Summa that everyone talks about. And I want to pour gasoline on him and cut off his ear. "

-Pendleton21 after listening to the disavowed Podtoid 94: So Baller

"question, did you play with controller or keyboard?

because controller is unplayable"
-Luc Bernard re: the first release version of Eternity's Child on Steam


"Just because u like a game doesn't mean u have to give it a high score"
-excerpt from the epic trolling on the Prototype review, inFamous/Protoype Wars, June 2009

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