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I started watching Carole and Tuesday the other and yeah... I love this shit, space Beyonce and all.


Nailed a co-worker in the boss's office while they're out for vacation this week. Whoops. So how was everyone else's weekend?


No, Sakurai, in order those are the P3, P5, and P4 color variations. Shows how much you know!


"I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other."


Isn't Cursedmas stuff supposed to be posted in the comments?


The Switch became my main console this year and I think a lot of that has to do with the ability to just reach for it and turn it on whenever. Being able to finally play Dark Arisen really helped too. (Qpost 500 so bonus wednesday girl in comments.)


A bunch of nerds made a rap song using nothing but Pokemon references and then posted it to YouTube. One of them is even a furry, the loser!


One it's Thursday and two, y'all should have picked up Pokemon Shield, and three I cant believe let half the day go by without posting the best new Pokemon girl.




Playing Pokemon Shield and loving it. I'm still pretty early on, but I love what here so far. There's going to be some great Thursday art coming from this game, believe me.


Crazy excited to start playing Pokemon Shield on my Switch tomorrow. It'll be the first game in the series I've played since X and Y dropped six years ago. I'm going in as blind and possible and I'm planning a region team only run since it's a new gen.


Posting best girl Samara for N7 day just in case you degenerate fucks thought it was someone else.


The Epic Store is actually the worst online store I've ever used. You'd think it would be Origin or Ubisoft, but no, it's Epic and its honestly kind of shameful. The whole "we're here for competition" thing already smelled like bullshit, but this confirms


Terry in Smash next month! Here's hoping we get best girl King as an assist trophy.


And that's Code Vein done. I don't recommend it, really. The class system can be fun, even if the game explains fuck all about it, but the combat itself feels to floaty and inconsistent for the Souls-type vibe that they were going for here.


Code Vein is not a good game. It's okay at best and suffers from trying to be a Pseudo-Souls title. Near everything about its design falls flat outside of its class system. If you're on the fence about it, wait for a sale price drop.


With the latest Mortal Kombat trailer, one thing is clear: NRS is really about to give y'all horny evil milf Sindel.


I've put around ten hours into Code Vein. It's alright, probably would have been better as a normal Action RPG, but it works for what it is.


It's Friday, you degenerate fucks.


I still maintain that Big Bad Bosses is "What if Starbomb was actually good?" A shame they still only have the one album. It's a lot of genuine fun. Kind of wish Jake Kaufman wasn't so busy with actual videogame stuff so he help out out another album.


GW2 has an event (quest) where you attend a metal concert and work security/maintenance for the band. It also features three original in-universe metal songs and Ballad of Soulkeeper is easily my favorite of the bunch.


So Zafina is the most fun I've had, not just with Tekken 7, but with a fighting game in years. Completely clearing out ranked with her at the moment.


Heads up, the SNES titles should be hitting online in about ten minutes.


Tekken 7 Season 3 starts September 10th. The game and all of its DLC is currently 50% off on Steam until the 9th. Zafina and Leeroy are releasing this month along with new moves for all characters and a new UI and stat viewer. I'm super excited for it.


Played the FFVIIRe demo at PAX. Good stuff. They even had an entire presentation for it. The boss fight you're given makes me feel like the combat might become tedius later on, but there's also a lot of cool stuff that they can do with certain encounters.


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