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It's a good thing there isn't much of anything I'm looking forward to this year. I actually bought too many games last year and still have to get through about half of them. So I'm going back to my "no new games until you finish what you bought" rule.


I honestly don't feel as though Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game that respects your time, patience, or intelligence. It could be a good bit of fun, but there's a whole mess of stuff that's been killing the mood for me. Picture unrelated.


So Camilla's new VA in FE: Warriors is kind of bad. I mean, none of the voice work is particularly stunning, but it stands out and not in a good way. I wish they had kept the original VA.


Current status


Between Mass Effect and Dragon Age, DA was always going to be the better off between the two franchises in the long run given that Dragon Age was as much about its characters and universe and not solely its characters.


To echo an earlier post, mounts are absolutely fantastic in GW2's Path of Fire and they all look amazing.


Happy Halloween, you fucks.


This arrived about two hours ago and I already love it. So. Much. Lore. I'm kind of having a hard time putting it down.


Guild Wars 2 has a new expansion that goes live in about a minute. This is probably the least talked about MMO expansion I've seen in years. Oh well, I can't wait to get started regardless. The new elite classes are going to be great.


Do you fucks know what day it is? Damn right it's the best day of the week. It's pretty much all down hill after today so enjoy this shit while it lasts. #OniGirlFriday.


So I bowled a near perfect game in Tekken 7 today. This mode is honestly some of the most fun I've had with the game outside of character customization.


Played a few online matches in Tekken 7 over the past few days. Rage arts are a crutch and players default to them far too often. Also, no, I'm not dead and it's gotta be Friday somewhere. I'm back to give you what you fucks what you love.


So I know MMOs that aren't Final Fantasy XIV aren't really covered, but ANet is announcing their second expansion for Guild Wars 2 today at 9 PDT if anyone is interested in checking that out. https://www.twitch.tv/events/73414


Been playing a lot more Tekken 7. Katarina is easily my favorite of the new crop of characters. The others are kind of underwhelming to be honest. I still really wish we'd get some hint of Zafina soon.


Bought Tekken 7 the other day so I could have something to play while taking time off from Blood & Wine. I wasn't expecting something this chill when I entered the customization menu.


Current Status


Back at it again with the Witcher III. Had a brief chance to play on an Xbox One. Game runs near unrealistically well or maybe this is just the true power of a good computer. Either way, I'm enjoying the heck out of the adventures of sassy magic Batman.


Today's Thursday Tribute.


Mashups? Sure. You fucks like weeb shit right, so here, have some weeb shit.


After having hours long fights with it at two major turns, (Windows 7 needing special care in order to be installed and a BIOS update for near required for stability) the new system if finally exactly where I wanted it to be. Now for games.


LOOK AT WHAT I GOT! (It's a standard 1600, not the "X". It's also gonna have a GTX 1060, 8Gb RAM to start, and a 2TB HDD.)


It's Friday punk bitches!


Haven't posted anything Oni or otherwise in quite a while due to work. So here, have an English cover of one of my favorite anime openings.


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