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Did someone say funk? Because I can definitely FUNK YOU UP, SON


Got Fire Emblem: Three Houses pre-loaded on my Switch today. I might pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the week before depending on how busy I am for two new games. I do plan on getting both that and the new Pokemon before the year is out though.




Just got Saga Book 3 in the mail, so videogaming is going to have to wait for a bit as I work my way through the first two and ultimately book three again. Such a good series, I can't recommend it enough.


Yeah, I know it's still Thursday, but I feel like we can and should make a special exception here.


Would have been nice if the Pax site had done more than just say "coming soon" for pre-registration probably could have managed a four day badge then. Oh well, I have badges for Friday, Sunday, and Monday. It's my first Pax, so I'll make the most of it.


Looking at the videogame Youtuber mess going right now and while I do feel like bad for some of those involved, I'm also disconnected enough to have a good laugh about all of it. It's the perfect clusterfuck of soap opera level drama.


Today I learned that AIKA is in Yakuza Kiwami 2 and it's a lot more awkward when the models used in the game are ones you "recognize", you know?


Why hello there Christina Hendricks.


Getting back to that classic Friday feeling.


So on top of everything else, Dead or Alive 6 doesn't even have Tag mode, something that has been in everything single game in the series since Dead or Alive 2 back in 2000. What the ever loving hell is Koei-Tecmo doing?


Haven't done that Thursday thing in a while, so...


World vs World shenanigans with my guild in Guiod Wars 2. I wish ANet would do more for the mode, but I love a lot of what's there already. Hopefully, we'll get something soon or have a another MMO close to what GW2 has to offer.


Wouldn't the R in the speculated enhanced Persona 5 version would stand for Ruby since the previous two enhanced versions for Persona were Platinum and Golden? You know assuming this is even what that is.


Did the thing. This should be fun.


I swear there are few things more baffling than elitism in Pokemon. It's like some folks are destined to be assholes. Like their birth was prophesied atop Mount Asshole, by a third generation high priest of Asshole and Garbage Stances.


Fucked around and had three Manhattan's on break today with my boss. Goodness gracious of life was that a fucking mistake. I don't even know why I did that and needless to say nothing was accomplished afterwards. Still, good times were had.


Remember the "vagina bones" non-controversy?


Made Sun Shang Xiang in SCVI. Feeling pretty accomplished with my day now all things considered.


That Jojo part five ending though. 10/10


That new Who person and their introductory episode was pretty good. Still dont have any real faith in Chibnall, but we'll see what happens. She reminds me of Four and Two who are two of my favorites so I'm excited to see where things go from here.


Years later, this is still my absolute favorite joke from The Onion.


Dragon Quest XI is my game of the year, hands down. I doubt anything coming out later this year will be as genuinely enjoyable as this has been for me.


Game of the Year goes to Dragon Quest XI calling it now. This is the kind of game that would have made me love videogames as a kid and that's a rare feeling/experience to match.


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