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Can whoever is doing the Just Cause 4 review please cover how it compares to JC2 vs how JC3 compared to JC2? JC3 had massive issues that ruined the game and I'd like to know if it compares favorably with JC2. Makes me laugh, every damn time.


The Smash trailer should have had Waluigi get hit by the blast and then rewind to show it again and again.


So I just had a thought: Is Bowser supposed to be a Koopa or a Kappa? It's entirely possible this is a stupid question, but fuck it I'll run with it.


So um... Cali fires. Yay? Here's hoping they don't make it out to me. Only 20 or so miles and I'm homeless.


I keep forgetting that some people actually WANT the Share button on the Dualshock 4. Some people actually hit it intentionally. Which probably means I'm in the minority of wishing it were still Select.


So far, I'm 3 for 3 on conferences. Xbox One conference had Forza Horizon 4 and that rabbit Zelda clone. Bethesda had Doom 4.5. Devolver Digital had Metal Wolf Chaos. Best E3 yet. Oh and Sony is going to go too I guess.


Going to preorder Forza Horizon 4 when it's announced. Maybe I'll make a review post for it. I hope I don't have to *race* Chris Carter for the review. Because I'll lose. Yeah, tell your friends.


Thoughts on Secret of Mana remake (PS4)

Things I enjoy about the game so far: No limit of 4 of each item. Thank god. Can now collect up to 12 of the same item. Music can be switched between classic and rearranged. Running doesn't completely reset your charge bar. Charging you...


Been playing Cogmind (which I backed early in development). God I love Rogue-likes. If you've played Final Fantasy Legend 2, you have a basic idea how to robot creation works. Great shit.


Dammit. Don Rickles died.


You ever have one of these conversations? (6 minutes 7 seconds in)


KoF2K2, Borderlands 2, and a couple others added to Xbox One BC.


Rabite's GotY List for 2016 (OC DO NOT STEAL)

  What a hell of a year it's been. Celebrity deaths. Game releases. Game industry related bullshit. Bullshit politics. Arcane gods wiping entire populations from the face of the Earth and from people's memories. Taco Bell for dinn...


Anybody looking to try out some random games give this Twitter account a shot: Try the game out and give a review. That's literally how you pay for the games you get.


A Very Rabite-y Review of Forza Horizon 3

Having now put a couple (hundred) hours into it I have some additional thoughts on the game:A: Best soundtrack in a Forza game to date. Motorsport or Horizon. In all the previous games I've ended up turning the music of completely very...


There's now a randomizer for Mother 3...


For those with a New 3DS (or are Mega Man X whores): New 3DS VC: Mega Man X2- $7.99


Anybody with an Xbox One: Get the Forza Horizon 3 demo! It's better than Horizon 2!


I'd give up Battlefield and CoD ever existing if Doom had come out 3 months ago. Game is fun.


So, Nintendo finally gave us portable SNES VC eh?

Big surprise eh? Rabite wants Secret of Mana on 3DS. Stop the presses. So after a little over a year Nintendo has announced SNES Virtual Console is a thing. In addition to the 9 already known and announced for the US, there's also a bunc...


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