DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40
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I’m 8/10 drunk and have to drive to Portland in the morning. My hands smell like bleu cheese


What I like most about Octopath Traveler right now is that I don't have to allocate skillpoints. I hate allocating skillpoints.


Oh yeah, happy birthday fellow Indianan, Wilf!


Finally bought some pieces from Squarepainter. He’s fucking awesome.


Octopath Traveler! I can’t wait for Friday. I literally know nothing about the game other than it’s stylings. I’m so excited to go in blind


Remember when I said OPSEAT sent me a free chair in exchange for some pictures? Well here it is! I love Reddit.


I keep on seeing crazy sales on nvidia cards littered all over social media. That means new cards are coming soon, right?


So, after posting my office setup on the BattleStations subreddit, a guy from the company OPSEAT contacted me and offered to send me a free chair in exchange if I take some pictures of it inside my office. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Did some nature today with Mrs Travolta


I just made it to the final 2 for the first time on Fort Nite solos. Dude smoked me! Why is this so much fun on the Switch?!


After being initially super disappointed with not seeing Metroid Prime 4 this morning, right now. I’m ok with it. They’d probably want to show it in a more complete state, and im ok with that. I trust Nintendo. Maybe.


If Nintendo doesn’t show Metroid Prime 4, I’m going to go ahead and say this is the absolute worst E3 in recent history


My oldest friend sent me a mix-tape cd in the mail. I cried because it's quite possibly the nicest thing a friend has ever done for me.


id makes the best shotguns


I really hope we see some Witchfire tomorrow.


I love these scripted playthroughs. Displaying how nobody ever talks in a game to their friends. It’s more like ‘hey dickface get over here and start the event’


Drunk again and Mrs Travolta is sleeping on me


Fuck, why did it have to be Bourdain? And his best friend Eric Ripert found him. What a tragic loss. :(


what's that butt doin


Finally got my corner of the office setup!


Holy crap. I completely forgot about Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima. I'm really interested to learn more about it in the coming week! (hopefully)


Yay! I get to help make some beer today!


Happy Friday y’all! What is everyone getting into this weekend? I start my first solo shift at the brewery on Sunday!


Found some cockroaches outside our house earlier this week. Thank goodness I spray around the perimeter bi-weekly. They were all dead. But we have an exterminator coming today to make sure we’re safe from all things crawly. Sigh. Joys of being a homeown


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