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Fuck. I forgot about MAGfest! I’ve always wanted to go. Next year!


And just like that, she's gone.


Things are finally starting to look up. I'm able to afford to buy my ex out of her equity in our house and keep the house for myself. I'm gonna become a single homeowner, yall!


Finally watching Witcher season 2. Holy fuck when did this get scary as fuck? Also getting some Dark Soul vibes? I dunno, but I’m fucking loving it!


Also, Warzone Pacific is really... <i>really</i> bad.


I really hope I can make it out to see the Spidermens in the theater. I really really really want to see it.


Weeb’n out in Portland Oregon this weekend


Going to the a Van Gogh exhibit in Portland next Friday. So amped.


How does one extract a tooth brush bristle out of your gums


we get drunk on tuesdays and play warzone together. I'm pretty bad at the game, but this is my crowning achievement


Sidenote: I started watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure last night and I'm surprised how much I'm actually into it.


Was able to snag an Xbox Series X. I already bought a cooling tower that doubles as a controller charger too. What other accessories should I pick up for it?


48% of the trophies acquired for Binding of Isaac. My depression goal is to hit 100%. And drink whiskey.


I've also switched jobs. I'm back to doing graphic design for a marketing company in my small mountain town, but I have another opportunity that might be arising soon. Tell me about where you live and why you like it. I might want to move soon.


An update: I'm still on the west coast. Mrs. Travolta and I are no longer together. That was an 11 year journey that's now done. It was for the best. I've been playing a lot of Binding of Isaac to keep me sane.


How come I cannot log into comment on stuff on the main page, but I can still log in here? Oh btw hi, my life is in shambles but I'm here again. lol


The best thing I saw on TGA


It happened boys. Got lucky as fuck.


I just want to fucking play Demon Souls. I hate these bot using fucks


Who wants a hug?


Guys. I really shit the bed this time. I really want to play the new Demon Souls but.. you know. Cant find a fucking PS5 to save my life.


Oh and hi again. I’m Travolta


I had a friend on discord last night tell me his grievances with Last of Us 2, without spoiling it for me. Luckily, it still hasn’t been spoiled for me, but I’m excited to go into it this afternoon and see what all the fuss is about.


I know I've gone somewhat mia around these parts as of the last year or so. I'm still alive if any of you still care. I hope y'all are well and have a great New Year.


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