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My thoughts on Left 4 Dead.

So, earlier this summer I got to tinker around with L4D. It was an easy game to throw into the "Game of the year" ranks from the get go. Did I just say Get Go? After finally getting to play online with some friends I have a little strong...


In honor of Nick Chester...

Just because I love Nick so much. I also love to say "OLD NEWS!" and with this morning breaking news about OMG, a Dantes Inferno game! Who could have GUESSED that one? Jesus Christ. If you guessed that you must be the goddamn fortunetelle...


Jack Thompson is an hero

Since we owe you so much and you sacrificed your career so that my virgin eyes never saw bad words, blood, or girl parts, I have a gift for you. Happy birthday Camtub, Yashoki (even though you have 6 Mexican birfdYS PER YEARS) AND yACH...


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