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one pea at a time: new fanart

I was supposed to dismiss Plants vs Zombies entirely but by the time I stopped, it was too late. This game, as cliche as it sounds, just wouldn't let me go. Crazy stuff. === E3 rants I don't know why Nintendo even bothered to announce ...


the mystery partner

While most internet discussions regarding Fumito Ueda's non-reveal of his next project is directed at his very vague description of it ("The game is similar to ICO."), I am more intrigued by his reaction to Suda51's brilliant prodding...


new game, new fanart, new impressions

Due to my insistence that I will only buy one game per quarter, I held off on Animal Crossing: City Folk for months (Madworld's coming next week, though, so I'll probably break the silent oath). I finally bought it last weekend and, as usua...



Another sorta-game-inspired stuff I made just a while ago. Inspired by all the times I''ve been late for something.


the Fragile post

I don't know about you guys, but every time I listen to Fragile's main theme (sung by Aoi Teshima), I always imagine a modern day Hansel & Gretel, still lost in the woods. Hope you like my interpretation: Hmm, maybe I can ask someone to ...


the unbearable lightness

I know, I know: it's a Wii Fit art. Don't give me that look--hey, you just did! Stop it! In fairness to the device, it really made me stop and watch my weight wildly fluctuate. Right now I'm under 130 lbs, just a few more pounds from my ...


redo and the boom blox thing

Wow, so my 1st post got 24 "effin" comments. That was scary. But thank you anyway for the warm (and touching) welcome. Anyways, I should have introduced myself in the previous post, so I'm just going to interview myself here: Q: So... w...


First effin post

A little break before they finish up the Post-it Christmas tree. Check out some of my stuff here: http://garganroo.deviantart.com/gallery/#game-stuff Merry Christmas everyone.


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