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Just finished off Darksiders 3. Overall I liked it, but there's a lot I'm conflicted on. On one hand I think some of the negative reception was unfair, but I don't think this is some hidden underrated gem either. Glad it exists and it's not a disaster.


Opinions on Dragon Age Inquisition? It's super cheap in the PSN sale, and I did enjoy a trial of it I played a while ago. But Bioware RPGs aren't generally my thing and I've heard mixed things on this one.


Special holiday message from your good friend The Max.


Should probably be jumping on the #carporntoid bandwagon given how much I play Forza.


Just beat Lust in Darksiders 3. A great boss and actually a very cool take on the concept too. Not what you might expect from something inspired by edgy 90s comics. Goes in to what the concept of lust entails instead of just going for the easy answer.


After all these years I finally beat DMC4 on Son of Sparda! Best pope punching simulator in all of games.


Finished off Darksiders 2 yet again, making it five times now. Still a lot of fun, and playing it on the hardest mode really lets the combat shine.


Anyone else seen Hilda? Been watching it lately and it's great! Really cute and fun, and some impressively fluid animation.


Finally finished CrossCode! Really fun time with great combat, interesting mechanics, and charming characters. It's a surprisingly big game too, and it isn't afraid to give you a challenge.


CrossCode is fun. gifs are fun.


I always feel bad for not properly finishing Drakengard 3. I'd like to give it another shot, but I think I'd find it even harder to get on with it now. But it had a great soundtrack. Someone modded it in to Taiko No Tatsujin too.


Some metal for Tuesday. Wish I could have been there for this show. Looks amazing.


The PC demo for Forza Horizon 4 is pretty impressive. Way better performance optimisation than FH3, and it has a really extensive benchmarking tool too.


PSA: Forza Horizon 2 and all its DLC is getting delisted on Sept 20th. That said, the only DLC worth getting is the Storm Island expansion. Suspected this would happen, like it did when FH1 was put on GwG like 2 is right now.


This is pretty cool.


Here's a little something for #ScreenshotSaturday from Zeno Clash 2. These games are full of some really amazing visual design. Everything looks like it comes from the weirdest prog rock album art.


PSA for people thinking about picking up Dead Cells on the Switch. The game has a constant stuttering problem, and occasional frame rate drops. Apparently the devs know about this but didn't think it was big enough to fix before launch.


Went back an 100%ed A Hat in Time. It may be a small game, but I almost never do that with anything. It's a great time. Soundtrack is banging too.


Sega just let slip Yakuza 6 is coming to PC next year in a fiscal report. Link in comments.


Something about dancing I guess.


Seen a few people on this site try out FLCL and not like it. Always found that a bit disappointing. But I think this video might help some of those people appreciate it a bit more. Don't expect it to make much sense on first viewing, just enjoy the ride.


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