NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH
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Just booted up Dante's Inferno since they just added it on XB1 BC. Looking through the DLC since I never played it. The ability to dodge out of a combo is day-one DLC in that game.


Just picked up The Vagrant, since it just released on Steam and looked interesting, but I've not heard any talk about it. Turns out it's pretty good! Very Vanillaware-esque, and it's super cheap too. Go check it out!


Thanks to a goof on the Windows Store on PC, the entire car list for Forza Horizon 4 has been leaked early. As I suspected, no Supra, which is a massive shame. Damn licenses. At least the Speed 12 and Morgan SS are back. Link in comments.


It's finally happening!!! We're finally getting a spiritual successor to Burnout from Three Fields! The ex-Burnout devs! Link in comments.


The BluRay for Avatar is finally mine! Disappointed I didn't get the version with the sweet black and blue case, but it's the contents that matter most. I can also confirm it works on Region 2 players!!


Is anyone else having problems with their Ubisoft account? I got some suspicious activity on mine last night, but I haven't been able to sign in all day to change my password. The main Ubisoft site is down for me too.


Free copy of Stories: Path of Destinies! Promotion for the spiritual sequel coming out soon. Can confirm Stories is really fun too.


SSX 3 is still a blast. Almost never bother playing BC stuff on the Xbox, but this one got me hooked again.


It's Earth Day, so that means we get to listen to Earth Day again. (annual bump!)


Spent most of the day grinding in MH in preparation for taking on Tempered Kirin. Got my sword fully upgraded, nice ugly mixed set for thunder resistance and fire damage. SOS helpers all die and fail the quest in less than 10 minutes. Fun.


Started playing Ni No Kuni 2. Enjoying it so far, but there's a lot of weird stuff in it. It's all very lighthearted and cute, but there's loads of talk of death, and your quest is literally to take over the world. You play as a megalomaniacal catboy.


The Splatoon European Championship starting in about 20 minutes! Stream links in comments.


Splatoon is a fun, kid-friendly game with a positive and welcoming community.


The Darkness 2 is a great game, but I'll always love the original the most. A fantastic piece of storytelling and tone setting. Soundtrack was killer too.


There's a new Kubbi album out, and it's really damn good.




Finished Snake Pass, thanks to BigDoniel for giving me a key. Camera caused some annoyance later on, but overall I liked it. Very unique and fun game. Cutest snake in gaming!


It's good to stay informed. Keep ahead of the curve!


Bayo 2 is fun.


My copy of SotC remake finally arrived. Was a little apprehensive going in, but I was relieved to find the magic is still there. Although I noticed some weird bugginess with the 4th colossus. Seen gifs of similar things happening. Anyone else seen that?


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