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Finished Astral Chain. A very unique and impressive game. Far from perfect, but unlike anything else, and brilliant fun when it's at its best.


Really enjoying Astral Chain now I've got the hang of it. Near the end now. But I'm really not a fan of how you get ranked on random gimmick objectives. Normal fights are almost always S or S+, while carrying boxes with awful gyro controls is like D-B.


Been having a weird time with Astral Chain. At first it was really disappointing. Confused by all the praise. But then today I unlocked some specific moves and suddenly it clicked. Can't remember any game I've turned around on so much and so quickly.


Anyone got any interest in Greedfall? It seems to be creating a bit of positive buzz lately, and it looks like it might be pretty cool. But it's from a dev that doesn't have a great track record.


I have a feeling that Death Stranding may become a licensing nightmare at some point in the future. With all the famous people in it, the rights to their likenesses will end up making the game not legally sellable at some point.


For when you want a tasty sandwich but also you're not sure whether you actually exist.


Having replayed all the Bioshock games recently, I was thinking of giving the Dishonored games a shot. Which is best though? I usually hear it's the first, but occasionally I see people prefer the sequel.


Watch this please.


Now that Splatfests are over, now seems like a good time to draw attention to that Pearl's VA is actually in a rock band called Lighter190E, and they're pretty good.


Reminder that the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2 starts today! Chaos vs Order! It'll run for 72 hours, so there's plenty of time to join in.


Codex Entry is finally back after a long absence, with what is probably his best video yet.


Potentially spicy take: The Crush40 music for SA1&2 were and still are legitimately good and they only went bad after that point.


Codemasters are finally bringing back the Grid series! I expect this is probably the first of the inevitable E3 reveals that always get announced before E3 for this year.


I really like stumbling on cool little low-profile indie projects, only to find a bunch more as a result. Pictured: Citadel Deep. Some more cool stuff in the comments, including flying wizard battles!


The new Hat in Time DLC is pretty fun I guess.


The guy who made Salad Fingers is now working with Flying Lotus and David Lynch. Directed this video.


Thinking about going back to an old RPG but I can't decide. The Witcher 2 or Dragon's Dogma? The former would be like the 4th or 5th try at getting in to it, and the latter would be a choice between continuing NG+ with my warrior build, or starting fresh.


It's Earth Day, so that means we get to listen to Earth Day again. (second annual bump!)


A huge bunch of official info about the next Playstation just surfaced. Supports ray tracing, can run 8K, uses a super fast SSD, is backward compatible, and can still run discs too. Link in comments.


Consider the following:


How many people here are still playing Smash Ultimate at least semi-regularly? It feels like the buzz about it died down pretty quickly after release.


Found some Easter Eggs in DMC5. References to enemies from 4. If you go to the Gallery and turn off the UI you can move the camera and see them. Probably more there too that I missed.


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