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Damn you to Hell, Nergigante! Haven't really come across a serious roadblock in this game so far, except for now.


One of the best things about Monster Hunter is how it dynamically teaches you to create your own combo strings out of a wide range of relatively simple commands. Gives you so much control over what you do, and makes it so satisfying to put it together.


I really hope Platinum's Granblue Fantasy game gets a release outside Japan. It looks so good! I need this!


A couple of fun moments from the latest Splatfest.


Humble Bundle are giving away Cat Girl Without Salad, meaning it's finally available without having to subscribe to Humble Monthly, and it's free! So if you want to finally see the results of a five year old April Fool's joke, go get it. Link in comments.


At least Rainmaker is still fun as hell.


Really enjoying the new mode in Splat 2...


Remember those documentaries on Bioshock and Perception that Dtoid put up on their Youtube channel? The people who made those have their own channel with other stuff too, and they just put up this cool interview with Jesper Kyd.


Been wanting to post this for #arbitrarymetaltuesday for a while, but it didn't show up on Youtube until lately. Love that outro sequence.


Finished the new BotW DLC. It was just okay. It starts off kind of bad, but gets better as it goes on. Outside of the final boss, it's mostly just more of the same. Some recycled content too.


Holy shit! They just released an HD version of the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender series! Problem is, it's only on iTunes... Here's hoping it makes its way to Blu Ray in the future.


There's a supposed leak of DMC5 going around. Coming from someone who has apparently leaked stuff before, but I'm still pretty skeptical. The info does make sense though, and if true, sounds really good. Link in comments.


Is the story DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth getting? Thinking about picking the game up, unsure which version to go for. EDIT: Bumping for more opinions


So the new Splatoon update is out, and there's something about it we weren't told. The Great Zapfish is missing! Again! It's not hiding behind the tower or flying around either. Maybe a tease for single player DLC?


Drew Scanlon's new Cloth Map episode it out. This time taking a look at the Brazilian grey market for games. Interesting stuff!


The new Switch clip feature is pretty fun, if limited.


I've been hearing a lot of bad things about FM7 lately. I've been a huge fan of the series since it started, but I just cancelled my pre-order. Might be the first entry I end up skipping.


Little something for #arbitrarymetaltuesday Haven't listened to these guys in quite a while. This album still kicks arse though.


Finally got a new phone, and freed myself of the tyranny of iTunes. But now I'm in need of a new podcast service to replace it with. Since iTunes is all I've ever used, I don't really know what else is out there. Any suggestions?


Picked up Hellblade today, and wow that game is something! Really intense wearing headphones. Definitely the way to go. I was kind of surprised how it's almost more of a horror game than an action game.


Mayo has won the EU Splatfest as well! They ended up winning in all regions. Ketchup was the more popular team, but by less than it was compared to the US Splatfest.


Been really enjoying the Splatfest. The previous Testfire had me a bit concerned about the game. Didn't have a great time with that. Either they improved the controls since then, or I just managed to get used to them, but it feels way better.


I've been a fan of this guy's work for a while. It's really great stuff, yet it doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves. So check it out!


SGDQ has resulted in a bunch of really fun Nier fan art.


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