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I'm having a hard time getting in to DMC5 again because my PS4 is so loud I can hardly hear the game. Guess I'm going to have to crack it open and replace the thermal paste.


Decided to jump back into DMC5, and actually try to get in to building combos. It's nothing amazing, but pretty pleased with it as a first attempt. Takes down this guy in a single combo on hard difficulty.


Finally played through Vane. Many years ago I was pretty excited for this, but it got stuck in dev hell and reviews put me off. I liked some parts, but it's a mixed bag. Some great art and atmosphere, but also obtuse and bad at giving you directions.


So now CrossCode is out on console, but it looks like almost no big sites have reviewed it. The PC release didn't get much either. What's up with that? Did they not send out review codes?


Just finished OneShot, one of the games included in the huge itch charity bundle. Very cute, atmospheric, and does some really impressive and innovative things breaking the fourth wall, making you interact with the game in unusual ways. Highly recommended


Splatoon is five years old today!


Finished off replaying through El Shaddai today. An aesthetically amazing game that deserves way more attention than it gets. It's way too hard to pick a single screenshot to represent it too, it has so many amazing diverse environments.


My first Qpost is sadly as relevant as ever...


A bit of footage of the Nier mobile game. Looks appealing, but they did also confirm it has a gacha model.


Some Words on Devil May Cry 3 on Switch

In a previous blog I talked about the early Devil May Cry games, as I was playing them in preparation for Devil May Cry 3 releasing on Switch. And now it has released and I’ve had time to dig in to it and collect my thoughts, I f...


Some Words on Mirror's Edge Catalyst

After many years I finally managed to complete Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It was an infuriating game, but nevertheless with some brief flashes of what it could have been. So much of it dragged down the experience though, getting in ...


First impressions of DMC3 on Switch. Style switching is very cool, Royal Guard is more forgiving than I remember it, the Agni and Rudra fight is still really good, but playing in handheld mode is a bad idea.


Platinum are teasing something called "Platinum 4". Sure sounds like the Capcom 5... https://twitter.com/platinumgames/status/1224271645721759747


Some Words on Devil May Cry 1 & 2

Devil May Cry has long been an important series to me. Or to tell the truth, DMC4 has been important to me ever since it was first released way back in 2008. While I did have some awareness of the previous games at the time, 4 was my f...


I wanted to replay El Shaddai lately, but I found that it has an awful stuttering problem any time you hit anything. I'm pretty sure it was never this bad before. Tried to fix it but nothing worked. Maybe I'll track down a PS3 copy instead.


Hyper Light Drifter is the free game on the Epic store today. One of the best indie games ever.


Someone made their own fan art concept for Splatoon 3, and it's insanely impressive. Ridiculous amounts of detail and lore, and art that looks like it could be official. Link in comments.


Looks like Square Enix is teasing something for the Nier 10th Anniversary coming soon! https://www.jp.square-enix.com/nier10th/


As good as MCC is, it's always been a bit disappointing it didn't keep the original dynamic menus.


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