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A huge bunch of official info about the next Playstation just surfaced. Supports ray tracing, can run 8K, uses a super fast SSD, is backward compatible, and can still run discs too. Link in comments.


Consider the following:


How many people here are still playing Smash Ultimate at least semi-regularly? It feels like the buzz about it died down pretty quickly after release.


Found some Easter Eggs in DMC5. References to enemies from 4. If you go to the Gallery and turn off the UI you can move the camera and see them. Probably more there too that I missed.


Turns out DMC5 is pretty great. Who knew? Also, this.


You know how in Steam Big Picture they put recent news stories about a game on your library page?




Why did nobody tell me how amazing the Kid Icarus Uprising soundtrack is!?


Made a little thing. You can point your eyes at it if you like.


Good news for lovers of edgy memes! Turns out Darksiders 3 wasn't a flop after all, and met sales expectations and is now making a profit. THQ is also doing really well in general. Link to story in comments.


Alright I guess I'll do a #shelfietoid too. One of five pics. I like my physical copies, even if they just sit there gathering dust for years.


TheGamingBrit put out a really cool and thoughtful video on Travis Strikes Again and Suda51's career. Really cool stuff, and spoilers, obviously.


It's been a while since I did some #carporntoid so here's some more. Giving the game a bit of a rest now too. The seasonal events have started to lose their appeal somewhat.


Alright you incorrigible nerds tell me what to play from my backlog. The options: SOMA, Shadow Warrior, Momodora, CoJ: Gunslinger, The Swapper, Kameo, or just replay old stuff again?


The eternal question: what genre is Luigi's Mansion?


Just finished off Darksiders 3. Overall I liked it, but there's a lot I'm conflicted on. On one hand I think some of the negative reception was unfair, but I don't think this is some hidden underrated gem either. Glad it exists and it's not a disaster.


Opinions on Dragon Age Inquisition? It's super cheap in the PSN sale, and I did enjoy a trial of it I played a while ago. But Bioware RPGs aren't generally my thing and I've heard mixed things on this one.


Special holiday message from your good friend The Max.


Should probably be jumping on the #carporntoid bandwagon given how much I play Forza.


Just beat Lust in Darksiders 3. A great boss and actually a very cool take on the concept too. Not what you might expect from something inspired by edgy 90s comics. Goes in to what the concept of lust entails instead of just going for the easy answer.


After all these years I finally beat DMC4 on Son of Sparda! Best pope punching simulator in all of games.


Finished off Darksiders 2 yet again, making it five times now. Still a lot of fun, and playing it on the hardest mode really lets the combat shine.


Anyone else seen Hilda? Been watching it lately and it's great! Really cute and fun, and some impressively fluid animation.


Finally finished CrossCode! Really fun time with great combat, interesting mechanics, and charming characters. It's a surprisingly big game too, and it isn't afraid to give you a challenge.


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