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My speech about video games.

<edit: hey i'm going to rewrite it this weekend now that I read it to some people today so I will repost the revision later this weekend but until then enjoy.> Hey everyone, Some of you may know me and others not so much but as of the...



This blog is just to say thank you to Ceark and the community in general for being great! As some of you may remember ceark had a contest about a week or so back where a random person got a nice lot of pc games and a few nes games. Well I ...



GUESS WHAT I'M LOOKING AT FOR THE 6th FUCKING TIME.... RED RING OF DEATH What the fuck is wrong with microsoft are they jsut going out of their way to make sure that my shit is fucked 99.9% of the time. After me buying one of these at la...


I WANT to be the guy...

There I said it I want to be the guy. after looking here at this I decided i would try to be the guy. I downloaded the game today and as of now I can only make it to screen 2 but i only just started...... i will keep you posted on my ques...


First Post: Sites you don't know but should.

Hey there everyone I'm Shawnzzy and I'm new to destructroid. I have lurked around for a bit now and I think I'm going to start contributing to the site. And so with my first post I wanted to show everyone a site I think is really cool and ...


About Shawnzzyone of us since 9:06 PM on 10.01.2007

Hey there I'm Shawnzzy and I'm just some nub from Oklahoma that loves to play games.
I like all kinds of games but if I had to choose my favorite types I would say, RPGs , Fighters, and FPS. You don't have to tell me I'm generic cause I already know. I hope the 2 cents I add here gets read by maybe 1 or 2 people but most likely no one will see it. Oh well at least I tried. Hope you guys dig my blog.


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