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Guys, a new Pokemon prototype has surfaced! While it's unfortunately not publicly available, this one predates Pokemon Red and Green and contains elements from the original "Capumon" concept! Link in comments.


I ain't been around, so I don't know if y'all have been watching AGDQ, but I'm having a blast! Today's the last day so I plan to make the most of it before I have to head back home. Side note- placed 7th at the Smash Ultimate tournament we ran here!


Asked for two days off to play Ultimate, management gave me 3. Yo, I ain't gonna complain. A three day weekend to play Ultimate and enter my first Ultimate tournament on Sunday sounds like a swell fuckin' deal to me.


Stick in my GC controller was starting to act funky...was worried I'd have to desolder it and stuff, but my stick uses a plastic stick box. Those are just screwed on, so I swapped it with the c-stick's box and it seems to be playing better now.


Nintendo Switch Online is pathetic, and the fact they warned users beforehand doesn't excuse the fact that they're charging for such an undercooked service. It's fine if you're excited, but this has really disappointed me as a Nintendo fan.


I think my favorite thing about playing the original Pokemon games is that there always seems to be something that catches me off guard. I know a ridiculous amount about the game, yet I was blown away when I found I could teach my Shellder Teleport.


Good news! Gamecube-style pro controllers being made for Switch. Bad news....they're third party. However, from my experience Power A's Switch controllers have been far above the usual trash, though not Nintendo-quality. Link in comments!


Got in on the prototype Pokemon fun this morning with one of my favorites of the bunch. I might touch this up sometime when I get the time.


Got Project M working with the Gamecube Controller Adapter on my Wii U today...brings back memories. I miss my community college days when I sometimes skipped class to play this in the lounge all day.


Sounds like GCU might be dead. https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/997610067644985344


James Turner, one of the members of Game Freak responsible for monster design, shared some images from a manga telling the story of Satoshi Tajiri and Pokemon. This page has some unused Pokemon! I like the deer near the top (conveniently named "Deer")!


I haven't been around much, so I'm not sure if the people who've been keeping up have seen it, but the final part of Digimon Adventure Tri released earlier this month. It was Okay but it suffers a lot from the problems introduced in the previous 5.


It came about a whole month after I ordered it...but my Super Gameboy 2 arrived! It plays games at the proper clockspeed and has a built in link port, unlike the original. My other SGB had graphical issues that this one doesn't, which is another bonus!


Oh...oh my. Regardless of your feelings on Liam Robertson or GG (not spelling out the full name cause I'm unsure if it's blocked or not), Playasia is pulling some REAL unprofessional shit on twitter. Pics in comments.


I was excited when I heard that they would show a new Pokemon in the next movie trailer, but then I remembered I already know what it probably is and that it hasn't been officially announced despite how well known the data mine is.


My Super Gameboy had a common audio problem where the game sound would only play at an absurdly low volume, so I tried replacing the caps, yet it's still persisting. Maybe the one I bought is bad...and maybe I just impulse-bought the Japan-only SGB2. :I


So I'm looking to get some Gameboy/SNES games to go with my shiny new Super NT. I have a Super Gameboy on the way, so don't need to worry about that. Here are the ones I'm thinking about: Pokemon TCG, Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3, Goof Troop.


My Super NT was delivered...yesterday! But finally was free to pick it up today. Plays great! Absolutely no lag (as far as I can tell), games look beautiful on it...my one gripe is that carts fit tight, especially Super Famicom carts. Vid related.


I really want a Switch version of Punch-Out!!


I'm not sure who here likes Brawl, but if you want to watch a tournament for a ten year old video game check the link in the comment below!


Hey so I got quoted in TWO stories about a crowdfunded Nintendo Switch dock. Links in comment cause I ain't got this qpost thing figured out after all this time.


While from a lore and even game design standpoint I find hard to get Pokemon fun and interesting, as a player hunting down a bear that only has a 5% chance of appearing in the morning and a 50% chance of running away is infuriating.


Something I never really understood is the large number of fightsticks and gamepads that have turbo built in. As far as I know any competition worth it's salt bans turbo. So how do players work around it? Do they just have to have one without a turbo key?


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