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This is why people dislike random tripping in Brawl (vid in link): https://twitter.com/Anti/status/953133350046306304


I managed to sneak in some FighterZ before leaving AGDQ last night, and I think I finally got to grips with the controls. This was my first time playing this style of fighter but I dug it. It's definitely beginner friendly, which is great for this series.


If you're at AGDQ feel free to say hi to me! Currently watching the Ultima run.


No one here is talking about it, but watching TMR crush the turbo tunnel blindfolded was aweinspiring. I was in the audience for his attempt 2 years ago, and I was there today as well. Great stuff.


All packed up and ready to go to AGDQ. Just passing the time till it's time to leave. I've been looking forward to this since the last time I went, which was two years ago now.


This video (or at least this reupload from NicoNico) will turn a decade old soon. This has got me all kinds of messed up right now.


Goty? Mine are probably BotW at number 1, Odyssey at 2, and then Sonic Mania on 3. Anything beyond that is impossible for me to rank.


Man I really don't know what I think of The Last Jedi. I don't think the good outweighs the bad though. Film really seemed to drag on forever.


I've only opened a couple things so far, but I got Mario + Rabbids (I held off cause I had a hunch I'd be getting this), an Amazon gift card, and then THIS beautiful thing....that you'll have to check the comments to see cause pics broke on my qposts!


So the BrawlBRSTMS3X channel is gonna be shut down soon. If you like your extended video game rips, they'll probably be uploading them on a new channel (SmashDSPs) but apparently with a focus on Nintendo music since that's least likely to get them struck.


Dug a little deeper into Brawlout today. Jeez does everyone who play online have a shit connection? This is taking me back to the Brawl days. Also, I'm confused by how strong some moves are but I think it's to compensate for how good recoveries are.


I think I'm starting to "get" Brawlout. I'm playing in training mode right now and getting a feel for what's similar and what's different from other platform fighters. It's interesting, but they need to squash those bugs and tighten things up IMO.


Better go get yer faps in now just in case the courts fail to block the repeal.


I admit I'm not really a person that follows specific musicians or styles outside of my undying love of video game OSTs, but I do still have my preferences. Classic Rock is really great stuff, and Hotel California might just be the pinnacle for me.


Wrapped up Ultra Sun tonight. Was a good time all around, and I enjoyed the RR Episode a fair bit more than I expected. It wasn't nearly as fan-ficy as I was expecting, though I do have some misgivings with how they rewrote RR's goals (spoilers!)


I've decided I've gotta cut down on the sugar. Cutting out Dr pepper is gonna be hard, but I suspect not as hard as watching how much is in the food I eat.


So my newest headset came in. I almost went in one of the pairs suggested to me, but there was a pretty good deal on this Supsoo headset, and it definitely fits the bill. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071JTR1B7/


Anyone else not really into the holidays? Being an adult with my own money has sucked the magic out of the season, and the same old songs and movies just remind me of the fact that I'm aging. It all goes by so fast, tho I miss how epic it felt as a child.


You might recognize this little ditty as the Jimquisition theme, but if you haven't given the full song a listen yet you're missing. Born Depressed is god damn addictive. #Musictoid


Friendly reminder this is a thing that exists. As memetastic as it is, it might also be my favorite mash-up ever.


If Pokemon games aren't tough enough for you, you don't need to do a Nuzlocke. These are the rules I usually play with: Battle style set to Set, EXP Share OFF, and No items (besides held items) during battle.


Anybody got some headphone/headset recommendations that sound good but won't break the bank? I'm not looking to spend more than $50-60, though preferably it'd be around the $40 range. Wired or wireless doesn't matter much.


I managed to not fuck anything up and now have a means of executing arbitrary code in Pokemon Blue on the VC. All of this power at my fingertips and I use it to edit a Mew so that it'll be accepted as legal by Pokemon Bank.


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