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Inspired by a discussion on my last qpost: What's one of your favorite Pokemon teams you've used? Could be in game or made for competitive play. I've used so many over the years they kinda blur together, but I think my favorites are from the DS gens.


Just became the league champ for what feels like the thousandth time, yet it's still exciting every time. Lance put up a good fight, with his final Dragonite taking down 3 (!) Pokes on its on before succumbing to my last Pokemon. Next, Kanto!


Welp I bit the bullet and tweeted/messaged a couple people on Twitter about GDQ. No success yet but I'm giving myself till the end of the month before I cancel my registration.


Samus Returns is easier than previous Metroids in the sense that it's more linear and more forgiving to newer players, but the enemies and bosses absolutely will kick your butt. However, I rather like how bosses work here.


My crippling fear of strangers has kept me from asking on places I don't regularly visit, but alas, I've yet to find that AGDQ roommate. I promise I keep good hygiene. :3


So any of you guys going to AGDQ 2018? I'm planning on going, but there's no way I'll be able to afford a hotel room by myself for a week. It'd be cool if I could split a room with some cool cats.


Man, these SNES success stories almost make me feel like a fool for putting up with Wal-mart taking a week to get mine to me, but I'm not really in a hurry to play them - I just needed the peace of mind that I could actually get one.


At work and sick as a dog. This is one of those days where I'd really prefer to be lying in bed with a Godzilla film on.


Pokemon is one of the main reasons I have a backlog. I find it hard to split my attention between games and I tend to lose interest quickly, or worse, burn myself out by playing too much at once. But I can always play Pokemon.


Shoelaces are fucking bullshit. We as a species have developed multiple better alternatives that are easier and faster to deal with, but you're not an adult unless you waste time in the morning tying knots. >=(


I was trying to create a bad clone (look it up) in Silver version to try to sneak Pokemon into the time capsule, but I only succeeded in making a small army of Sentret and filling one box up with phantom slots that can't be used. Whoops.


How good does a game have to be for you to overlook seemingly scummy business practices? First thing coming to mind is how Capcom's treated their fighting games as of late, but it can apply to anything.


I opened up a 3DS game today from Japan (to test my region free capabilities) to find a Club Nintendo code. The game itself is alright, seems like a mediocre action game but it came with plastic stuff to stick to my 3DS.


My copy of Samus Returns was supposedly delivered today...but it's not here. It was through the USPS though, so I'm guessing it's an error on their end. Either way, if it doesn't show up by tomorrow Amazon will get to deal with my fury.


I installed a custom firmware on my old 3DS and preodered Kirby Battle Royal from one of the European Amazon sites (I believe the German one) because fuck region locking and staggered release dates.


So I went ahead and registered for AGDQ, since that cap is going to be filled up soon. Not even sure if I'll be able to go yet or not, but the last time I went was awesome and I really want to go again after missing out on it this year.


While BotW is probably my actual "game of the year," I think Sonic Mania is GotY in my heart. At least barring any sudden late contenders...lookin' at you, Mario.


After venting a bit and listening to some music, I'm feeling a little better now.


One of my friends is a "truther" (ugh) and it's getting to the point where I seriously want to cut ties with him. That, or just lay into him really hard.


Came home from work wanting to make some cheese sticks with a premade crust, cheese (duh) and some jalapenos but remembered I had leftover wings. So I did the smart thing and made buffalo chicken cheese sticks with a side of ranch and it was AMAZING.


My adblocker (ublock) just sorta decided to stop working on my phone today so I'm back on AdBlock plus. I guess I'm gonna have to disable it to view disqus comments, but that's a small sacrifice to make.


The Drop Dash is honestly one of the best additions to Sonic's arsenal. It fits in so naturally, allowing you to maintain momentum from jumps, and acts as a nice complement to the regular Spin Dash.


NOT A DRILL PEOPLE https://www.walmart.com/ip/Super-NES-Classic-Edition-Universal/741659089?affp1=VHcC4PqKrU5-K4sP9Y%20-izpNyKrU&affilsrc=api&selectedSellerId=0&u1=&oid=223073.1&wmlspartner=FKSJxY2VJAk&sourceid=13577301643372916908&affillinkt


Sonic Mania is fun little game, but it's getting progressively less fun the further through it I get. Started strong, but then you run into some poorly designed levels, bosses, or sometimes both. I guess it's true to its roots, then!


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