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Fought two bandits in Kingdom Come. After a tough fight lasting about 2 minutes I finally killed them both only to bleed out a few seconds later. 10/10 realism


Kingdom Come Deliverance is educational as fuck. I just spent half an hour reading the codex entries. 9/10 better than Skyrim.


All right, I guess I can do this 2 truths, 1 lie thing. 1) I spent over $500 on MapleStory. 2) I've witnessed a murder. 3) I've never bought a gun. NOW WITH ANSWERS!


After killing 11 Teostras I finally achieved the look I wanted.


I have decided to start using a hunting horn in MHW. I really miss my Shell Castanets from Unite.


This is proof that we are living in the best timeline.


Damn it feels good to mentor my friends in Monster Hunter! They grow up so fast...


Texas, where finding spent ammunition in a grocery store parking lot is only slightly uncommon. It's .30 Carbine(7.62x33) for the two people who are curious.


Shit... I haven't even left for work yet and I'm already thinking about Monster Hunter. I knew I should have used one of my vacation weeks for this!


Oh, I don't know how many people know this, but there is a free DLC for monster hunter right now that adds in the classic prance, dance, clap, and rant gestures.


Mfw being in the superior US Central time zone means digital midnight releases happen at 11pm.


Every now and then I think I can platinum EDF 4.1 but then I look at the trophy list and see that I would basically have to beat the game 16 times. And that isn't even getting into obtaining all the weapons.


I finally beat Nergy solo! All I had to do was hit it with my magnum dong.


Ugh... Would it kill Monolith Soft to do some fucking audio mixing? I mean, I appreciate the effort to cover up the voice acting in XC2 with super loud music but it's getting old.


Only 3 weeks until Monster Hunter World! My body has been ready since 2009!


I finally decided to treat myself and bought a PS4 Pro. Of course the first thing I do after getting my data transferred is boot up GOTY Everybody's Golf. AW FUCK THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT STARTED?! I GOTTA PRACTICE!


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