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Welp, that's mission 20 beaten using only machine guns. Never again. #BuyAceCombat7


Showing off in Ace Combat 7 is so damn fun!


Man, Ace Combat 7 needs a fucking photo mode. Or at the very least let you pause and rewind replays. Also, oops I left the HUD on. #DangerZone


So Far Cry New Dawn is pretty good but I'm super disappointed that there is absolutely no visual customization for any of your weapons like in FC5. Like, the Highwaymen can paint THEIR guns but I can't paint mine?


Happy Floral Mark-up Day!


Oh yeah, the Nintendo Direct Happened. Ctrl+F "F-Zero" Oh.... Well, Rune Factory is nice I guess...


Figured I'd do the arcade mode in Ace Combat 5 for the two trophies and I forgot how fun it is! Not bad for my first run.


Just beat Ace Combat 5 HD and holy fuck is it an actual timeless classic. I legitimately feel bad for people who didn't get AC7 for PS4.


So it turns out that trying to beat the final mission in Ace Combat 7 using only machine guns is literally the worst thing ever and I hate everything. EDIT:and I refuse to take it off of ACE difficulty


So if someone could just mod RE2 to change Mr. X into Scott Steiner that would be great.


I tried the Anthem demo and all I can say is I hope the people at Bioware are keeping a lookout for job openings elsewhere.


AC7 multiplayer in a nutshell. Thankfully QAAMs aren't as busted as they were in AC6.




Bless this Ace Combat 7 cosplay.


Me in two days:




Damn. That's a lot of hours!


Shout out to JPEG doggo from Ace Combat 7. He's a good boy.


Man, I really hope they add more VR missions to AC7. They alone make it a contender for my GoTY.


So I tried the VR in Ace Combat 7. Basically it's the best thing ever and if you have a PSVR already then fucking buy Ace Combat 7!






So I watched the first episode of Kemono Friends season 2. Not only did it suck but it gave a big middle finger to fans of the original. #FuckKadokawa The OP was good tho.


Since Ace Combat 7 is right around the corner here's a helpful summary of the PS2 trilogy.


So I might have bought a PSVR solely for Ace Combat 7...


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